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Video created by the amazing A.D Burnell, author of the Queen Among series.

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The Noel Clause

They say time heals all wounds. I thought I had gotten over high school trauma until the bane of my adolescence, Lesley Armstrong, put the toy manufacturing company I and most of the town work at on notice that we would be shut down on CHRISTMAS! I knew she was heartless, but this is a new low. How far am I willing to go to save my town?

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The Hybrid Alpha

I've known my whole life who I am. I'm a hybrid or half-breed if you're rude. I'm an Alpha heir. And I am too fabulous to be straight. I've lost count of how many times I've had to fight to defend my sexuality. Yet, it surprised me that I now have to defend my sexuality from my mate. Not my problem that he's spent his life unaware he was in the closet. But he better get his head in the game as my papa named me Alpha of the Mandonie pack we just took over. And I want my mate at my side.

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Beta's Twin Mates

October 2023

I had hoped to find my mate on this year-long pack ambassador trip with my papa and brother. I was prepared for what I thought was everything until our trip to the Ironfur Pack in the mountains of New York. I don’t need to turn Gunnar and Henrik Kilbourn to stone. I’m pretty sure they are already made from carved granite. And holy Goddess, they are both mine!? Too bad they seem to think I’m giving up my Beta title to live on this cold mountain just because they are the Alpha’s brothers.

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Beta's Innocent Mate

I spent years learning to be Beta to my cousin André. I just always thought it would be as Beta of the Incubi Pack. But after my uncle found his mate and gained a pack through the spoils of war, my cousin and I were sent to lead the conquered Mandonie Pack. That was three years ago. Over these past years, I still haven’t found my mate. I left to seek her and build alliances. Little did I know she’d been under my nose all along. When I see her, though, I’m stunned, not just because she’s innocent little Delilah Fayte but because in my absence, she made a choice I don’t know if I can live with.

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Seducing The Bloodmoon Princess

January 2024

Being raised by werewolves, I’ve dreamed of being that one-in-a-million human, like my Aunt Sarael, who gets a werewolf mate. But as my friends all came of age and I wasn’t anyone’s mate, I felt dejected. I needed a change of scenery as my friends set out to find their mates. So here I am on the other side of the country from my pack, where I hope I can have some anonymity being so far from my father’s pack that I could maybe live an average human life at college. Oh, how wrong I was.

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