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Adio Family Tree

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

The Adio family has been hunting the supernatural for centuries. Their hatred of anything that's not human runs so deep that no one can genuinely remember when or why they became hunters. They are the oldest hunters guild in the world. So renowned in their field that other guilds come to them when they need help.

They hide their true nature and intent from the public who view them as renowned archeologists who have made profound discoveries that are on display in high-profile museums around the world over the generations. They have unknowingly been accepting funding for their digs from Kinsley Enterprises. It is unclear if the Kinsley family had ever previously been aware that they were funding a hunter's guild in their efforts to find more information on the supernatural and ways to destroy them.

The head branch of the Adio Guild currently consists of three generations. And it's been within the latter generations that some discord has been sown and questioning of their beliefs and prejudices against all supernatural has been questioned.

  • Tarek Adio is the semi-retired head of the Adio Hunter Guild. He was raised to hate the supernatural and trained on how to fight them. In his prime, Tarek was responsible for the genocide of all werewolves in the small nation in Africa by putting a concentrated dose of wolfsbane into the water reservoirs. Wolfsbane was non-lethal to the humans of the country and only the werewolves became terminally ill. He married Shafiqa who was not born into the hunter life but took to it easily once it was explained to her what her husband and his family do. Together the couple raised two daughters to be hunters, Sakina and Sarael.

  • Sakina Adio is the current head of the Adio Hunter Guild. She took to being a hunter with great ease becoming the guild's best tracker before she was sixteen. She fell in love with Imtiaz Qadir whose family were also hunters though of lesser acclaim than her own. They were high school sweethearts and married after graduation. Imtiaz chose to take the Adio name give it's renowned in the hunter society. Together they had a son, Khalid. When Khalid was two Sakina gave birth to a daughter, Isis, who she passed off as Imtiaz's child. However as part of a form of torture and to test the limit of a mate bond Sakina had raped Spiro Argyris multiple times using drugs to make him physically able all while his mate watched feeling the agony the bond causes when a mate is intimate with another. Spiro's mate gave into the agony of the bond and her heart breaking for her mate's physical and worse psychological pain so powerfully she tore her own heart out. Spiro died shortly after of a broken heart from the loss of his mate. When Sakina realized Isis was truly Spiro's child as she showed signs of having a wolf spirit she made her sister Sarael bind Isis's wolf when she was one year old. The fall out of this was her sister ran away from home. Sakina was never a kind mother to Isis knowing she was a half-breed. When Isis went missing after the full moon after her16th birthday Sakina went straight to seek out her sister thinking perhaps Isis went there. Isis was not there and in her madness and need to find Isis and keep her indiscretion hidden from her husband and parents she attacked the Bloodmoon Pack. Sakina ended up in a drug-induced coma from a syringe of power sedatives and wolfsbane she'd intended to use on the Bloodmoon Alpha. She eventually meets her end in battle.

  • Sarael Adio is the second-born daughter of Tarek and Shafiqa. She showed at an early age an aptitude for herbology and potion-making. She also became skilled in spell work. For her formative years, Sarael didn't question the ideology she was raised into. However after what Sakina did to a mated pair of werewolves and then being pushed to bind her niece's wolf Sarael could no longer follow blindly. Sarael made the choice to leave home at the age of 15 unable to bear the guilt of what she'd done to her niece making herself an accomplice to her sister's deception. In the time since leaving her family and being a hunter behind Sarael has settled into a mundane life as a flower shop owner in Eugene, Oregon. Her life drastically changed when Beta John Kinsley Jr of the Bloodmoon pack walked in her door and realized she is his mate. Since meeting John Sarael's life has become more complicated. Her sister showed up demanding Isis be returned, Sarael not even aware her niece was missing. Then after thwarting her sister's attempt to attack Bloodmoon Pack her nephew Khalid arrived. His presence is an uncertainty as Sarael tries to move forward with her mate bond with John and to help her niece.

  • Khalid Adio is the firstborn, and only biological, child of Sakina and Imtiaz Adio. Growing up he never understood why his Aunt left the guild. Then again he never thought his sister was anything less than his full-blooded sister. He didn't like how his mother treated her but never spoke out against his mother. Instead, he would sneak behind her back to do kind things for Isis. When Isis disappeared Khalid was very worried about her and her safety as she wasn't as skilled and highly trained as him. His family split into groups to look for her. To his surprise and confusion, he found her in Paris with WEREWOLVES. Unsure how to proceed he thought to find his mother and was confused when he found her paper trail lead him to his estranged Aunt Sarael. Only to find his Aunt has a Beta ranked werewolf as a mate and then the bigger bombshell his sister is a half-sister, a product of his mother raping a male werewolf. His loyalties get tested and even he's not sure how he feels or where he stands when it all came to a head.

  • IIsis Adio is the youngest child of Sakina and Imtiaz Adio. She was raised believing she was Imtiaz's daughter. Despite being part of the guild, Isis always felt like an outsider. Her mother always treated her as lesser, comparing her to Khalid and putting her efforts down. Isis was never allowed to train with all available weapons or with the poisons used by the guild. This treatment caused a rift between Isis and her mother. As a result, Isis suffered depression from emotional abuse. These emotions led to Isis joining an online forum where she met and befriended Kurt Adler, unaware he is a werewolf. When she turned 16, she started to experience the tell-tale signs that her wolf was trying to awaken. Kurt offered her what help he could online and on the phone. But the night of what should have been her first shift, her wolf couldn't come forward and instead transported Isis to Kurt. The pair discovered they were mates, and as luck would have it, Kurt is from the pack her Aunt Sarael's mate is Beta of. So, she was able to come to Oregon with her mate to have her wolf unbound. And now faces the new challenge as the half-breed Luna of a rogue pack.

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