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Chosen Mate: A Short Love Story Epilogues

Updated: May 31, 2022

Epilogue - Amelia

It’s been a year since I became Gamma of Madonie. What a rollercoaster of events that have happened in such a short time. I still miss my parents but having Stephen is always a comfort. I wish the Goddess had made him my mate from the start.

But when I start down that path of thinking, I remind myself that the Goddess always has a plan. So even if Stephen wasn’t her initial plan for me, she made sure I did find him when things went wrong.

And while I am not the Luna of Madonie as I initially was meant to be, I am the Gamma. Working with André, Alexander, and Gildo, we have made many improvements in the pack.

I’ve been working on learning LIS, Lingua Dei Segni Italiana, or Italian Sign Language. It’s helped with my communication skills with people outside the pack and pack members too young to use the pack link.

I also completed school and have enrolled in university to further my education regarding social work to better help the pack.

And of course, I’m very proud of Stephen. He has been balancing learning Italian, attending university classes to keep working on his civil engineering degree, and fulfilling his duties as Gamma working with Aleph Darren and Delta Alissa.

Things have been really great except for one minor thing. Okay, I’m calling it minor because I want to downplay it.

I’ve secretly taken a pregnancy test more than once in the last year. But the tests always come back negative. I’ve been doing my best to hide the pains and my concern that my periods aren’t occurring normally, sometimes not at all.

I’ve not told Stephen because I don’t want to get his hopes up when I miss a period, and I don’t want to worry him by telling him the pain I’ve been feeling. I know, I know.

I shouldn’t be hiding any of this from him. Faith has often threatened to tell him herself, but I always plead with her.

Today, however, my best-kept secret is getting blown up. I was preparing to meet with André when the sharp pains hit me again.

“Amelia? Ame?” André’s voice called out as my office door creaked open.

Oh crap. André’s eyes widened as he rushed over to me, seeing me on the floor, curled up in a fetal position clenching my jaw, trying to hold back the pain from seeping out and reaching Stephen through our bond.

“Girl, what’s wrong?” André questioned, kneeling next to me, trying to check if I was okay.

‘I… I don’t know. Please just give me a minute. It usually goes away.’ I pleaded through the link.

“What… this has happened before? Amelia… Why didn’t you tell someone? Does Stephen know?” André frowned, the worry evident in his eyes and tone.

‘No. Stephen… he doesn’t know. I’ll be fine. We both have duties to fulfill.’ I shook my head, feeling the tears start to escape.

“Oh, sweetie. Stephen’s first duty is to you. And you can’t tell me that cinnamon roll of a mate wouldn’t want to know you are in pain and do anything to make you feel better.” André tisked before his eyes glazed.

‘Don’t call for him! He’s not even in the capital. He’s at the university for classes.’ I quickly tried to protest.

As I went to reach for André, I whimpered in pain, trying to suppress it. This was the second-worst pain of my life. I know it’s not cheating pains because that’s totally different, and Stephen would never.

“What’s going on? What’s the emergency?” Alexander questioned as my office door opened.

It wasn’t Stephen that André called for. He called Beta Alexander, a doctor.

“Holy shit. Amelia? What’s wrong?” Alexander asked, nudging André out of the way to start checking my vitals.

“She hasn’t told me. Just that this isn’t the first time, she’s had this pain.” André explained as he watched.

“Amelia, talk to me. How long has this been happening? Where is the pain centralized?” Alexander questioned.

‘On and off for… um, the last year. And in my abdomen.’ I confessed.

“A year? You’ve had this pain for a year? Hiding it not only from us but your mate?” André exclaimed.

I lowered my head because I felt terrible when he said it like that. ‘I just didn’t want to worry anyone. It… it goes away after a while.’ I sniffled, the tears rolling down my cheeks as the pain was worse than usual.

“I need to get you to the hospital. I have to get a better look and understanding of what’s happening.” Alexander sighed as he lifted me into his arms.

I remember him carrying me out of my office, but things went black as the pain was too much to hold back.

“What do you mean you have to operate immediately? What’s happening? Why is my mate even here?” I heard Stephen’s voice raising as he peppered someone with questions.

“She’s been hiding her illness for a year. From all of us. André found her collapsed in her office today.” Alexander answered in a calm voice.

“If I don’t operate, this pain will never stop and eventually could cause more damage. She has ovarian cysts on her left ovary, and if I don’t operate and remove the ovary, she could need a full hysterectomy.” Alexander insisted.

I sniffled, my vision blurred by the tears as Alexander and Stephen turned to look at me. Stephen hurried to my side, holding my hand.

“Amelia… I wish you’d told me you were in pain. You didn’t and shouldn’t have to face anything like this alone. That’s what I’m here for.” Stephen sighed, tears of his own welling in his cinnamon eyes as he kissed my knuckles.

‘I’m sorry. I just didn’t want to worry you. And we had so much going on….’ I frowned.

“I don’t want to be rude. But Amelia, you need the surgery. I can remove the affected ovary and save you from needing a hysterectomy.” Alexander interrupted.

‘If I have the surgery… what will be the chances that we could have children?’ I questioned, clutching Stephen’s hand.

I know how much he wants to be a dad someday. I don’t want to lose that chance. I want to be a mom just as much as Stephen wants to be a dad

“I’ll be real with you. I don’t like to sugarcoat or hold back information. What we are looking at right now will lower your chances of having a pup. But there is still a chance versus doing the hysterectomy. And otherwise, I can test an egg from the remaining ovary to ensure there are no underlying fertility issues.” Alexander explained

I sniffled and nodded. A chance is better than not at all. ‘Okay. Let’s do it then. The operation and the test.’ I agreed.

“It’s going to be okay. You’ll be okay.” Stephen promised, kissing me sweetly.

It was a whirlwind after that. I was taken to an operating room and put under anesthesia while Alexander and other medical staff performed the surgery.

Stephen and Ivan were both there when I woke up. Stephen got to me first, hugging and kissing me.

“Please never keep something from me again. Especially something like this. When you hurt, I hurt. Don’t try to spare me from that.” Stephen sighed, stepping back and letting my brother hug me.

“Secrets are bad.” Ivan nodded as he let me go.

‘I’m sorry. I’ll be better in the future.’ I promised them both.

We had to wait a couple days before I could be discharged and before Alexander had news about my fertility. When he walked into my room, I knew it was terrible.

His lips were a thin line. I’ve noticed it’s his tell when he has to give bad news.

‘Just give it to us straight, Alexander.’ I nodded, steeling myself for the worst as I held Stephen’s hand for support.

“First, you have healed and are recovering nicely. I recommend still taking it easy for a couple of weeks. Now for the bad news. To begin with, I did some digging to understand why you had the cysts.” Alexander started.

“Get to the point.” Ivan growled.

“What he means, Beta, is we appreciate you researching and ensuring you had all relevant information to best diagnose and help Amelia.” Stephen interrupted before Alexander could go off on my brother.

“The cysts and the resulting fertility issues we discovered in your remaining ovary all stem from one issue. Ignazio.” Alexander sighed.

“In the time before you and Stephen mated, the damage from him cheating on the mate bond took its toll. It’s what started the cysts, and from what I can determine from our tests, your chances of getting pregnant are much lower than anticipated. You may never conceive. I’m so sorry, Amelia.” Alexander frowned.

Even all this time later. Even from beyond the grave, that bastard is still ruining my life. I turned into Stephen’s embrace and let the tears fall freely.

“It’ll be okay. We’ll be okay. As long as we have each other, we will be okay.” Stephen whispered as he hugged me, rubbing my back gently as I mourned the children, the family that we would never get to have.

I was excused from my duties as Gamma while I recovered from the surgery and the emotional bow life just dealt me. André is a very empathetic Alpha, that’s for sure.

And I don’t just mean because he let me take time off. I mean because he flew Edith in from Bloodmoon.

I didn’t even know it until the curtains I had drawn to wallow in the dark were opened, and the bright sunshine hit my face.

“That’s enough laying in bed in the dark. Stephen tells me you’ve been depressed since the surgery and the news.” Edith sighed, sitting on the bed.

I frowned, looking at her. I wasn’t sure if I imagined she was here.

“Alpha André sent for me. He thought you could use a mother.” Edith smiled as she gently stroked my hair.

“I know it hurts. That this is a blow for you, especially at your age. But this isn’t a death sentence. Beta Alexander said the chances were low, not impossible.” Edith smiled gently.

“Has Stephen ever told you Maxton and I had troubles having a baby?” she asked.

I blinked, shaking my head. I didn’t know they ever had issues having a baby. They have two beautiful children.

“I was twenty-three when I finally had Stephen. I met Maxton when I was sixteen as we were both from Bloodmoon. That’s seven years of trying and no baby.” She sighed.

“I had what my OB called primary ovarian insufficiency. I didn’t ovulate like most women. I was put on all these hormones and such to try and help. It still took years, but then Stephen came into this world and was our little wonder.” she smiled.

“And after that, I didn’t think or worry about getting pregnant because I had my pup. So I stopped taking the hormones. Then eight years later, the Goddess blessed us with Suzie. I know it feels like she’s abandoned you.” Edith sighed, smiling softly.

“The Goddess always has a plan. It’s sometimes hard to see or understand. But in those times when we question the path are the times she’s testing us. It’s her trying to guide us to our calling.” She encouraged me.

“As she took Lexia from Stephen, it tested him and Conway. But it put him on the path to finding you. Same as what you suffered from your ex-mate. It led you to my Stephen. And now you have each other. And a new test has presented itself for you to overcome together.” She sagely nodded.

‘I don’t think I can this time. Ignazio took my ability to talk, took away my parents, and now my chance to be a mother. How much more can the Goddess put me through?’ I started to sob.

Edit gently held me, rocking me in her embrace humming softly as she rubbed my back. “I’m going to stay with you for a month. To be here for both of you. But you both need to rely on each other. It’s the only way you will find your way on this path and find why the Goddess sent you on it.” Edith kissed my head before letting me go back to sleep.

Slowly I started to spend less time in bed. Edith and Stephen are stubborn as they wouldn’t let me keep wallowing. I love them both for it, of course.

Edith was in the kitchen making dinner when someone knocked at our front door. I couldn’t imagine who’d be stopping in unannounced but went to go check. I frowned, opening the door and seeing no one.

‘Seriously, who ding-dong ditches the pack’s Gamma?’ I sighed, rolling my eyes about to step back inside.

‘Wait…’ Faith insisted, sniffing the air. I wasn’t sure what had caught her scent, but a tiny wail caught my attention.

Looking down, I gasped. In a wicker basket swaddled in a lavender blanket was a baby.

‘STEPHEN!!!!!” I shouted in the link as I bent and gently lifted the baby from the basket.

As soon as I had her securely in my arms, the baby stopped crying.

“Amelia? What’s wro… Is that a baby?” Stephen blinked, looking at the bundle in my arms.

‘There was a knock. I didn’t see anyone but Faith smelled something, and I heard the wail, and I swear the basket wasn’t there when I opened the door.’ I explained without looking away from the tiny face of the infant in my arms.

Judging by her size, she’s a newborn. I mean brand new. I could see bits of blood in her dark hair.

“Holy sh… I mean, holy cow.” Stephen corrected himself to not cuss around the baby.

“Is there a note or anything?” He questioned, picking up the basket and starting to sear the blankets used to cushion it for the baby.

“What’s going on out here? Oh, my Goddess!” Edit exclaimed as she saw me holding the baby.

“Ah-ha. There is a note.” Stephen exclaimed, holding up a piece of lined paper.

“Well, what’s it say?” Edith insisted.

“Gamma Amelia,

I am sorry to do this to her and to you. And it may be cruel to say this, but I didn’t want her. Her father was not my mate. I found my mate while pregnant. He rejected me, refusing to raise another man’s baby.

I am weak. My wolf was only an Omega. The rejection it’s killing me. She needs someone kind to love her. And I remember how kind you and Gamma Stephen are. How loving you are to each other.

She deserves a home like that. My parents won’t accept her. And her father… is human and wouldn’t accept what she is.

Please take care of her.”

I was blinking back tears as Stephen finished reading the letter. That poor girl.

An unplanned pregnancy with a human boyfriend. A mate rejecting her for being pregnant. Parents shunning her for the same thing. And now, she’s dying from that rejection, and her last effort is to provide for her daughter.

“The Goddess always has a plan.” Edith smiled sadly as she looked out into the night.

There was no sign of the mother. It was strange, but I couldn’t focus on anything but the bundle in my arms.

‘Amelia? What are you thinking?’ Stephen questioned, wrapping an arm around me.

I knew what I had to do. What we had to do.

Why the Goddess would take the chance to have a pup of my own from me. I was an orphan and unwanted girl saved by the love of Stephen. It was not time for us to pay that love forward.

‘We are keeping her.’ I declared. ‘Welcome to our family, Grace Edith Walterson.’ I smiled, stroking her cheek even if she couldn’t hear me.

“Welcome to the family, Grace Edith Walterson.” Stephen smiled, hugging me closer as he repeated what I’d said. At least he liked the name.

Looking up, I saw Edith in tears. “It’s the most perfect name for my granddaughter.” She sniffled, coming over and hugging all of us.

Grace saved me that day. I never found her mother, but I planted a rose bush in an urn by the front door in honor of her. She and the Goddess gave my life new meaning with that sweet bundle on my doorstep.

Epilogue - Stephen

Things have been going rather well for us these past five years. Madonie is prospering, and our people are happy.

It has been difficult for Amelia and me when others have babies. It reminds us of what we cannot have, especially for Amelia, as she watched other she-wolves, including her sister-in-law, going through their pregnancies.

But that makes us appreciate having Grace all that more. Grace is an intelligent girl, she may not have understood fully, but she always knew when Amelia was feeling down because she’d climb into her lap and give her hugs and tell her how much she loved her. She has been a bright spot for us.

Just as Grace’s arrival into our lives helped Amelia through the news that she couldn’t have children. She then helped her get through watching others she is close to having pups with their mates. So rather than focusing that we will never have a pup that Amelia birthed, we have poured our love into Grace and the pack.

I’m always amazed Grace doesn’t behave like some spoiled little girl. She gets all of our attention and love. Then Ivan spoiled her something fierce, and while he cut back after he and his mate had their pup, he still dotes on Grace.

Don’t get me started on how much Alpha André spoils her, though he treats all the young amongst us ranked wolves in the same over-the-top manner he does his own. Then, of course, even though they are a world away, my parents and sister dote on Grace as much as they can.

So Amelia and I have accepted that Grace will be the only pup we raise. And I know I’m satisfied with that. Amelia, I can sometimes sense she still yearns for a pup she birthed, a pup that is the blending of us. Her wolf Faith pulls her out quickly in those darker moments, not letting her sink into the depression again.

I couldn’t stand to lose another mate. It would be my end if I ever lost Amelia. I know it in my heart. And while the idea of a pup makes me smile, I’m happier to have my mate.

So I accepted that we couldn’t have children. I focus on the good things I have. That by the grace of the Goddess, we have our daughter. And that Amelia is healthy and at my side.

Though I suppose healthy is debatable. After dropping Grace off at school, I took Amelia to Doctor Gloria. She’s been feeling under the weather as of late. A month of her being unable to keep anything down is long enough for me.

‘It’s just a stomach bug or something.’ Amelia rolled her eyes as Doctor Gloria left the room to run some tests on her urine and blood.

‘Not for a month. Please, don’t minimize your health. If Grace were not keeping food down, you’d have brought her in after two days.’ I countered.

Amelia pouted because she knew I was right. She wouldn’t take chances with our daughter’s health. I wish she’d put the same concern into her own.

The last time she was unwell for an extended period, she hid it from everyone, and I could have lost her. I cannot go through that again.

It wasn’t long before Doctor Gloria returned. She looked a bit confused and nervous as she looked at the chart. Please, please, Goddess, don’t let this be bad news.

“Allow me to be the first to congratulate you, Gammas Amelia and Stephen.” She bowed her head.

Now it was our turn to look confused. What could Doctor Gloria Pace be congratulating us for?

“What is that supposed to mean? My mate has been ill for a month, and you tell us congratulations?” I questioned.

“I… please forgive me, Gamma Stephen. I thought you would be happy to learn Gamma Amelia isn’t sick but rather is experiencing normal symptoms of her pregnancy.” She explained.

I was stunned.

After she had her surgery five years ago and Alexander said her chances of conceiving were lower than expected, we didn’t think it would be possible. I mean, hell, we stopped using protection as what was the point if we weren’t trying to prevent pregnancy.


Doctor Gloria is shorter than me and, well, compared to Amelia, she looks more like a child. It probably helps that she’s shrinking back, intimidated by Amelia’s rage.

I don’t blame her, my mate might not have my mother’s strength, but she still has the size and is strong.

“I… I am not… I would never….” Doctor Gloria stammered.

I sighed, taking Amelia’s hand to bring her back to my side and help temper her rage with the bond.

“Explain yourself, now.” I insisted.

“Well, I know from Gamma Amelia’s medical history that Beta Alexander performed the surgery to remove the damaged fallopian tube. The fertility testing showed the chances of conception were much lower than expected.” Doctor Gloria began to explain, feeling slightly more confident in her words as Amelia had started to calm down.

“Which is why I drew blood when the urine test was positive. And your blood test also came back positive. I understand that you may have assumed a low chance meant none but well… the Goddess has blessed you and our pack with a Gamma heir.” She smiled.

I just managed to catch Amelia as her knees buckled at the news. I saw that Amelia was crying as I helped her sit on the exam table again through my tears.

“I understand that this news is a shock. I want to perform an ultrasound to determine how far along you are as you stated, your periods have been inconsistent since the surgery.” Doctor Gloria explained.

If you follow me to the ultrasound room, we will see how the Gamma heir is progressing..” She instructed.

Amelia nodded, sniffling as she shimmied off the exam table to follow Doctor Gloria. I was right behind them as we entered a different room, anxiously waiting to see if the tests were accurate.

I held Amelia’s hand as we watched the monitor while Doctor Gloria began to move the wand over Amelia’s abdomen. My heart felt like it stopped as the little dot appeared on the screen with the flicker in the center showing the heartbeat.

‘PUP! Our pup!’ Conway was bouncing around like some pup in my head with excitement.

‘We…we’re going to have a pup.’ Faith gasped in awe in the link while Amelia watched in stunned silence, tears running down her cheeks.

“Here we are. I am taking the Furlan genetics into account. Given the state of development, I would say you are seven weeks pregnant, Gamma Amelia. Congratulations. I would estimate your due date in late December.” Doctor Gloria smiled as she wiped the gel off Amelia’s belly.

“Thank you.” I nodded at a loss for words.

“I’ll leave you two alone to absorb this information. We’ll be in touch to set up future appointments, and in later appointments, we can discuss the birthing plan.” Doctor Gloria bowed her head, leaving us alone.

I don’t know how long we stayed in the room, crying and hugging each other. We never thought this was possible, but we are expecting a pup.

When we told our family and friends the news, everyone was thrilled. Grace was excited to be a big sister running up to Amelia, hugging her, and whispering to the pup that she would watch out for them and love being in our family.

To the surprise of no one, André decided he was throwing our gender reveal party when it came time. It may not have been as over the top as others he’s thrown for his family, like his father, step-mother, or sister. But it was undoubtedly more than Amelia, and I would have planned.

He went with an ‘over the moon theme’ so everything was golds and dark blues with various moon cut-outs in different phases. He said it was absolutely perfect as this little pup, like their big sister, is a gift from the Goddess.

We were thrilled at the reveal when we let Grace pull the rope attached to a full moon pinata dumping blue crepe on the three of us. Grace squealed with joy and started shouting, ‘I’m going to have a baby brother.’ Cutest thing ever.

My parents were excited about having a grandson and, as dad put it, ‘evening things out’ regarding grandchildren’s gender. Suzie was happy for us. Not sure she cared if she got a nephew or another niece, she was just delighted that Amelia was getting her dream.

Suzie was very involved, even if only over video chat. She and Amelia often talked over video chat. Suzie may be annoying, but I’ll give my kid sister props. She made an effort to ensure she could always communicate with Amelia, even learning LIS, which she’s fluent in these days.

As we got closer to Asher’s arrival, it should have raised red flags that we heard less from my sister. But I thought with her shifting for the first time, she was probably busy with training, and then we were more focused on making last-minute preparations for his birth.

Twenty-nine hours. That’s how long Amelia was in labor with Asher. It wasn’t an easy delivery as strong as she is and as good of a medical staff we have.

Due to Asher’s Furlan genetics, he was on the larger size and stubborn given how long he waited to arrive. During his delivery, he caused many troubles for his poor mother.

First, his shoulders got stuck. Alexander called it shoulder dystocia. I don’t care about the proper name.

I just knew my mate was in pain and my son was in danger. Alexander was able to rotate Asher to allow his shoulders to pass through and be born.

However, that wasn’t the end of our troubles. The complications took a drastic toll on Amelia. She was bleeding badly, and even her wolf couldn’t get her through it and heal her fast enough.

Alexander made me leave the room and wait in the recovery room with Asher while they worked to stop or slow the bleeding. Even holding my son couldn’t thaw the fear that had settled in my heart.

I couldn’t lose Amelia. I couldn’t lose her. Even knowing I have two children to live for, I don’t know if I could survive losing her.

I had called my parents, knowing they’d want to know Asher was born and that Amelia had complications. Selfishly, I was happy they said the family would be on the next flight. I don’t care if I’m too old to say this, but I wanted and needed my mom.

Thankfully things seemed to have gotten better as Amelia was out of danger and able to be moved to recovery where she could hold Asher. Even sweaty, exhausted, and a bit pale, Amelia was the most beautiful woman as she held Asher for the first time.

While they were both resting, I took the chance to shower, change my clothes, and get Grace from Ivan’s place. Being responsible for Grace was the only reason he didn’t storm the hospital while Amelia was in labor or when I told him she had complications.

Grace wanted to see her mother and baby brother, but I soothed her annoyance at being told she had to wait by telling her we were picking up her grandparents and Aunt. I know she hadn’t forgotten her excitement to see Amelia and Asher, but it helped.

I was excited to see my family too. Or I was until I saw Clement Shelton coming through the arrival gate holding my sister’s hand. What the fuck!?

THE END! Stay tuned to find out how Clement ended up with Suzie Walterson in the short story Warrior’s Redemption.

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Nov 06, 2022

You know I was all for disliking Clement (because I know a Clement and he's a pain too) but now.... I'm gonna have to like this fictional one. Lol. But sooo happy for Stephen and Amelia. Still wish I could wake Icky Izzy from the dad and give Stephen the chance to kill him again. Urgh!!


May 31, 2022

Beautiful! I love it!


Author Bryant
Author Bryant
May 31, 2022

It is official. Stephen and Amelia's story is complete! Welcome to the fam Asher Walterson!


Dying for the Stephen epilogue. Will it be coming soon?


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