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Video created by the amazing A.D Burnell, author of the Queen Among series.

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Seducing The Bloodmoon Princess

Being raised by werewolves, I’ve dreamed of being that one-in-a-million human, like my Aunt Sarael, who gets a werewolf mate. But as my friends all came of age and I wasn’t anyone’s mate, I felt dejected. I needed a change of scenery as my friends set out to find their mates. So here I am on the other side of the country from my pack, where I hope I can have some anonymity being so far from my father’s pack. That I could maybe live an average human life at college. Oh, how wrong I was.

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Dream Mate

My pack needs me. I have to find the Fayte sisters. I have to protect them. But I’m all alone in this forest. All except for her. I don’t know who she is, yet I do. She’s my mate. I can smell her; I can hear her calling my name. But when I get close to her, she disappears. What kind of mental prison am I in?


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Beta's Twin Mates

I had hoped to find my mate on this year-long pack ambassador trip with my papa and brother. I was prepared for what I thought was everything until our trip to the Ironfur Pack in the mountains of New York. I don’t need to turn Gunnar and Henrik Kilbourn to stone. I’m pretty sure they are already made from carved granite. And holy Goddess, they are both mine!? Too bad they seem to think I’m giving up my Beta title to live on this cold mountain just because they are the Alpha’s brothers.

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The Hybrid's Vampire


It’s been great living in Portland. I have an incredible family and an equally awesome wolf. What more could I ask for? Okay, so being the only unmated person in the family is a downer. It’s not fun being the third wheel with my twin and their mate. Everything changed fast when I found my mate. I don’t care that they are a vampire. One whiff of their scent, and my wolf was hooked. One touch of their hand, and I was too. And they seemed on board with it until elders from Steelcrest showed up claiming I’m their prophesied Alpha.

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Troubled Heart

I’d always told myself I’d never get involved with a politician, but I fell for Stacey Sherbourn hard. I’ve had my suspicions that something was up with her, and now that I know what she’s been hiding, I can’t forgive and certainly won’t forget. When I went to confront her in her home state, the last thing I expected was a blizzard to snow me in with the mysterious Lilac Ray. Is she a friend or foe in my fight to stop Stacey?

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