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Dream Mate

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Chapter 1 - Tiberius

It’s been three years since Thales was sent to train in France, free of distractions such as possibly finding his mate. Mate or not, I’m sure he’d have been distracted by his future Beta. I still think it’s crazy, but whatever.

Who’d have known Crista would grow up to be such a beauty? Certainly not me. I used to taunt her growing up for her looks. Unlike Thales, I was still here to watch that knob-kneed Beta heir grow up.

And well, if they aren’t mates and he doesn’t make a play for her, I will. I’m still looking for my mate, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have some fun on the way to finding her.

“Whatever you’re thinking, it’s probably too dirty for me to want to know.” A slightly familiar voice chuckled behind me.

I turned, adjusting my tie with a grin as I spotted my best friend and future Alpha. He looks like his father but with his mother’s blonde hair. It’s so weird to see him all grown up.

“Thales! Hey, man!” I exclaimed, hugging him, picking him up a little.

Shit, he put on muscle, or I lost some. When he left, he was scrawnier, and I could get him off the ground more than this.

“Tie, put me down. Ugh, I’m not a little kid.” Thales grumbled.

“When did you get in? I didn’t think we’d be seeing you until your big debut at the party.” I patted his shoulders after I set him down.

“A couple of hours ago. Mother told me to wait here with you.” He rolled his eyes, fixing his black suit jacket.

“Who someone’s touching.” I snickered.

“Did I wrinkle your clothes, little Alpha? Looking to impress someone tonight? Perhaps a certain Beta heiress?” I teased, wiggling my eyebrows.

“Oh, shut up, Tiberius. I want to impress the pack in general. And if Crista happens to be my mate….” Thales turned pink as he shoved me away.

I laughed cause I knew it. Thales is hoping they’re mates just like she is.

“Aww, aren’t you just adorable? If it makes you feel better, she’s hoping the same. She even got a gold dress to impress you with. Looks hot on her.” I smirked.

“And how do you know that? And don’t talk about her like that.” Thales growled.

“Easy, man. I got dragged along dress shopping. I was babysitting since Christopher and Gwen had duties to attend to.” I shrugged.

“And I’ll call her hot all I want. Until she finds her mate, or I find mine, fair game, little Alpha.” I winked.

“Stop calling me that. You know that after tonight I will be your Alpha. Have you not grown up at all in the years I was away? Are you going to be able to fill the Gamma role?” Thales sighed.

“Gamma role? How many times did your trainers hit you in the head while in France?” I raised an eyebrow.

“I’m a Delta.” I reminded him.

“Yes, but we don’t have a Gamma heir. So I plan to make you my Gamma, and we can look to other families to start a new Delta line.” Thales was grinning, the dimple on his right cheek prominent.

“You’re shitting me? Wait, you want to bump me up in rank? What about Ardito’s nephew Lorenzo?” I questioned.

“We both know Lorenzo isn’t Gamma material even if his grandfather was once a Gamma. He takes after his father, who isn’t of a ranked bloodline plus is a total dick. Unless you’re going to tell me Lorenzo isn’t a tool anymore.” Thales scoffed.

“Okay, fair point. Lorenzo is still a dick. But he’ll feel snubbed, and I predict he’ll make a big stink about it.” I shrugged.

“You better believe I’m going to make a stink about it. I at least have Berlusconi blood. How dare you decide to usurp my family’s claim.” Lorenzo threw open my door like he had any right to be in this wing of the pack house.

“Get the fuck out of my room, you little shit. And don’t talk so disrespectfully to your future Alpha. It is at his discretion who holds the title.” I growled, grabbing Lorenzo by his suit collar.

Lorenzo growled back, grabbing my jacket with one hand and drawing his fist back to hit me. Lorenzo didn’t get a chance as his arm got yanked hard behind him by Thales.

“Enough! Let each other go, now!” Thales snarled his command.

“Sure thing, Alpha.” I smirked, letting Lorenzo go.

Lorenzo growled at me, but it turned into a whimper as Thales applied more pressure.

“I said NOW!” Thales put out more of his Alpha aura.

Lorenzo crumbled, dropping my jacket as his lesser wolf yielded to the power of Thales and his wolf. All even August was making me bare my neck in submission to the authority.

“Get out, Lorenzo. I don’t want to see your face tonight. Tomorrow I will handle your disrespect.” Thales growled, showing Lorenzo to the door and shoving him out.

“Well, this is a fun start to the night.” I laughed.

“Yeah, not how I want tonight to go. I don’t want a night of fights. This is a celebration. I want to have fun and get reacquainted with the pack.” Thales sighed.

“You mean re and better acquainted with Crista.” I teased.

Thales rolled his eyes. His lips parted to deliver some comeback that he thinks will probably stick, but the overwhelming cries in the pack link stopped him.

All other thoughts were forgotten as we rushed down the stairs. Rather than the sounds and smells of a party, we were met by the screams of our pack and the scent of their blood in the air.

The color drained from my face as I glanced at Thales, both of us feeling the pain of Alpha Silvano dying. We didn’t speak. We started running down the stairs, prepared to protect our people, ready for a fight.

I froze at the bloodbath we walked into. It was a damn massacre. How could this have happened? Who could have done this?

Thales snarled as his eyes focused on a slightly familiar weasel standing in the center of the room holding Christopher Fayte’s heart in his hand as our Beta fell to the floor. As he turned his head, I recognized the rat.

“Ignazio…” Thales and I growled in unison.

Neither of us ever liked that kid or any of the ranked heirs of Madonie. Ivan didn’t seem too bad, but Ignazio and Gastone were fucking assholes unworthy of a title.

We tried to rush forward as Beta Gwen snarled and rushed to avenge her beloved before the mate bond would take her. Beyond her, I could see the Fayte sisters.

They looked terrified. Crista had her sisters huddled behind her. I could tell Crista wanted to fight but was torn as she also wanted to protect her sisters.

‘Run! Run Crista! Take your sisters and run!’ Thales commanded through the pack link as Gwen met the same fate as her mate.

Crista paused only a moment before shifting to her impressive white wolf Emelia gathering her sisters on her back to run out the back doors. Ignazio snarled, moving to try and follow them.

What the hell? He’s after them. He must be, or why go after them when Thales is here. If he’s trying to conquer Nebrodi, he would want to kill Thales.

“IGNAZIO!!! GET BACK HERE, YOU RAT-FACED PIECE OF TRASH!” I shouted, wanting to draw his attention from the Fayte sisters.

“OR ARE YOU TOO AFRAID TO FIGHT ME!? DON’T WANT TO GET BEAT AGAIN?” Thales picked up on what I was doing and started taunting him.

Ignazio’s shoulders twitched at the reminder of getting beaten by Thales before either was old enough to have their wolves. Ignazio was always a skinny little shit. He still is, but something looks off about him.

‘Careful, Thales. There’s something off about him. He doesn’t smell right.’ I warned as Ignazio turned with pure hate as he looked at us.

“You both will pay for delaying me from getting my prize.” Ignazio snarled.

His prize? Oh fuck, he was after the girls. Which one? Probably Crista, as she’s the eldest and has a wolf. A white wolf at that, which means she’s rare and powerful.

“Prize? Oh please, Crista wouldn’t give you the time of day. Even if she were your mate, she’d reject your fugly ass because you just killed her parents.” I scoffed.

“I don’t know what you want with my Beta, but you won’t have her. We won’t allow it.” Thales declared, tossing his jack aside, ready for a fight.

I follow suit, ready to back him. There was no way Ignazio could fight us both.

“Two on one, I like those odds.” I smirked.

“Ahem. You can’t count for shit, Bellomo.” Gastone sneered as he and the ever silent Ivan entered covered in blood.

“Oh, look, we found Thales. Guess it’s time to finish the family line of two more ranked families.” Gastone laughed like some Disney villain.

Ivan grunted. A man of few words as always.

I wrinkled my nose as August picked up familiar scents on them. That isn’t just anyone’s blood; that’s my parents’ blood! That’s Alpha Silvano and Luna Sherie’s blood!

“YOU BASTARDS! YOU KILLED OUR PARENTS!” I snarled, August eager to come forward.

Next to me, I heard fabric tears and knew Thales was done talking. His wolf was ready for blood, for vengeance.

I followed suit, letting August come forward. He was by no means close to the same size as Thale’s wolf, but August is no slacker in a fight.

‘Let’s kill these fuckers.’ August growled as his fur began to glow with his gift.

Thales and I lunged forward as Ivan and Gastone shifted, taking a protective stance between Ignazio and us. Of course, the pathetic shithead hides behind his stronger underlings.

‘Thales, stay behind me until I say.’ I instructed.

I didn’t give him a choice, moving ahead of him as I felt August’s power at maximum, sending a burst of light out to blind Ivan and Gastone.

‘Now!’ I shouted, moving to lunge at Ivan, allowing Thales to attack Gastone.

But just as we launched ourselves at them, my light faded as a green glow engulfed us, suspending us midair. What the fuck!?

“Bring them with us. These two may prove useful, and their deaths will still benefit us when they stop being useful.” A female voice instructed just before everything went black.

Chapter 2 - Katrina

I wrinkled my nose as I opened the doors to the villa to find Beatrice standing there in a long tan coat that is either the only thing she’s wearing or hiding something she thinks is sexy. She disgusts me. All the females who pass through Chesed’s dark room doors are scum, but Beatrice is the worst.

Her eyes narrowed when she saw it was me and not my Papa answering the door. Oh, the hate in her eyes. Guess what bitch? The feeling is mutual. If I had a wolf or magic, she’d have been dead the first time she came sniffing around.

“What do you want, puttana?” I growled.

“Don’t you call me that, you little basta…” She didn’t get to finish her insult before my fist connected, sending her tumbling back.

“You will watch your mouth, puttana. I am the Incubi Princess Katrina D’Amore, and you will mind your manners.” I declared.

“You little bitch. You could have broken my nose!” Beatrice whined about her nose glaring at me as she got back up. “And you can’t do anything to me. I have the Alpha’s favor. I’m the one he’s called tonight.” She scoffed.

“Oh, that’s priceless. Do you think getting a booty call from Chesed means he cares? He doesn’t even know your name. He wouldn’t side with you over his daughter.” I rolled my eyes.

“We’ll see about that.” She growled, pushing past me.

“Oh, Alpha… Thank the Goddess you’re here. She attacked me.” Beatrice put on a good performance, complete with tears as she threw herself into my Papa’s arms.

I watched as his brow furrowed, the yellow eyes of Chesed, the beast that rarely lets my Papa have control, moved from Beatrice to me. His dark brow arching in a silent question. I folded my arms, arching my eyebrow right back.

“Katrina, explain.” Chesed commanded.

I rolled my eyes. Chesed keeps forgetting I have no wolf. I am no mere pack member. I am his daughter, so even if I had a wolf, I’d be pissed if he dared use that tone with me. Therefore I don’t have to obey his Alpha commands.

“I called it as I saw it.” I shrugged.

“She’s a puttana. What else do you call them?” I sneered, narrowing my eyes at Beatrice.

“She’s just like the others you disgustingly take to that dark room. She sells her body in hopes of replacing your mate and the true Luna of this pack.” I shrugged while Beatrice was putting extra effort into her false tears.

“I would never do that. I know I am only here to please you, Alpha. And when the day finally comes that the Goddess brings you your mate, you won’t need me, but I will always come if you should. Your daughter is just trying to cause trouble.” Beatrice batted her long fake lashes at him while saying the word ‘daughter’ like it’s a disease.

“See, just another skank who would dare disrespect me and the memory of my mother’s place in your heart even if she wasn’t your fated mate by calling me a bastarda.” I explained.

“I would never!” Beatrice shouted, detaching herself from Chesed to wave a finger at me.

“ENOUGH!” Chesed bellowed.

“Katrina, go upstairs. I will deal with the female. Don’t worry, Princess, I can find a proper punishment for her.” Chesed smiled that signature Cheshire grin of his.

“Gross.” I rolled my eyes. “I told you that he wouldn’t remember your name.” I scoffed, shoving past Beatrice.

I don’t have any issues with BDSM. All good to have some kinky fun between consenting adults. One of the few times I’m glad I don’t have a wolf, I don’t have to hear Beatrice and Chesed in his dark room. But I’m still his daughter, and it disgusts me how much of a whore Chesed is. I can’t imagine my Papa wants to be with these women.

I know pot calling the kettle black. I sleep around, but I don’t have a wolf, and the chances of having a mate are slim to none. I, however, have the decency to fuck elsewhere. I don’t bring my one-night-stands into the villa. My brother and I know better and take our booty calls to the Night Haven house.

Before going to bed, I put in my earbuds, selecting a playlist on my phone to fall asleep. With the smooth vocals of John Legend, I drifted off to sleep. Typically my dreams are pretty average, or I think they are since I don’t usually remember them.

And this was pretty normal. I was sunbathing by the pool with my brother and cousin Zoe, dishing about guys cause, well, that’s what we do in our free time. André has Zoe and me cracking up mocking his recent lover who claimed he could take a good dicking but bitched out three inches in.

But everything took a left turn as André froze midgesture and as I glanced at Zoe, and she was frozen in laughter. What in the world is going on? What is derailing my dream?

I stood up from my lounge chair and wrapped a towel around me, looking around the patio. Everything but me was frozen. I furrowed my brow, trying to work on what was going on.

“Think, Kat. What is out of place? You know, other than everything but you being frozen.” I rationalized slipping my sandals on and started looking around further.

“Why is everything in a green tone? What the fuck is going on? If Bisnonna has invaded my dreams rather than calling or texting me like a normal person, I’m kicking her wrinkled ass.” I grumbled.

“We won’t tell you anything, hag.” A voice I don’t know calls out in the distance.

Hag? Is Bisnonna in trouble? Is that why she’s reaching me through my dreams? Has the coven been attacked? So many questions, and the only way I’m getting answers is to follow that voice.

Following the sound of an interrogation of a woman and two men, I stepped through the hedges. I frowned as I looked around, finding myself in an old school dungeon with two young men knelt shackled to the ground. Collared, arms pulled behind them with cuffs linked to the shackles around their ankles.

I didn’t recognize either of them. One was a brunette, while the other was a blonde. Both were bare-chested with deep cuts all over their bodies from being hit with cat-o-nine tails. How do I know the specific whip? I’m the daughter of the infamous Incubi Alpha. Of course, I know torture devices.

The beaten and abused prisoners weren’t what shocked me. What surprised me was who held the whip. It was me! Or it looked like me if I dyed my red streaks and didn’t have taste in clothes. This other me was wearing a drab green dress with an apron splattered with blood and the ugliest boots ever.

If André were here, he’d be ripping her fashion choices apart. But I don’t have my boisterous twin at my side to help ease the tension this scene was making me feel.

I tried to get closer, to move around to where I could maybe see who was being tortured. Perhaps I could identify these men, maybe they are pack members, and Bisnonna sent me here to save them. Before catching a glimpse of their faces, I was yanked out of the dream as my phone’s electronic voice started to read a text.

“New text message of André. Bitch wake up and help me. We got some trouble, and I need you like yesterday. Do you want to reply?” The computer voice read his message.

I blinked, rubbing my eyes, realizing I was no longer in the dream. It was so damn vivid. I’ll have to call Bisnonna to find out what it was about, but I guess one problem at a time.

I quickly made sure I was presentable and rushed downstairs to find out what had happened. As I came down the stairs, I could hear my brother’s voice. It must be the trouble he was talking about.

“You girls are just full of piss and vinegar.” André chuckled.

“I don’t intend to fight anyone. Well, I guess I’ll have a fight on my hands since Alpha has commanded I take you to the darkroom. It isn’t that I want to. But you should know how the command works. Even if I’m of his blood, I must obey.” he shrugged, frowning.


Oh crap. Isn’t having that skank, Beatrice, in that room enough for Chesed. Now he wants to force a woman in there? I thought he would respect a woman’s right to decide if she wants to sleep with him. I thought he wouldn’t be the sort to just take what he wanted even if he was told no.

“That’s why he called me.”I announced, stepping up next to my brother.

I was met by three confused, angry, and mostly scared faces. I gathered the woman with dark hair and blue eyes to be the oldest as she stood in a protective stance, trying to keep the younger ones behind her. A blonde with green eyes and another brunette with green eyes. They are sisters, as I can see the similarities in their faces.

I knew exactly what the oldest was thinking as she sniffed the air. She was trying to figure out who I was and why a human was in the Alpha’s home. Never gets old. She just better not give me an attitude about being the human hybrid daughter of an Alpha.

“And you are?” The eldest questioned.

“Oh yes. Formalities. This is my twin sister, Katrina D’Amore.” André introduced, gesturing to me.

“And yes, I know I’m human.” I commented.

“Yes, it seemed the moon goddess felt only I would need a wolf spirit.” André shrugged.

“She knew he would need a wolf to fight off the immature, ignorant jerks that taunt him because they secretly want him to fuck them and not the rando townies he picks up at the gay bar in the city.” I chuckled, trying to lighten the mood a little.

André growled playfully before grinning. It’s just our way of teasing each other. It may come off as bitterness, but I’m glad at least one has a wolf. And I’m not wrong that he needed his wolf Duilio more than I did.

“Like I would give any of those homophobes the time of day. I certainly won’t be helping any out of the closet unless one is my mate. But I know my mate isn’t in our pack.” he scoffed.

I sighed as I saw the girls look even more confused. It seems they had some kind of impression that my brother was straight. It’s funny because I don’t think anyone has ever assumed he wasn't gay. André chuckled, finding the humor in all this.

“Oh, sweet darlings, you didn’t figure it out yet? Do I seriously not come off as too fabulous to be straight?” he laughed.

Yeah, they had no clue—sheltered little birds. I like to taunt that astronauts in space can identify my brother as gay. His rainbow light is so bright it keeps them up at night.

“That’s why I’ve been saying I wouldn’t do anything with your sisters. I mean, maybe if they were brothers. I do dig blonde boys.” he winked.

The blonde snickered while the younger brunette softly laughed before hiding her face against her sister.

“So who are they, and what’s going on? I was trying to sleep.” I yawned.

I could tell him I was trying to uncover some secret in a dream that might be real, and Bisnonna was trying to show me how to save two men from a poorly dressed version of myself. But now is not the time or place for that conversation.

“Oh right. So the feisty one is Crista. Papa has ordered me to take her to the darkroom.” André frowned.

I gasped and looked from my brother to Crista empathetically. What business would Chesed have with this young woman? She can’t be older than me, and he’d force himself on her? Oh, I am cutting his dick off. See if werewolf healing would grow it back.

“But… Why would he? The darkroom is invite-only. And I’m guessing she disagreed with being invited.” I frowned.

“It’s out of my hands. It was an Alpha command. And well, she’s….” André shrugged before he leaned to whisper in my ear.

“She’s the one. She’s Papa’s mate.” His words shook me to my core.

Papa has his mate. But why the FUCK would Chesed insist and even use his Alpha command on André to bring her unwillingly to that room!? This is so fucked up.

“Oooo. That’s even worse. I’m calling Zia Izzy. She’ll put him in his place.” I scoffed, digging my phone out.

“No. Don’t. If you call Zia Izzy, all hell will break loose. I think Crista can handle him. She’s probably the only one that can.” André said, grabbing my phone and holding it up too high for me to reach.

“Stupid twin brother. Stupid tall bastard.” I grumbled, pouting as I folded my arms.

“Then why did you call me if it wasn’t to get Izzy? Not that you couldn’t just link her.” I raised an eyebrow.

“Well, Papa only told me what to do with Crista. He wasn’t specific about her sisters. Sooo….” André grinned.

I sighed, nodding. I may not like how Chesed is handling Papa’s mate, but if she truly is his mate, she is the only person who can knock sense into him. The Goddess wouldn’t pair her to him if she couldn’t handle Chesed.

“I see where this is going. Little ones, you can come with me. I’ll get you set up in one of the rooms upstairs. I should have some night clothes that can fit you. You can shower, and I’ll bring something from the kitchen. Because well, you look like you’ve had a rough night.” I smiled warmly at the younger ones.

The girls clung to their sister. Of course, they were hesitant to trust me. These poor girls have been through hell. I need to make them comfortable and at ease.

“It will be okay. I promise. Go with Katrina. You’ll feel better after a shower and some food in your bellies. I’ll be okay.” Crista assured them with a smile.

I don’t know how much of that smile is bravado, but she’s pulling it off. Her sisters slowly nodded, hugging her. After a few tear-filled goodbyes, the younger two came over to me.

“I’ll take good care of them.” I bowed my head. Unlike Chesed, I’m going to show some damn respect to the future Luna of this pack.

“Come on, girls.” I smiled, leading the girls up the stairs.

I glanced back to watch my brother lead Crista in the direction of the dark room. Please, Goddess, don’t let Chesed hurt her. Please protect our future Luna. Please protect my Papa’s one salvation from his wolf.

Chapter 3 - Tiberius

I groaned, squinting my eyes, trying to figure out where I was. The last thing I remember was setting off August’s halo of the sun, or flashbang as people with no inspiration call it. Thales and I were lunging to take down Ivan and Gastone.


I quickly sat up, wide the fuck awake, looking all around me. Pretty standard shit. A tiny window with silver bars and a cement block cell with silver bars keep me in.


We got captured. But how? I know for a fucking fact that snot-nose little shit Iggy has no gifts despite being an Alpha heir. I also know Ivan and Gastone couldn’t have caused that glow. So who the fuck helped them? And how can I find them to rip their heart out?

I turned to the cell across from mine as I heard a groan. As much as it saddened and angered me, seeing Thales coming around was a relief. He’s still alive. Nebrodi still has a chance.

Wincing with each movement, I went as close to the bars as I dared. Looking in both directions of the dungeon, I realized it was just us. I’m not sure if I should be glad or worried. I’m hoping this means our people were able to get away or, as morbid as it sounds, dead. Death was probably better than being imprisoned or enslaved by Ignazio.

I tried to reach out to Thales through the pack link, but it wasn’t working. I frowned and tried to look inward to find August and see if he had any ideas about what was happening. To my horror, I could see or hear him.

‘AUGUST!!’ I shouted over and over in my mind to no avail. How could he be gone? What witchcraft shit is this? Even with the silver around me, I should still be able to feel August. Over the last seven years, he has always been there.

He’s like my Jiminy Cricket but a wolf. He’s my conscience. I don’t even know how I would function without him. Well, I’ll function, but I’m going to get into a lot of trouble. I love mouthing off at all the wrong times. After August awakened, he would shut me up before I went too far. And now I’m a prisoner of an invasion without August to keep me in check.

Oh, I’m so fucked.

“Tie?” Thales groaned.

“Thales! Hey man, are you doing alright over there? Can you feel your wolf? Cause I’m freaking out over here. I can’t reach August.” I babbled. See, I told you without August, I’m fucked.

Thales winced, holding his head as he sat up. I could tell he was concentrating, probably trying to reach his wolf. Fuck I didn’t even get to meet his wolf officially. I don’t even know his name. I remember he was as big as Alpha Silvano’s wolf Alaric but golden in color like Luna Sherie’s wolf Vivian.

“I… I can’t. Desmond isn’t anywhere that I can see, hear, or feel. It’s like he’s gone, but that’s not possible. Something must be blocking us from our wolves.” Thales rationalized.

“Well, shit, I was hoping it was just me. I’m betting it’s a witch. You remember that weird green glow, right? Right before we could rip into Ivan and Gastone?” I questioned.

“Yes, I remember it. And your logic is sound. However, I can’t imagine witches working with Madonie or any werewolf pack. I only remember the stories of a coven in Sicily, but they hate our kind.” Thales frowned.

“What was that all about anyway? Why was Ignazio attacking us? Alpha Ugo wouldn’t sanction a full-blown assault on another pack. He was a man of peace, from what I remember. And why was he chasing Crista and her sisters?” Thales pondered.

“I don’t know why he was after the girls. But I know I’ll see his head roll for it all, but I’ll make it all the worse if he touches them.” I growled.

“An endeavor I would gladly help become a reality.” Thales frowned.

“I know you didn’t get to talk to her, and it’s not the time, but we were close enough. You should have scented her. Are you mates?” I had to ask. I know sitting imprisoned in a dungeon isn’t the best time, but I have to know.

Thales’s frown deepened as he shook his head. “No. Crista isn’t my mate. But she is still my Beta, and just as I would fight and die to protect my people, I will do that for her.”

Our conversation was cut short as a heavy metal door was thrown open. “Oh, that’s good to know. I intended to kill you anyway, but knowing you aren’t my future Luna’s mate makes it all that easier.” Ignazio sneered as he strolled down to our cells. Gastone and a woman I don’t know followed right behind him.

“Your future Luna?” I scoffed.

Even in pain, I laughed at this notion. This psycho little shit thinks he’s going to take Crista as his mate? Oh, the fool. No one forces a Fayte sister to do anything. I didn’t even stop laughing when Gastone smacked a rod against my cell bars.

I told you that without August, I’m fucked. Or maybe they are. I don’t know. I just know without him, I act exactly as I please without a filter or fuck given.

“Stop laughing! What do you think is so funny? You’re the one in a cell. You’re the one at MY mercy. And I don’t have much of that.” Ignazio growled.

“Tie? What’s gotten into you? I mean, sure, it’s laughable he thinks he can have Crista but, dude.” Thales furrowed his brow.

“I… I can’t help it. It’s just hilarious.” I snickered. “You think you can just take Crista. That she’s going to be cool with that? Dude, she thinks you are the biggest stronzo of all stronzo. You repulse her. She’d rather die than be with you.” I continued to laugh, making Ignazio angrier with each word.

“I will make her! Once I mark her, she will have no choice!” Ignaozie shouted like the little bitch he was.

I didn’t stop laughing when Gastone hit the bars again. I started laughing harder cause this is just ridiculous. I always knew he had delusions of grandeur but thinking he can force Crista into being his mate is like Icarus flying too close to the sun. I only stopped laughing when I was lifted off the ground by a green glow. The air choked out of me.

“O..h. Hello…wi..tch. N..nic…nice of…to… rev…reveal…you..your…yourself.” I gasped.

Honestly, I’d say she was hot if she wasn’t on Ignazio’s side. As she sneered at me, I noticed her face change. I don’t mean like the usual change in how most people’s faces look different when they glare at someone. I mean like a different face, an older haggard face under the pretty shell.

“LET HIM GO!” Thales commanded, managing to get to his feet. He may not be able to connect with Desmond, but he still manages to radiate the power of a Nebrodi Alpha.

“Drop him. He’s of no use if he’s dead. We still need to question them and see what they know of my future mate’s whereabouts.”Ignazio ordered.

The witch snorted and let me drop the three feet to the unforgiving ground. “Fuck, my ass! And that’s not an invitation, Iggy and Gastone. What you two do in private is not my problem, but my ass is an exit only.” I groaned, laughing as I rubbed my ass.

Gastone growled, nearly showing his ignorance as he started to reach for me through the bars. I grinned, waiting for his arm to get through enough to touch the silver bars or that I could grab it and break it.

“Gastone, stop playing into his hands. You’ll hurt yourself on the silver and make yourself vulnerable to him.” Ignazio rolled his eyes at his buttbuddy.

I snapped my fingers. “Damn. I wanted to watch Gastone’s skin sizzle, I was getting hungry, and some grilled flesh could hit the spot. If I dared since I bet Gastone would taste rotten.”

“Tie…” Thales sighed.

“What is wrong with him? I know he’s prone to run his mouth, but I didn’t think it was to this extent. It’s like he’s too stupid to know he will be tortured.” Gastone questioned.

“Your witch has us cut off from our wolves. This is Tie without his wolf.” Thales shrugged.

Of course, he gets it. He grew up with me. He knows the way I was before August. Smart guy, smart Alpha. He’ll find a way to outsmart these fucks and get us out so we can help our pack and protect Crista.

“This is because he can’t connect to his wolf? Who’d have thought being separated from your wolf could affect someone in such a manner. I see you’ve retained your sensibility.” Ignazio wrinkled his nose as he looked at Thales.

“Duh. That’s because, unlike you, Thales was never a fuckwad. How’s your wolf feeling about you wanting to force mark someone? To disregard and spit in the face of the Goddess and the mate she paired you with?” I questioned, rambling once more.

“I mean my deepest sympathies to the poor girl who was fated to you. No one deserves to have a piece of trash for a mate.” I shrugged.

“Shut him up!” Ignazio commanded.

“With pleasure.” Gastone sneered, punching one fist into his other palm.

“He was talking to me, you buffoon.” The witch rolled her brown eyes.

I furrowed my brow, trying to determine what shade of brown I would call that. They aren’t warm or rich. I think the only way to describe it is SHIT!

“That’s it. The witch has SHIT brown eyes. New meaning to the phrase, full of shit.” I laughed as she glared at me, making a zipper motion over her mouth and the sound of my laughter became muffled as my lips were forced shut.

If I can’t talk, I’ll still be a nuisance because guess what? I can make NOISES! So I started to hum the song ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep,’ but in my head, I was singing ‘Baa Baa Shit Witch.’ I have a lovely singing voice. They really should let me sing it for them.

Thales just barely managed to hold in his snicker. I do love to entertain. As the eldest of the heirs, my duty was to keep Thales and the Fayte sisters amused. And I was damn good at my job.

“Forcing his mouth to be closed will only stop the words from coming out. He will keep making a nuisance of himself. It’s just the way Tiberius has always been.” He shrugged.

“Now, I demand to speak with Alpha Ugo. What you did tonight is unforgivable, and as the Alpha of Madonie, he will have to answer for your actions.” Thales insisted.

Ignazio started laughing. It wasn’t one of those fun laughs. This guy was studying all the creepy villain laughs from cartoons. And because he was laughing, Gastone started to laugh, and then the Shit Witch laughed too. But her laugh didn’t sound light and feminine like her facade would indicate. She sounded like an old hag cackling.

I don’t know about you, but generally speaking, in any movie, tv show, or book, when the villains start laughing like this, it’s not good news. And I know what the bad news is; I just didn’t get a chance to tell Thales.

“My father and all the ranked wolves in MY pack have been slain. I am not Alpha, and I think my attack on your pack was justified as it is where my future Luna was being kept from me.” Ignazio boasted.

Who the fuck boasts about killing their parents? Crazy people, that’s who. Ignazio was officially crazy, and someone bat shit crazy shouldn’t be leading a pack. Psychos like him are a danger to us all.

“What kind of monster are you? To kill your parents? People who were only ever kind to you?” Thales shook his head.

“They were keeping what was rightfully mine from me!” Ignazio shouted. “Just as you are keeping what is mine from me. But we will catch her. I will have my Luna.”

“Alpha…” Gaston hesitated, gulping like he was about to deliver bad news.

But bad news for Ignazio is good news for us. Come on, Gastone, give me something to laugh about. Make my fucking day! I need to hear something good.

“What is it?” Ignazio snapped at him.

“I just received word from the unit sent to catch them.” Gastone kept his head down.

Oh, this is going to be good. Come on. I want to hear that Crista tore your people up. I want to hear that Emilia stained her fur red with blood. Crista and her wolf would stop at nothing to keep Persephone and Delilah safe.

“They lost them. The Fayte sisters crossed the Incubi border, and the Incubi wolves attacked our warriors. They stayed to watch, and that hybrid bastard took them.” Gastone reported, his head bowed.

Ignazio roared, taking the rod from Gastone and slamming it into the side of his knee. “I want Crista back! I will not lose her to that old bastard! Knowing his reputation, he will ruin and then kill her.”

Gastone collapsed, holding his knee. “We will find a way to retrieve her. We will find someone willing to turn on Alpha Chesed.” He assured, wincing as he hobbled out of the dungeon.

I don’t know what sounds worse, Crista being dead, being captured by Madonie, or Incubi now capturing her. I’ve never met any of the ranked members of Incubi. They all keep to themselves. But Ignazio isn’t wrong about Alpha Chesed’s reputation. They say he fucks any woman that catches his fancy and kills them when he’s done with them.

“Take them to interrogation. I want to know everything these two know. The better I know my prey, the better I’ll be able to capture Crista.” Ignazio commanded, storming away.

It looks like it’s just the Shit Witch and us. Let’s see what she has in store for us. Depending on how secure we are moved to this interrogation room and how secure we are held in the room, it might be our chance.

“Let’s go have some fun.” The Shit Witch sneered.

With a wave of her hand, our cell doors opened, but before either of us could act, silver collars clicked around our necks, cuffs on our wrists pulling our arms behind us, and anklets on our legs connecting to our wrists to limit our movements.

Fuck she’s prepared. The silver doesn’t burn the way it should since I can’t feel August. But I’m worried all this silver exposure will hurt him long-term. I don’t want to get him back, and he’s too weak to fight. If this permanently damages August, I’m burning Madonie to the ground and roasting the Shit Witch over the flames.

Chapter 4 - Katrina

I was fuming inside at Chesed. How dare he treat my Papa’s mate in such a manner!? She is the next Luna of his pack, and he would dare demeanor her by sending her, unwilling like I might add, to his sex room!? I hope she claws his eyes out.

I could tell her sisters were worried as they kept glancing back, trying to see Crista still as my brother led her away. If there ever was a time that my Papa needed to yank control away from his wolf, it is now. He cannot allow Chesed to treat her or her sister this way.

I swear to the Goddess the first scream of ‘NO’ or anything that indicates Crista wants away from Chesed, and I am breaking that door down and putting that bastard wolf in his place. Hell, I’ll call Zia Izzy to help me. I know she’d be happy to make him a statue for a day or so to prove a point.

“Don’t worry, girls. Crista will be safe. And if I feel she isn’t, I will step in.” I assured them as I led them to the guest room.

The blonde raised a valid question. “No offense, but what the fuck are you going to do against an Alpha. I get he’s your Papa, but you’re still a human.”

“I may be human, but I am by no means weak. I can still fight, even if not to win, but to give Crista time to get away. And if all else fails, I call my Zia. She will gleefully use her gift against Alpha Chesed.” I smiled, gesturing for them to go into the room.

“You can stay in this room. You’re our guests, so just know you’re safe here. I’ll get something for you to change into. The bathroom is through there. Should be stocked with all you’ll need.” I smiled.

“Thank you.” The youngest whispered as she followed her sister into the attached bath. She seems like a sweetheart. She was going to need to give her extra attention. Whatever brought them here was traumatic, and the little ones are always the most hurt.

I ducked out of the guest room and into mine to grab some pajamas for the girls to wear. As I walked to their room, I glanced downstairs, straining to hear anything. He better behave. If he costs my Papa his mate, I’ll never forgive him, and neither will the pack. A pack needs a Luna.

These girls must have set a shower record as they were standing in the room wearing white robes that were left in every bathroom in the villa. I guess I can’t blame them. Who’d want to take a long shower in a foreign place?

“Well, you’re efficient. Here you can borrow these to sleep in.” I smiled, offering them the clothes. They were silent as they took my clothes and quickly changed.

“What is the darkroom? Why did your Alpha command our sister there? What’s he going to do to her?” The blonde demanded.

“I don’t think I should tell you that. I’m sure your sister will explain when she’s ready and able. I don’t know what Chesed was thinking, but I don’t think he wants to or will hurt her.” I sighed. As if Chesed wanted to prove me wrong, we heard screaming from downstairs.

“YOU BASTARD!” Crista shrieked. It sounded close, and as we rushed out of the room, I realized just how close as the sound of someone getting their ass smacked echoed in the open foyer.

“What in the name of the Goddess?” I demanded, peering at the foyer below. Chesed had Crista over his shoulder like a sack of flour. What an asshole!

“What the?” The blonde sister chimed in at a loss for words at what she was seeing.

“Is… he allowed to do that?” The youngest softly questioned.

I wasn’t even sure how to answer that. Crista was blushing so bright I could see as she realized we were about to see and very clearly hear her. Technically, Chesed is allowed to as her mate, but he shouldn’t because obviously, she’s not enjoying it.

“I hate you so fucking much.” Crista growled, reaching back, trying to pull her shorts back up.

“Keep testing my patience, kitten.” It’s a good thing I don’t have much of a gag reflex and am far too desensitized to his antics, or I’d puke over this railing and aim for his head. “I’ll do more than smack your ass.” Chesed growled.

“Your daughter and my sisters are watching.” Crista hissed. Oh, that poor girl. If she thinks me standing here would deter that beast, she’s in for a rude awakening.

“I do not care. So unless you want them to get a show, behave.” Chesed commanded.

“Crista? Are you okay?” The youngest questioned. I felt so bad for her. She’s rightfully worried for her sister. Whatever brought them to our door was no picnic; now, she sees this—this poor innocent child.

“She’s fine. Go to bed.” Chesed commanded

“You aren’t our Alpha. And we’re going nowhere till our sister says she’s okay.” The blonde crossed her arms.

I’ll give the girl credit. She was willing to stand up against him. Very few would dare. But that bravado died as Chesed reached the top of the stairs and turned to growl at her.

“Get in bed now!” he commanded, his alpha aura filling the space.

I scowled at him as the girls whimpered. What a bastard, growling at children, using his Alpha command and aura to intimidate them. They are just worried about their sister. I will put him in his place as soon as I know the girls are okay. And to ensure that I decide it’s best to remove them from this situation.

“Okay, little ones. Let’s go back to the room before papa Chesed blows his top.” I sighed.

“Asshole, don’t be mean to my sisters.” Crista growled, hitting him in his stomach with her foot.

I snickered because André was right about her. If anyone can take Chesed down a peg, it will be this girl, our Papa’s mate and future Luna.

“Then tell them you’re fine, so they go to bed.” He grunted and growled, giving her ass another slap.

“I’m fine. Delilah and Persephone go to bed. I can handle this asshole.” Crista assured her sisters. Of course, calling him an asshole earned Crista another smack, this time harder. Glancing back, I saw her wince, growling at him.

“You keep this up, and I’m going to think you like getting spanked, kitten.” he teased, pushing open a set of double doors.

I shuddered. Chesed is just gross. I gently tugged the girls in the direction of their room as they looked back at their sister with worried gazes before Chesed shut his suite’s doors. At least I know their names now. Persephone and Delilah.

“Are you sure he doesn’t mean to harm her?” Delilah worried at her bottom lip.

“Whose room did he just take her into? Why isn’t she in the room with us?” Persephone demanded.

I sighed, rubbing my temples. I went from that strange dream, vision, astral eavesdrop, whatever it was, to deal with all this. I still must call Bisnonna to find out what that was about. But one thing at a time, these girls are what is right in front of me, and they need me right now.

“I’m sure. Chesed is an asshole, but he has never forced himself on a female. And your sister was taken into his private suite. I know it doesn’t sound good, but his room is the best in the villa. His bathroom alone is amazing.” I smiled, trying to sound reassuring.

“As for why she’s in there and not here, I’m sure they have a lot to discuss. Like what brought you all here.” I shrugged.

The girls both slumped onto the bed with tears in their eyes. “It’s okay. As I said, you are safe here. And if you aren’t ready to talk about that’s okay.” I sighed, kneeling on the floor, and gently took their hands in mine.

There was a moment of silence, probably the pair communicating via their family link. Oh, how I wish I knew how that felt. Being the only human in my family sucks on so many levels.

“We are the Beta heirs of Nebrodi. Madonie attacked our pack, slaughtering people as they saw fit. Inclu… Including our parents.” Persephone managed to explain.

“Fucking Icky Iggy.” I wrinkled my nose. That guy has always given me the creeps. Like serial killer creep vibes.

“He ripped their hearts out… we were defenseless to act, and he killed them.” Delilah tearfully confessed as Persephone wrapped her in a hug letting her sister cry on her.

“I’m sorry you and your pack have suffered. But my Papa will make it right. He can’t bring back the dead, but he can send Icky Iggy to the Goddess for an eternity of punishment. He can free any other survivors.” I assured them.

If there is anything I can count on Chesed to do, it’s winning a war. And if Icky Iggy wants to harm Crista, it’ll be over Papa’s dead body. No one has ever beaten him in a fight, and he will not start losing against a shithead like Ignazio.

“Now, leave it to my Papa and the Incubi pack. Madonie doesn’t stand a chance.” I smiled, squeezing their hands. “You two stay here, and I’ll get you something to eat before bed.”

“Okay, not like we have a choice. But thank you, Katrina.” Persephone sighed.

“Yes, thank you.” Delilah smiled, sniffling as she pulled away from her sister to look at me.

“You’re welcome.” I nodded, leaving the room. I glanced at my Papa’s suite doors, unsure if the silence was a good or bad sign, as I went downstairs.

I sighed in relief to see Papa at the stove reheating stew. As I doubt he’s hungry, it must be for Crista, which makes me happy. He’s taking care of his mate even if Chesed is an asshole in his method.

“Going to dish out enough for three?” I questioned, leaning against the counter, arms folded.

“What?” Chesed questioned, getting out bread to cut and toast up.

He’s going to make this conversation like pulling teeth. I sighed, rolling my eyes. “Let Papa out.” I demanded.

“Excuse me? Who do you think you are talking to, little girl? I am your Alpha and your father.” Chesed narrowed his eyes, pointing the tip of the bread knife at me.

Oh, this fucking beast needs to learn his place and remember who he’s talking to.

“You heard me just fine. I’m human, so you’re no Alpha to me. Remember, I didn’t get the wolf spirit in the deal. So, I don’t have to submit to your grumpy ass. I want to talk to my Papa. I’ve no desire to deal with a beast who can’t even treat his mate properly. Now let me talk to my Papa.” I challenged him, not giving an inch.

I watched as the struggle between Papa and Chesed wared in his eyes. Only breathing a sigh of relief, my Papa’s blue eyes were the only color in his iris. It’s about time Chesed let Papa out. It’s the way a werewolf ought to be. With Papa in control, he instantly put the knife down and pulled me into a bone-crushing embrace.

“I’m so sorry, my princess. He doesn’t mean to come off so cruel. It is just his nature. He loves you. You know that?” Papa apologized, cupping my face.

Any anger I had melted as I looked into his eyes. Oh, how I miss my Papa. It’s so rare he comes to the surface anymore. I can only hope finding his mate will change that. I want to see him more often. Her expression softened as she looked at me.

“Papa, stop apologizing for him. While I know, on some level, he holds love for André and me. But I also know not having a wolf disappointed him and André being homosexual disappoints him as well.” I sighed, shaking my head.

“Katrina… he is not disappointed in either of you. You are both amazing children, and we are proud to be your father.” Papa insisted.

“I know you feel that way, Papa. But Chesed is another story sometimes. But I’m not here to talk to you about André or me. You need to reign Chesed in. Sending Crista to the darkroom, spanking her in front of her sisters.” I frowned.

“These aren’t things he should be doing to her. Not just because she’s your mate, but those girls are hurting. They are hurting more than André and I ever would when thinking of mamma. We didn’t know her to feel her loss. They had to witness their parents die horrifically. They need to be treated gently.” I sighed.

Papa sighed and nodded, turning to stir the stew. “I know. I’ve told him this. He has done kind things. We drew her a bath and set out clothes for her. And now we are warming up the stew to bring her.” He explained, putting the bread into the oven to toast.

I sighed in relief. At least that’s something. “Good. Just keep treating her nicely. If her sisters are any indication, Crista is a sweet girl who has a loving heart.” I smiled.

“Here, let me get a bowl and tray ready.” I offered, fluttering away to get things ready for Crista’s meal.

I sighed, seeing the color change in my Papa’s eyes. The damn beast is back in power.

“Just remember what I said, Papa. And Chesed, you be nice to that girl, or I’m going to tell Zia Izzy you were being mean to your mate.” I threatened.

It wasn’t a threat but a promise. I won’t stand by and let Chesed mistreat Crista. She deserves kindness after everything that she’s lived through. And even if she hadn’t watched her parents murdered, she’d deserve kindness at his mate.

“You’ll tell your Aunt nothing.” Chesed grumbled, ladling out the stew into the provided bowl. “Goodnight, Katrina.” Chesed called out before leaving with the tray.

I rolled my eyes, getting a tray of two bowls for Crista’s sisters. I have to make them feel at ease and safe. They were grateful for their meal and fell asleep shortly after eating.

By the time I’d gotten the dishes washed and was back in my bed, it was too late to call Bisnonna. I decided I would do it in the morning. Hopefully, if that dream was real, those men could hold out till I could figure out what I saw and save them.

Chapter 5 - Tiberius

I haven’t dealt with witches before. I knew they were out there, but my only experience was reading about them in human fairytales and actual books kept in the pack library. None of that prepared me for facing the real deal.

Shitty Witch here is a real piece of work. She didn’t touch us. I glimpsed her true face, and let me say yuck. I’m thankful for that because I don’t want her touching me. I know I’m hot, but I’d need a whole body chemical peel to get rid of layers of skin to feel clean.

Begrudgingly we were forced to follow her. I had no intention of making this easier on her. So, I made sure to shuffle my feet or stagger along, making as much noise as possible while moving as slowly. Each time she’d turn and glare those shit-colored eyes at me.

She has NO IDEA who she’s messing with. She separated me from August, so she had to suffer the consequences. Obnoxious Tie is back with extreme vengeance. Before August, the whole pack, not just my parents, feared the Delta I would be. I was the most ill-behaved, fidgety, and all-around pain-in-the-ass child born in Nebrodi.

August may have given me more practical gifts, but being an obnoxious mega pain in the ass is my gift. If I could make every authority figure that met me want to choke me, run in defeat, or curl into a ball sobbing because nothing they said or did would get me to change, the Shit Witch doesn’t stand a chance. Thank you, Goddess. Time to put it to good use.

I’m riling this bitch up good. Her magic still sealed my lips so that I couldn’t speak, so I opted to make the most annoying sounds one can with their mouth closed. The death glares I’m getting are hands down the most entertaining thing.

I was smirking, feigning innocence, the moment she glared back at me. Thales, Goddess bless him. He was trying so hard not to crack up. As kids, I would have him, Crista, Persephone, and little Delilah rolling on the floor in fits of giggles. I prided myself on it. As the oldest, I was expected to be the ‘responsible’ one, but I watched out for the younger heirs in my way. They weren’t getting hurt or causing trouble if they were with me laughing.

“Make one more obnoxious sound, drag your feet, rattle your shackles, and I’ll gut you.” Shit Witch sneered, pointing her index finger at me.

If I could, I’d give her the biggest toothiest grin possible. It didn’t take much to piss her off. Good to know. I can work with that. I’m going to make this bitch regret ever being born. I took her threat with a grain of salt; they wanted us to talk. If they didn’t need us alive, we’d already be dead. So, I started humming my version of Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead! from The Wizard of OZ.

And while the lyrics couldn’t be heard clearly, they played in my head as I hummed. ‘Ding-dong, the Witch is dead! Which old Witch? The shitty Witch! Ding-dong, the shitty Witch is dead! Wake up, you sleepy head, rub your eyes, get out of bed! Wake up, the shitty Witch is dead! She’s gone where the goblins go below, below, below, yo ho! Let’s open up and sing and ring the bells out! Ding-dong! The merry-o sing it high, sing it low! Let them know the shitty Witch is dead!’

Thales was fighting to contain his laughter. But that dam he had put up burst as I winked at him, and the laughter bubbled out. Shit Witch stopped and rounded on us, slapping Thales for laughing. I don’t need my wolf to be angry at such treatment of my Alpha and friend. So, I did what I would’ve done in any other situation. I head-butted that bitch.

Shit Witch let out a screech of pain and anger before sending me flying into a cement wall, raising me so my head touched the ceiling. “I’ve had just about enough out of you. But you just showed me your weakness. If you don’t like people touching your precious Alpha, he’ll get double the torture while you watch. How’s that sound, funny boy?”

As if to prove her point, she pointed her finger at Thales. I don’t know what she was doing, but he fell to his knees in pain. I glared at her, and the bitch smiled as if this was a victory. I’ll show you who’s the winner.

She only suspended me by my collar so the rest of my body could move. Wrong choice, Shit Witch. I happen to be one of the best footballers in my pack! With a swift movement of my bound legs, I knocked her to the ground before she could react. I snorted as I landed on the unforgiving floor.

Fuck, my ass hurts.

Not only did I land on cement but with a silver chain thong from my bindings. I don’t recommend it.

Even without our link and being apart the last few years, Thales knew what was coming and reacted instantly. Whatever power she was using against him stopped, so he got to his feet, using the shackles to press the chain on her throat.

“You will unbind us, now.” Thales commanded, pressing the chain harder as she groaned coming around.

“Fuck yeah!” I exclaimed, excited to realize her spell to shut me up stopped when I knocked her out momentarily.

“I’ll do no such thing. You pups underestimate me.” Shit Witch sneered. “And overestimate yourselves. You don’t have the audacity to hurt me, to kill me. You’re too soft without your wolf.” She scoffed.

“Well, I sure the fuck am not! Without my wolf, I’m pretty much unhinged, Shit Witch.” I proclaimed as I used my shackles across her ribs. I knew the pressure would force the air out of her lungs; hell, I could break a rib.

Shit Witch was gasping for air but smiling. The fucking bitch was smiling. Why? I don’t like that smile. I got my answer to her smile when Thales and I were both sharply lifted by the collars and held off the ground. It didn’t take a genius to realize who could be strong enough to lift us like we were part of a weight set.

“IVAN! How nice of you to join us! I believe I owe your over-grown ass a beating for killing my parents!” I shouted, struggling to kick back, wanting him to drop us. Of course, Ivan is a brick shithouse for a reason. He didn’t seem phased by my kicks.

“Quiet.” Ivan growled those two syllables in his deep rumbling voice.

Shit Witch was grinning as she got to her feet. “Put them in the torture room. Make sure they are secured to the floor.” She instructed, pointing to the room at the end of the hall. Like the mindless asshole he is, Ivan silently obeyed.

“Oh, come on, Ivan. Don’t you have a brain in that giant skull? Use it! Madonie was always peaceful and now look at it. You’re part of that! You’re hurting your people! What kind of a Gamma are you!? The pack always comes before whoever claims to be Alpha.” I shouted as I struggled, trying to get through to him.

“It’s pointless, Tie. Ivan’s made his choice. It’s wrong, but he made it. Now he must see it through even though it will end in the fall of his pack and maybe the end of his life or the life of someone he cares for.” Thales calmly shrugged as Ivan set us down only to force us to our knees, attaching our chains to hooks on the floor.

“I bet he’s going to be pissed and kicking himself for following Ignazio when this war he started gets his little sister killed. What was her name again?” I cocked my head.

“Amelia. Her name is Amelia.” Thales confirmed.

“Yes, that’s it. I remember Amelia. She was cute. I can’t imagine she’s very proud of her big brother. Does she know you helped massacre the ranked wolves of not just our pack but your own? Does she know you killed your parents? What kind of cold-hearted fuck does that? They were the people who gave you life, and you thanked them by taking theirs. For shame. The Goddess will have a special place in werewolf hell for you.” I scolded, turning my head to look at the big man.

Oh shit, I hit a nerve.

I’m unsure if he wants to rip my head off because he generally wants me dead or because he knows I’m right. I don’t know Ivan well enough to guess if he has the mental capacity to understand what he’s done, how much suffering he’s caused, and how he will pay for it in the end.

“Leave us. Return to Ignazio. I’m sure he has something for you to do.” Shit Witch dismissed him with a wave of her hand as she went to the wall of torture devices. Yeah, nothing on that wall looks fun. They also don’t look sanitary.

“Don’t you clean your torture devices? I mean hell, Shit Witch, that’s how you spread disease.” I wrinkled my nose.

“That’s the point. It makes it hurt longer and more.” Shit Witch sneered, eyeing a cat-o-nine tail that looks to have blades on the tips. Yeah, that looks like it’s going to be a party. Probably a good thing August is blocked from me. I don’t want him exposed to all this silver.

“Oh yeah. I bet you loved the AIDS epidemic and generally enjoy spreading diseases. It’s fitting for a Shit Witch like yourself to smear disease around like you’re Pestilence of the horsemen.” I rolled my eyes.

“You’ll pay for your insolence. Or rather your Alpha will.” Shit Witch sneered, cracking the cat-o-nine tails across Thales’ back.

I clenched my jaw, glaring daggers at the bitch as Thales winced, falling as far forward as he could, chained as we are. I give him credit. He didn’t cry out even though I knew that had to sting. I heard it and could see the blood dripping down his back.

“Tell me everything you know about remaining Nebrodi defenses, the Fayte sister, and any ties your pack has with Incubi.” The Shit Witch demanded as she cracked the whip against my back.

I clenched my jaw, the force of the whip making me lean forward. But I said nothing. Neither of us will. She’s going to realize it soon enough. Until then, our backs were getting chewed up as she started to alternate whipping us as she demanded answers.

“We won’t tell you anything, hag.” I spat blood out, but it’s all she’s going to get me to say.

As she readied to strike again, something felt different. I’m not sure what it was, but it felt like we were being watched. Maybe it’s cameras in the room, yet looking around, I couldn’t see any cameras. I felt something. A presence was in the room, a presence that felt…welcoming.

What the fuck? I’ve been separated from August for too long. I’m getting loopy, or maybe it’s the blood loss. That’s it because it was gone just as I felt that warm presence coming closer. That warmth in my heart was gone as the pain continued to rain down on us until we collapsed.



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Diana Ruiz M
Diana Ruiz M
Jul 01, 2022

I just read Thales chapter (GN) and I'm crying. Such a good and valuable person. He went to the afterlife without having fulfilled his dream. He would have been an excellent Alpha. 😢


Diana Ruiz M
Diana Ruiz M
Jun 16, 2022

Tie is hilarious and makes the chapters funny despite the situation they find themselves in. I'm laughing from start to finish and then I remember Thales' fate and my heart breaks for him.


Ok Author Bryant. I have a bone to pick with you. I seriously cannot believe you are making us fall in love with Thales knowing how his story ends! Love Tie, he’s amazing but I know what’s coming and it already hurts.

Author Bryant
Author Bryant
Jun 16, 2022
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I know. Thales is the tragic hero


Simone Carlisle
Simone Carlisle
Jun 16, 2022

Excellent chapter! Tie is hilarious!


Snow White
Snow White
Jun 16, 2022

Omg, he's hilarious! But how he was aware of Cat's presence, it's simply beautiful. I'm not sure it's her powers that are awakening, I think it's the mate bond pulling her in. Or maybe it's both ❤️

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