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Out Of My League - WIP

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Chapter 1 - Reese


Yes, I am that woman throwing her cheating piece of trash boyfriend and his skank unceremoniously out of her condo butt-ass naked.

Yes, all my neighbors are poking their heads out to see what is happening. Yes, I’m sure the crone across the hall is calling the cops or, worse, my mother.

Why would she know my mother? Because my mother got me into this luxurious Manhattan, so not me, building and the crone is head of the condo association.

The girl at least has the sense to be ashamed of herself as she hurried to get her dress over her head.

“You said this was your place and the woman in the pictures is your sister.” She’s hissing at Trevor, shooting daggers with her eyes.

“Shut up, Veronica…” Trevor growled, using both hands to cover his junk. He doesn’t need one hand to cover that tiny thing.

“Stop talking, Trevor! Get the fuck out! Out of MY condo! Out of my building! And Out of My life! I ever see you again, and I will have you blacklisted even from getting hired at legal aid.” I threatened.

I do not like to throw my mother’s name around or use it like this but fuck this guy. Scratch that. Don’t fuck this guy. It was terrible. To get off, a woman shouldn’t need to turn to her vibrator right after sex.

As I throw his clothes at him, Veronica is already jumping into the elevator.

“You wouldn’t dare! You can’t blame me for looking elsewhere. We haven’t had sex in weeks!” Trevor tried to defend himself.

“Because sex with you was terrible.” I threw my hands in the air, fed up with this.

“I had to use a vibrator anyways, so why should I waste time on your tiny dick.”

Trevor’s face turned bright red as some of my neighbors watching this train wreck started snickering. He shoots angry looks at them as he does us all a favor by putting on his pants. His dick may be tiny, but his ego can be seen from space.

“Fuck you, Reese. You’re a giant bitch, and I mean that literally. You are lucky I gave you the time of day. No man wants to be with a woman the size of an NBA center or NFL linebacker! I only dated you for your connections.” Trevor flipped me off.

“You’ll die a spinster because no man will ever want to marry a freak like you.” He scoffed, walking away with what little dignity he could muster.

I should have shouted back. Gotten the final word, but the bastard threw my greatest fear in my face, and I choked.

That was the last time I saw Trevor, thank fuck. But also the last time I called that condo my home. The crone got me kicked out for being a noise issue and a nuisance to others. All because I threw my naked ex and his lover out of my condo.

So I ended up back in Brooklyn with my dad and Mãe. Just what every twenty-seven-year-old woman wants to do, move back home.

It could be worse. I could have crashed with my twin brother in his bachelor pad or with my mother in Boston.

And I love my dad and Mãe; they are great people who love me. And Mãe is a fantastic cook. But there is a big drawback to coming home.

I cringe as I hear the thuds and moans from above me. Pulling my blankets over my head, I try to think and focus on anything that isn’t my parents’ active, loud, and incredible sex life.

Cause of course, even in their fifties, my parents are fucking like their twenties. Maybe I should have gone to my mother’s.

I wouldn’t be hearing her and Michael going at it. They have a bland marriage and schedule sex. Seriously who has a sex schedule? My mother, that’s who.

I had no idea when I managed to fall asleep. I know their bed's thuds didn’t stop till almost two in the morning.

It’s only been one night, and I know I can’t stay with my parents anymore. After a shower and getting changed into jeans and a sweater, I put on makeup to cover the dark circles under my eyes from not sleeping.

“Bom dia minha filha.” Mãe smiled brightly, offering me a cup of coffee exactly how she knew I liked it.

I want to grumble about her smiling and chipper, but I can’t. I can’t begrudge her for having a happy marriage with terrifyingly loud sex.

Someone in this family needs to be getting laid. It’s certainly not me; for all Clay likes to boast, he’s not either.

“Manhã Mãe.” I smiled, leaning down so she could kiss my cheek as I took the coffee.

“Thanks for making me coffee.” I added, sipping my cup and letting the hot liquid slide down my throat.

I sighed, sliding onto the stool at the kitchen island. I couldn’t stop smiling as a strawberry and Nutella crepe were set in front of me.

“Thank you, Mãe. You didn’t need to make my breakfast too.” I sighed.

She smiled brightly at me, waving a dismissive hand and putting another plate and cup down as my father entered the kitchen.

“Good morning, Reese.” He greeted, kissing the top of my head like I’m still a little girl. Though I suppose to him, I always will be.

“Did you sleep okay?” he asked, moving around the island to kiss Mãe.

I sighed forlornly as I looked at how happy and in love they were. I want that. I want what they have. I want what my Aunt Artemis and Uncle Shaw have. I want what my cousins have with Riko.

I wouldn’t dare dream of getting three men as Riko did. I’ll be lucky if I can get one. But it’s still nice to think about.

“I slept about as expected. Thank you for letting me stay. I promise it won’t be for long.” I assured, digging into my breakfast.

“Minha filha, you are always welcome here. I still can’t believe the apartment association committee moved to have you kicked out. It’s horrid. It’s not your fault that toad boy was trash that needed to be taken out. They’re the busybodies who decided to poke their noses out their doors.” Mãe huffed.

Dad scowled over his cup of coffee.

“Dad… don’t break the cup. He’s not worth you getting angry about. And neither was the apartment association committee. I didn’t fit into that building anyways. That’s more… mother’s style than mine.” I assured them.

Dad didn’t stop scowling. If anything, he frowned more at the mention of my mother. I raised an eyebrow and glanced at Mãe, who quickly became busy. Oh, they know something.

“What aren’t you telling me? Please tell me mother didn’t call you.” I sighed.

Dad did that, avoiding eye contact when he and Clay don’t want to lie and don’t want to tell the truth.

“Just tell me. I’m a big girl, in every sense of the word. I can handle it.” I assured him.

Dad let out a long heavy sigh and came around the island to sit next to me.

“Your mother did call. She’s upset about you being kicked out of the building. She knows people there, so she heard all the ‘sordid’ details.” Dad rolled his eyes as he impersonated my mother’s aristocratic Boston accent.

I snickered at his impersonation. It’s so weird to hear him talk that way.

He spent seven years as her husband, five that I was alive for. He had to force himself to conform and fit into her neat, polished lifestyle.

Anyone that’s ever met my dad would tell you he doesn’t fit into many things. He never fit into the suit and tie-wearing, caviar eating, champagne drinking snob world my mother enjoys. He towers over everyone being nearly eight-foot-tall and built like a brick shithouse.

He’s built for construction. Work boots, dirty jeans, and flannel are his style. And he’d rather have a good slice of pizza and a cheap beer any day of the week. I still can’t believe my parents were even married for seven years.

But after my mother broke him and Mãe up during high school and Mãe had to return to Brazil after her time as an exchange student, dad resigned himself to being with my mother.

I know my mother and some people think Mãe caused their divorce. And while Clay and I were young when it happened, we still remember how unhappy dad was in the marriage.

And dad never cheated on mom. He didn’t start dating Mãe until after the divorce was official. And then didn’t marry her till a year later.

I’m glad my parents got divorced. I know not something many kids would say. But dad has been so much happier with Mãe than with my mother.

And mother, I don’t know if she’s happy or ever has been satisfied. But she has the life she wants with no one to muck it up.

Well, no one except her kids. I know Clay and I have mucked up her life for over twenty-seven years. She hand-selected, like getting kicked out of an upscale and elitist apartment building.

“I’m sure she was thrilled that I threw my ex and his whore naked out of my apartment.” I rolled my eyes.

“What did she expect me to do? Just accept that he was a cheater? Let him treat me like a doormat?” I scoffed.

“You should never let anyone treat you that way. You are an intelligent, funny, beautiful young woman full of life and love. You deserve someone who will see what your Papai and I see and love you for it.” Mãe gave me a sympathetic look.

“Thanks, Mãe. No man is going to want a woman my size. But I’ve dated enough men on this island to know there isn’t one. They see my size and run away. And don’t bring up Tia Artemis. I know she landed Tio Shaw, but they knew each other since childhood.” I sighed but smiled.

“You will find someone. It’ll be when you least expect it. But I am certain that there is someone out there for you. If my sister and I could find our true loves, so can you.” Dad sighed, putting an arm around me.

“Thanks, dad. Not sure it’ll happen, but it’s a nice dream. So what else did mother say? I want to know before I go apartment hunting.” I shrugged.

“Well, that’s the thing. Sophia wants you to come to Boston. She wants you at the office there with her and Shaw.” Dad frowned.

I furrowed my brow. Mother wants me to come to the primary office?

“This is her wanting to keep tabs on me. Fuck my life.” I groaned.

“You don’t have to go. You’re an adult, Reese. So unless she has a legitimate business cause to request you to transfer offices, you can stay here in the city.” Mãe snorted.

“I know. I’ve exhausted the dating pool around here and found an island of frogs. But maybe moving will be good. Maybe prince charming is in Boston.” I shrugged.

“And it would put me closer to Riko and the kids.” I smiled, thinking about my little cousins.

“Oh, and my cousins. But more importantly, I could see the kids more.”

“As long as it’s for reasons you want. Then we’ll support your move. This time don’t let your mother pick your apartment. Find one for yourself. I have work today, but Dionysia could take the train with you if you both wanted to apartment hunt.” Dad offered.

Mãe smiled, raising a dark brow at me. Apartment hunting in Boston with Mãe certainly sounds better than looking with mother.

“Sure. Let’s make a day of it, Mãe.” I agreed.

This is how I found a fabulous two-bedroom apartment a stone’s throw from Boston Common with a view of the Charles River from a private terrace.

The tall ceilings sold me on the place more than anything. I am all for a place where I don’t feel I could touch the ceiling if I stretch.

And now that I’m officially moved in, I can attend the waterfront lights festival with my cousins. I can’t wait to see them. I miss Hikari, Akio and Saki. And oh, I can’t wait to get my hands on Ryū.

Chapter 2 - Don

The downside of living so far from my family in Texas is that I have to spend Hanukkah alone. The bright side is that Hanukkah happens during the same week as Christmas, so I’m off work for winter break.

“You should fly home for Hanukkah, sweetheart. I miss you. And your brothers would all be happy to see you. You haven’t even met your newest nephew.” Mom was laying the guilt on thick, leveraging baby Griffin like that.

“Mom, don’t pull that on me. You know I’m the kid who’s immune to your guilt.” I shook my head as I tried to focus on planning out the spring curriculum for my class.

I know people don’t think there’s much to being a shop teacher, but it’s still hard work, and I’m trying to teach these kids some skills that will help them in real life, like fixing things around the house.

“It’s not guilt. Is it so wrong that I miss my firstborn? You haven’t been home in four years.” Mom sighed.

“I don’t even know why you took that job in Boston. There are plenty of jobs closer to home. Just because of that Jennifer…” Mom started a rant I’ve heard more times than I can count since moving.

“I gotta go, mom. I’ll call you later.” I know it’s a bitch move. But I hustled her off the phone, hanging up with a groan.

I heard a snicker from the doorway as I banged my head on my desk. It wasn’t a student’s laugh, so I figured I was safe. I turned my head and narrowed my eyes at Darius Frost.

I have nothing against Darius. He’s a good guy. We get along, and he trusts me since I think I’m the only person here who knows he and his brothers are married to the same woman.

Darius's family seems happy and has four of the most adorable kids. It’s weird, but whatever works for them. So I’m not going to judge.

“Is talking to your mom that bad?” Darius arched a blonde brow as he folded his arms.

“No… yes. Both. Who knows. Does your mom ever guilt trip you on shit?” I sighed, sitting up.

“Sometimes. I don’t give my mom much reason, but she’s not above wielding that guilt.” Darius shrugged.

“I guess she doesn’t have as much a reason since you still live nearby, are married, and have kids.” I sighed, running a hand over my face.

Darius and his brothers have what my brothers and my mother want for me. A wife and kids. And that works for them. It just didn’t work for me.

“Ah. So your mom wants you to have settled down and given her grandkids.” Darius nodded.

“Yeah, pretty much. And preferably with a nice Jewish girl from Austin, so I would move back home.” I rolled my eyes.

“Yeah, that must be rough. Probably good for our buddy Collin that his mom wasn’t insistent on a Jewish daughter-in-law. Cause Riko’s best friend Cassidy is not even religious.” Darius chuckled.

“Yeah, well, there’s a bit more to my mom’s insistence but whatever. She gets this way every Hanukkah and any holiday I’m not there for.” I sighed.

“But flying to Austin isn’t cheap, and while I love my family, I don’t need to spend over a week with them having my three brother’s perfect families shoved in my face.” I groaned, rubbing my hand over my face.

“Well, shit. Maybe I shouldn’t have stopped by.” Darius grimaced.

I furrowed my brow and looked at him. What does Darius coming by my office have to do with my brothers and their picture-perfect families?

Then a thought hit me. Crap.

“Darius, don’t worry. Your family is different from dealing with my brothers and their picture-perfect families. While you and your family are great, you aren’t throwing it in my face.” I assured.

“Sure, it’s sometimes a bit sickening how weirdly Hallmark movie your family is. It doesn’t get to me. I’m the oldest who’s still single, and they never let me forget it. Ever watch that Stepbrothers movie?” I sighed.

“Stepbrothers movie?” Darius wrinkled his nose.

“Oh, that Will Ferrel and John C Riley flick. Not my cup of tea. But I’ve seen parts of it cause our friend Collin likes those movies. What about it?” Darius cocked his head.

“Fair. Minus, I have a job and live on my own. I’m the John C Riley character, and my younger brothers are the Adam Scott character. The perfect sons with perfect families my parents love bragging about.” I explained.

“Huh, okay. But didn’t the Adam Scott character’s wife try to fuck John C Riley?” Darius arched an eyebrow.

“Well, I mean, I did fuck my sister-in-law Connie. But that was when we were in high school and before she started dating Michael.” I rolled my eyes.

“Let me guess, Michael throws his perfect family in your face the most?” Darius chuckled.

“Actually… yeah, when I think about it, he does. He’s always thrown it in my face from the first day he brought Connie to our parents and introduced her as his girlfriend. He’s been a smug prick about it.” I frowned.

“Sounds like Michael is a petty and insecure little shithead. If you wanted Connie, you’d have had her instead of him.” Darius scoffed.

I chuckled because Darius is a good guy. I don’t think I’ve made a friend like him since moving to Boston. So I appreciate having some level of support. I trust this guy would have my back if I needed him.

“Anyway, what did you stop by for? I doubt it was to talk about my annoying family.” I shook my head, looking to change the subject.

“Fair point. But know you can vent to me if you want.” He assured me.

“As for why I came by. We are planning to meet up with some friends during the break. I think it’s the first night of Hanukkah, so I’ll understand if you can come. But we are going to the holiday lights at the waterfront with the kids. You’re welcome to join us.” Darius explained.

I furrowed my brow thinking about the offer. I don’t have a family to celebrate with. So honestly, I was going to light my menorah and eat a bagel or something cause it’s not like I’m going to make a big meal.

So I honestly have no reason not to go. It’s better to be among friends than alone. I won’t get more renovations done to my house. It’ll be alright. I have the rest of the break to work on my house.

“You know what, fuck it. Sure. I’ll be there. I’ll swing by after I at least light my menorah.” I nodded.

“Awesome. See you there then. I’m sure you’ll find our group. Just look for the biggest, loudest, and probably tallest since my cousins are coming.” Darius laughed.

“Tallest? I mean, you and your brothers are pretty tall.” I pointed out.

“Yeah, but our cousins Clay and Reese are taller. You’ll see for yourself. Now I better go. I have to pick up diapers and milk on my way home.” Darius shrugged before ducking out of my classroom.

I wasn’t sure what I was in for a few nights later when I arrived at the waterfront park. The place was packed, but just like Darius said, finding their group was straightforward. They were a large and rowdy group.

Wait, the wrong kind of rowdy. It sounds like there’s going to be a fight. I weaved through the crowd, following the trio of towheads visible above the masses, knowing it was the Frosts.

Oh yeah, this looks like a shit show in the making. The brothers were in defense mode, and Riko looked worried, kneeling by their eldest Hikari. I groaned internally when I saw the troublemaker.

“It’s okay, Hikari. Tell us what happened,” Riko gently encouraged Hikari.

“We were all playing. And then he….” Hikari pointed to the little boy trying to go for an Oscar with his crocodile tears.

“Called our family freaks because I have three daddies. And called mommy a bad word. So I hit him and told him to shut up and that he’s a bad person,” Hikari confessed.

One glance at the triplets, I read the crime scene coming. Forrest and Darius looked like they might explode.

“A bad word? Is it a bad word you’ve heard us say?” Elijah asked.

Hikari shook his head.

“Is it a bad word that Granny Yūri might say?” He asked.

Hikari nodded. I’ve never met their grandmother-in-law. But I’ve read the Chasing Kitsune webcomic based on her life, and damn yeah, if it’s a word Kitsune would say, it was a bad word.

“It’s what my mommy called her, so it’s true. Not my fault, your mommy a slut,” the boy shouted, getting to his feet.

“The hell? You talk that way in front of your kid? You teach him words like that?” Darius was starting to lose it.

“And who are you to pass judgment on our family? You don’t know anything about us,” Forrest growled.

“I know she’s here with several children, and I’ve heard them call each of you daddy. That’s enough to know your mail order bride is a slut,” Joanie Walker scoffed.

Oh, that’s about enough of this. The Frosts don’t know Joanie, but I sure do. And people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Time to make myself useful.

“Joanie Walker, should you be calling other people names?” I spoke up, entering the scene.

Joanie’s eyes went wide as she recognized me, mouth hanging open. Did she realize I can and will air all her dirty laundry? The Frost family are my only friends in this damn city. So I’ll defend them like family.

“D…Donald Hunter,” Joanie’s eyes narrowed with hate.

“You know the old saying, those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. And the religious one about letting he who is without sin throw the first stone. I suggest you back off, my friends.” I folded my arms.

“You know them?” Joanie wrinkled her nose.

“You know this woman?” Darius questioned.

“This is the Frost family,” I stated, emphasizing their name.

I saw the fear in Joanie’s eyes. She knows that name. When some of her shit landed her in court, a lawyer from that firm shut her down.

“Yes, that Frost family. So move along and mind your own business.” I waved a hand.

“That was impressive,” A voice I didn’t recognize commented.

I turned to see the newcomer, and holy shit, I have never, I mean, NEVER seen a woman more gorgeous than this one that towered over me. She embodied a Greek Amazon, that perfect balance of beauty and strength.

She was a vision dressed in black ankle boots, her long legs in black leggings that hug every perfect curve, a red sweater dress hitting her knees peeking out from her white pea coat that was almost the same length.

I can’t remember the last time I came across a woman this good-looking. Thick wavy dark brown hair left down, full kissable lips, and ice cold blue eyes that should have clicked who she was. My brain was currently mush looking at her.

I didn’t notice that Joanie narrowed her eyes, picked her kid up, and walked away in a huff. Hell, I didn’t even hear Darius questioning me. Nothing else mattered but her.

“Thanks… and you are?” I questioned once my brain functioned enough to form a sentence.

The Goddess arched an eyebrow at me. I’m just praying it’s an eyebrow of interest rather than an eyebrow asking why I should know her name.

“Reese Nikolaidis, the boys’ cousin. And you?” she smirked, assessing me.

I know better than anyone that right now that I’m no catch. I’m bald, not that Reese can tell under my knit cap, and out of shape, again, not that she can probably tell under my heavy pea coat. But once upon a time, I was considered attractive when I was a young man.

“Don Hunter. I work with Darius at the school,” I smiled up at her.

“Darius didn’t mention having a gorgeous cousin in the area,” Don added.

“Um, Don…” Darius started to speak.

“I only recently moved to this area. I was living in the Bronx before this. Plus, as far as my cousins are concerned, the only gorgeous woman in the world is their wife,” Reese shrugged.

“Don. Reese,” Forrest tried to interrupt, but neither of us was giving the Frost family a moment’s notice.

Chapter 3 - Reese

I’d walked over to the rucks my cousins were part of, ready to knock a bitch out for messing with my family, when a man I’m unfamiliar with stepped in and put the bitch in her place. It was impressive he sent her running with just a few words.

Now I’m curious, not just about why our family name would send the woman scurrying back to the rock she slithered out from but about this man who stood up for my cousins. I thought I knew all my cousins’ friends, but this one was unfamiliar.

After he introduced himself as Darius’ friend from work, it clicked. He’s the shop teacher who made that fantastic baby Yoda pod for Ryū’s Halloween costume.

That was well crafted, and they still use it at times. The older ones love using it to pretend.

Looking at him, he doesn’t look like much. Shorter than me, but most men are.

I can’t get a read on his physique in the heavy winter coat. His brown hair matches those warm brown eyes, judging by his eyebrows and facial hair.

And I don't know, but I was into it between the compliment and that southern drawl trying to seep through his words. It’s not that I don’t get compliments, but generally, they are either to suck up or because I’m sitting and therefore don’t intimidate the guy with my height.

We ignored my cousins, who gave up trying to interrupt as they walked away. Good.

I don’t need them, or worse, Clay crashing this conversation to make me sound like some monster that crushes men. It wouldn’t be the first time Clay messed up my chance with a guy by opening his big dumb mouth.

“You’re from the Bronx? I don’t pick up the accent. It sounds more like a refined Boston accent. Like your cousins have.” Don cocked his head.

“You’re one to talk. I’m picking up a hint of Texas accent from you. And if I get angry, the Bronx accent is more prominent. My dad lives there, but my mom lives here.” I shrugged.

“Ah, so you developed a dueling accent. Using one when at one house vs. the other.” Don nodded.

“And I try to keep my Texas accent in check. I’ve met enough people who look down on it and assume I’m some hick even if I’m from Austin.” He rolled his eyes.

“Something like that. I try to hide my Bronx accent because certain people judge me for it and don’t take me seriously.” I frowned.

I’m not going to say that my mother is at the top of the list of those particular people. She can’t stand it when Clay or I slip into that accent. She’s adamant that it makes us sound like uneducated buffoons and always points out it’s not a good image for a high-power lawyer.

“People truly do suck. I can’t see how an accent should change someone’s opinion of you. One’s accent shouldn’t affect how people view their words. They are the same words no matter the accent.” Don shook his head, more of that delectable drawl coming out.

“Right, screw anyone that would put down your accent. I think the drawl is hot.” I laughed, quickly covering my mouth in reflex to minimize how loud I laughed.

“Why are you hiding your laugh?” Don arched an eyebrow reaching out, bringing my hand down.

“Habit. My mother always said I had my dad’s laugh, which was unladylike.” I explained, distracted by how warm and rough his hand was.

These were the hands of a real man. A man who works with his hands for a living. A man who does more than type at a keyboard.

“Well, she sounds fun. Instead of playing pin the tail on the donkey, do they play pull the stick out of her ass?” He scoffed.

Wow, I don’t think I’ve heard anyone speak that way about my mother. I’m sure my father has plenty of things to say but never says them around Clay or me.

I couldn’t stop myself from laughing openly. My dad is a good man not to badmouth her in front of us. Even if he did say what he thought, I don’t know if it would be as funny as Don.

“See, now there’s a beautiful laugh. Don’t change yourself for someone else, Reese. You’re perfect just as you are.” Don smiled.

“Now, back to what you said before. You think I’m hot or just the accent?” He teased, smirking.

I licked my lips, considering his question. It’s been a while since someone has complimented me like this. That hasn’t been intimidated by my height.

And while I can’t get a good read on his looks, his face is cute, his accent is hot, and his compliments increase his attractiveness.

“Both.” I shrugged.

The look of surprise and confusion on his face was adorable and sad. It’s like he doesn’t believe me. Like he doesn’t get compliments.

“I mean, I can only go by your face, and it’s an attractive face. I would have to get you out of the layers of clothes to speak to the rest. Why the look of surprise?” I questioned.

“Um, well, not many women compliment me. Don’t think I’ve been called hot since my late twenties.” He admitted.

“And spoiler, you don’t want to get me out of my clothes.” He assured me.

His late twenties? How old is he then? I’ll ask about that later. But right now, I’m more concerned with the second thing he said.

Is it wrong I’m taking that as a challenge? He can’t look that bad naked.

“Oh, now I need to get you out of your clothes. To see for myself. I doubt it’s even as bad as you are letting on. We are always our harshest critics.” I smiled.

His brow furrowed before releasing a heavy sigh and removing his knit cap. I arched an eyebrow, not sure how this was some big reveal.

Okay, finding him bald is a surprise, but it works for him. His head doesn’t have a weird shape, so being bald doesn’t detract from his looks.

“As you can see, I’m bald, been that way since I was twenty-seven.” He frowned.

“So? Nothing wrong with being bald. Looks good on you.” I shrugged.

“Are you messing with me?” Don questioned, putting his cap back on.

“Not even a little bit. And I bet I would like whatever else you seem to have issues with about your body.” I assured him.

“Well, this is getting into a path I’m not used to.” Don awkwardly chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck.

“What path is that?” I raised my brow.

“A path where a beauty like you is even considering or hinting at wanting to get naked with me.” He admitted.

“Well, then they are stupid.” I scoffed.

“But I don’t think we are going down that path yet. I want to know a bit more about you first.” I suggested.

I am not just going to jump into bed with a guy I’ve shared a ten-minute conversation with. Just because he’s complimented me, hasn’t been intimidated by me, and made me laugh doesn’t mean I should fuck him.

“Sound logic, Reese. Why don’t we join your cousins, and we can do just that.” Don suggested offering me his hand.

“Sounds like a plan.” I nodded, taking his hand as we joined the rest of the group.

As the evening progressed, I could tell my cousins, but mostly my brother wanted to say something about me standing by Don. I think they had enough sense to butt out or Riko at least told my cousins to zip it.

I love my family, but I’m done having them be involved in my personal affairs. So I ignored their looks and enjoyed Don’s company. He’s a great guy.

I’m sure I ovulated when he got onto the ground in the snow to play with Hikari, Saki, and Aiko. Is there anything hotter than a man who’s good with kids?

That moment sealed it. I don’t know if anything will come of this, and I know my mother would lose her mind if she ever found out I even slept with someone she’d call common, but I am fucking Don Hunter tonight.

With my mind made up, I interrupted the snowball fight he intentionally lost or was terrible at with the kids.

“Hey, you three. Enough pummeling, Don. Get your dads. I bet your Bampás has hot chocolate for you to warm up with.” I suggested.

“HOT CHOCOLATE!” Aiko shrieked, racing across the snow with her twin and big brother on her heels.

“Thanks. They had me outnumbered.” Don huffed, sitting up and dusting himself off of snow.

“Anytime. You’re good with them. It’s cute. Though I had an ulterior motive in saving you.” I confessed, offering him a hand up.

“And what might that have been? What do I owe you for the rescue, oh benevolent Goddess?” Don teased as he grunted, letting me help him get to his feet.

I felt a blush forming on my cheeks. Hopefully, it will just pass as me being cold. Don’s good at catching me off guard with those compliments.

“It’s getting late, and I wanted to get out of here. I didn’t drive, so I hoped you’d save me cab fare.” I explained.

“Oh, not a problem. I should head home anyway. Your chariot awaits as long as you don’t mind riding in a beat-up truck.” He grinned.

A quick goodbye later, we were in the cab of his black, or parts of it were black; the rest was rust, vintage Chevy pickup with the heat cranked. It makes me think of something Grandpa Ares would drive. I like it.

“So, where am I taking you?” Don questioned as he started to leave the parking lot.

“Your place sounds good to me.” I smirked.

I am not taking him to my apartment. My mother would find out way too quickly. And I am in no mood for one of her lengthy lectures about standards, maintaining an image as a Frost and one of the firm's fastest rising stars.

“M… my place? Um, if you’re sure. But I have to warn you it’s a dump. Well, for now. I got it cheap because it was abandoned for decades, so I’m renovating it.” Don warned.

“That’s fine. Remember, my father is in construction. I’ve been to plenty of construction sites growing up.” I assured him.

Our conversation was light as we drove to his place. We were both a little nervous about the implications of my going to his home.

I blinked as we pulled into the driveway, and his house came into view. He wasn’t kidding about it looking like a dump, but that’s because it hadn’t been taken care of in so long.

“Oh wow! That’s George F. Barber!” I gasped, jumping out of the truck just as he parked.

I stood in awe, looking up at the three-story home. The exterior looked like it was crumbling. The covered front porch buckled in some areas, and he had braces to keep it from collapsing.

“You know your designs. As I said, it’s a bit of a dump, but I’m working on it. I’m doing most of the work inside till the weather warms up.” Don explained, taking my hand as he helped me up the steps.

“Which makes sense. But wow, it will look amazing if you renovate it right.” I nodded as we stepped inside.

The interior wasn’t much better but looked like a construction site with tools, plastic, and scaffoldings in the rooms under construction. But I could see the potential, and I know it will one day be stunning.

“Um, this way, the sitting room is finished.” Don gestured to a room blocked off by plastic as he took off his coat, boots, and hat.

I don’t know what his problem with his body is. He looked good in jeans, a white button-down under a navy blue sweater. I see a slight gut, or it could be the layers of his shirt and sweater. Not a big deal.

I shrugged and took off my boots and jacket, not wanting to track snow through the place. Even with my boots off, I still had several inches on Don.

“Smart using the plastic to segment off completed areas to keep out the dust.” I commented, ducking into the sitting room.

Wow, he’s done a great job with this room. He even kept the color palette traditional to the era of the house.

The walls were painted in calico blue with accents of antique white. The fireplace had been restored to its original spender. Even the furniture fits the ear of the house yet with a modern twist, making them look more inviting instead of museum pieces.

I couldn’t resist lounging on the decoratively carved golden wheat-colored brocade jacquard Victorian chaise. I stretched out dramatically as I’ve always dreamed of doing. I opened one eye to see him standing there watching me with a smile.

“Enjoying yourself?” He questioned, folding his arms.

“I could think of a way to enjoy myself more.” I smiled, gesturing him closer with my index finger.

Time to see how well built this chaise is. I’ve always had a fantasy about sex on one of these. I am not going to miss the chance.

Chapter 4 - Don

The entire time at the waterfront, Reese actively talked to, let alone flirt with me. Guys like me don’t get women like her. I’ve had this underlying feeling I’m being pranked. And I swear if this is a joke orchestrated by Darius or his brothers, I’m killing them.

Yet despite that worry, when she asked me to drive her home, I agreed. And when she said she wanted to come to my place, I brought her to my place.

I was nervous as fuck the whole drive because my house isn’t somewhere you bring a gorgeous woman. I’ve seen how people look at my home.

I’ve heard the whispers about it from the kids of my neighborhood. They say it’s haunted, and that’s why it’s abandoned. They call it Lincoln, Massachusetts’ answer to the Freddy Kruger house.

So I was prepared for a bad reaction from Reese. A wince, a wrinkle of her nose, her demanding I take her to her place. Any adverse response would end the night with yet another strikeout to add to my mental tally of how often I don’t get laid.

To my surprise, Reese was the total opposite of what I imagined when she looked at my place. She didn’t run for the hills or make rude comments about how bad it looked.

I mean, shit, the woman could identify the original designer on sight! Now I’m going to be pissed if this is a setup. Cause fuck, this woman just got a thousand times hotter.

I don’t think I’ve ever been this nervous around a woman. But Reese is no ordinary woman. She’s a fucking Goddess who’s giving me the time of day. She risked the front stairs that I still have to fix and entered the construction zone I live in.

I don’t care that her family is in construction. I’m embarrassed to have her in my home. She’s standing in my vestibule, looking around with wonder as she removes her boots and jacket. And fuck me, fingers crossed but not holding my breath, that red sweater dress was hugging every curve of her statuesque figure.

I felt like a schlub compared to her. I directed her to the one common room I’d finished renovating while putting our coats and boots away. I was proud of the sitting room. I’d put a lot of time and effort into the space. Especially in making sure it fits the style of the house.

I lucked out when I came across an estate sale with a worn Victorian six-piece living room set with a three-seater sofa, four armchairs, and a coffee table. I had to fix and reupholster them, but they looked great. So good, I made a matching chaise for the sitting room.

I didn’t know what to expect when I entered the parlor but seeing this Goddess stretched out on the chaise wasn’t one of them. It should have been. Fuck, it should have been top of my fantasy list with how sexy she looks right now.

I tried to play it cool, teasing her to cover my nerves. And this woman just upped the ante by becoming me to her. I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but her words had a lot of innuendoes and added gesturing me to her, all adding up to sex, and while I’m for it, I’m also worried I’ll disappoint. A woman like her probably dates handsome, fit, and rich guys. I’m none of those things.

“Don? You okay?” Reese questioned, sitting up.

“We don’t have to, you know.” She assured me.

“I’m okay. Trust me. If you’re offering what I think, I’m all for it. I’m just doubting I’m going to live up to expectations.” I explained myself walking closer.

“Trust me; if you’re packing more than a pinky, you’re already exceeding my ex.” Reese scoffed, holding up her pinky finger for emphasis.

I raised an eyebrow because she was serious or knew how to keep a straight face when telling a joke. But damn, that man was cursed or something to be born tiny. If it’s true, I at least can beat that.

“Well, that I can assure you I can exceed.” I assured her.

“Good, now that we are on the same page get over here. I want to see how sturdy this chaise is.” Reese smirked, grabbing my sweater and pulling me down as she laid back again.

While I trust my craftsmanship, the sudden weight of two on it did make it creak, but thankfully that was all. Reese giggled. Her blue eyes shimmering with amusement were the last thing I saw as she pulled me into a kiss, and I let my eyes close.

Damn, her lips are so soft. As the kiss deepened, her tongue found its way into my mouth, and she did this fold and twist around my tongue that made me groan, sending more blood to my other head.

I groaned again as she wrapped her legs around me, rolling her hips against me. We are overdressed, but I’d prefer getting her naked first. I’m more the guy you like to have naked in the dark, if at all. So it’s a bit too bright under the stained glass chandelier for me to shed clothes.

My hands trailed up her legging-covered legs, pushing her sweater dress up higher, having to stop at the black belt before I managed to get the dress over her breasts. Recess sat up just enough so I could pull the dress over her head, tossing it aside, hearing the soft thud of the belt to know it landed on one of the other pieces of furniture.

I licked my lips as I finally got to look at her. Her long hair was a mess as it was spread out across the chaise, those icy blue eyes dark with desire, lips puffy and wet from our kissing, and the most perfect set of breasts I’ve had the pleasure of seeing somehow contained by a pink floral embroidered bra. I need to see them, touch them, and taste them.

“Why are you staring?” Reese questioned breathlessly, cheeks flushed.

“Who wouldn’t stare when they have a Goddess bared to them?” I countered, leaning down, trailing kisses along her neck, making my way down to her breasts.

“Fuck, you know just what to say to turn a girl on.” Reese moaned, arching her chest to my lips.

I’m a bit out of practice, but after the third try, I managed to get that damn bra to unhook. And wow, God bless that bra for containing these. I won’t say I know how bra sizes work, but her breasts are larger than any woman I’ve been with. More than a handful or mouthful means I get to use both. And I’m all for it.

I have always been what you might call a tits man. Shit, and they feel just as soft as I thought they would and taste even better. Granted, long legs and a well-rounded ass aren’t much lower on my favorite female body parts list. And this woman, this Goddess who’s letting me worship her, has it all.

And at least I’ve not lost my touch in this multiple-year drought I’ve been stuck in. Or at least I hope I haven’t. Reese was moaning while still rolling her hips against me, seeking release. A release I’m more than happy to give.

Reluctantly I abandoned her breasts, kissing lower to the waistband of her leggings. I might have been a bit overeager as I tugged them down, bringing the matching thong she was wearing with them. If the view of her fully naked body wasn’t enough to knock me on my ass, getting her leggings down her long legs nearly did the trick.

“Best first night of Hanukkah ever.” I mused as I finally took a proper look at the naked Goddess in front of me.

She giggled, shaking her head. “You’re weird. Now, I think you’re overdressed.”

“Not yet…” I paused, kissing her ankle. “I haven’t gotten to enjoy the feast.” I smiled, kissing further up her leg with one destination in mind.

I won’t toot my own horn, but if there was anything sexual I was most praised for, it was oral. And I will do everything I can to make this woman orgasm without taking off my clothes. I know I’ll eventually have to, but I’m delaying her seeing me naked as long as I can.

“Oh… Oh, Fuuuck. Don….” Reese moaned, arching into my touch, giving me complete access and a road map to where and how she likes it.

Yeah, this is better than any Hanukkah meal I could be eating if I’d gone to Austin to be with my family. No offense to my mom’s cooking, but Reese’s pussy wins. I could stay between her legs all damn night. And well, it’s an ego boost to have her calling my name as I lap up her orgasm.

“Okay, naked… now. I have a condom in my purse.” Reese breathlessly commanded, pointing to where she left her bag.

I wasn’t moving fast enough as she sat up, yanked my sweater, and started kissing me to unbutton my shirt. Well, here goes nothing. If she finds my not-a-dad dad bod to be a turnoff, at least I got a meal out of this and will be hearing her moaning my name for months in my sleep.

Once she got my sweater and shirt off, her hand trailed down my chest, toying with my chest hair as she reached for my belt. I helped her undress me as I could, letting my worries about her reaction to me naked fall to the wayside, eager to hear her moaning name again and feel her cum on my cock.

“I don’t see why you’re so shy. Nothing wrong with your body.” Reese licked her lips, pulling back to take a look at me.

I wanted to argue, but then I mentally slapped myself. You don’t argue with a Goddess. Besides, the words would have fallen flat as my mouth went dry, watching her naked body as she went to see if she had a condom in her purse.

“Yes! I still have two in here, and they are still good.” Reese exclaimed, holding up two condoms as she returned to the chaise.

Well, shit, this is going to happen. I groaned into Reese’s lips as she kissed me again while putting the condom on me. All I was thinking as she climbed into my lap, lowering herself onto me, was, ‘Please, God, let this chaise hold and this not to be some dream.’

“Oh... Don. You’ve more than exceeded my expectations.” Reese moaned as her nails dug slightly into my shoulder as she rode me.

“Fuck, Reese. Not how I thought I’d spend tonight. But damn happy it is.” I moaned, squeezing her ass, helping her set a rhythm.

And despite some creaks that made us pause, the chaise held through her, riding me hard and fast to our mutual orgasms. I left her on the chaise while putting my boxers on and threw out the condom in the kitchen. She was wearing my button-down when I returned, holding the second condom.

“Are any other rooms in this place finished?” She smirked.

“Um… yes. My bedroom. But um, maybe give me fifteen or twenty before round two.” I huffed.

“Then lead the way.” Reese laughed, taking my hand and leading me to the stairs in the foyer.

I can’t believe this is happening, but who am I to argue. So I led Reese to my bedroom. The original floor plan only had one full bath, but I took over what was originally a sewing nook with a balcony to expand the bedroom I wanted and built out a new full bath and closet.

“This is gorgeous.” Reese gasped, looking around the room.

Like the sitting room, I kept to all-era-appropriate decor. I like the aesthetics of that era, and that furniture was built to last. I smiled as Reese let my shirt drop as she crawled onto the bed.

“If you tell me you made all this, I’m going from impressed to in awe.” She laughed.

“Not all of it. I don’t have that much free time. Just the nightstands. The rest was a set I found at the same estate sale as the furniture in the sitting room.” I shrugged and got into bed with her.

“So not quite in awe, but damn close. Now get over here. I think we can spend that recovery time you mentioned doing more than appreciating furnishing.” Reese smirked, pulling me into a kiss.

Two rounds of sex after a long dry spell? Yeah, I was done for. I was spent, and so was she as she fell asleep while I threw out the condom. I didn’t try to wake her. I admired the view for a moment before getting in bed with her. How many chances will I have to sleep with a Goddess in my bed?

Chapter 5 - Reese

I contently sighed, stretching out a satisfied smile on my lips. I can’t remember the last time a man made me orgasm, a pretty damn sad realization. Though that’s on them since, obviously, some men can.

Who would have thought Don would be so damn good in bed? He’s a far cry from the men I’ve been with in the past. But maybe that’s the point. I was going for the social norm of ‘handsome’ and ‘fit’ and coming up short, pun intended. Yet here’s Don, who most wouldn’t call handsome or fit, but that man is packing and knows how to use it.

And on that line of thinking, I’m hoping I have another condom, or maybe he does cause some morning sex sounds good right about now. I frowned as I blindly reached to the other side of the bed to find it empty.

A flashback of waking up alone, the guy I’d brought home leaving as soon as I was asleep, makes my heart tense. Then I remember I’m at his place. He can’t have just ditched me. So logically, he must be somewhere in the house.

Slowly my heart relaxed, the pain of one-night stands past fading as I threw back the blankets to find something to wear. All my clothes were downstairs, where he stripped me. So I hope he doesn’t me borrowing his clothes.

I managed to find some basketball shorts that could fit. Given that they are designed longer, they do my legs well. I grabbed a baggy worn gray tee that had the faded lettering Texas Longhorns with the crest of what I assume is his university, the University of Texas. It was a little snug, but that’s fine. If things go the way I want, I won’t be wearing it long.

With that thought in mind, I started heading downstairs to find Don. I froze on the landing as I heard raised voices, both very familiar. Oh fuck. Why is my mother here? How the hell did she even know I was here?

“Look, lady, I don’t know or care who you are. If you lost your kid, you should report it to the police. But I can assure you no one under twenty-one is in my house. So get lost.” Don sounded equal parts annoyed and exasperated.

“Don’t you lie to me, you low life! I know my daughter is here. I tracked her phone to this address.” My mother’s haughty Boston accent scoffed.

I slap my forehead. I can’t believe this woman. Did she put a tracking app on my phone? Who the fuck does that? I rushed down the rest of the stairs to get this over with and face her. She tried to push past Don’s arm the moment she saw me, preventing her from entering.

“See, I told you. I knew you had my daughter here. Reese, darling, let’s go. Get your clothes on, and I’ll take you far from this dilapidated shack that should be condemned.” Mother cast a disgusted gaze at the house and Don as she again tried to push past him.

“Mother…” I groaned, wanting a hole to open under me so I could fall into it rather than stand her dying of embarrassment.

Don arched an eyebrow looking back at me before looking at my mother in confusion. I get it. I don’t look like her, well, all but my eyes. I got her icy blue eyes that the Frost family is known for. The eyes that are as cold as our name.

“Listen, lady. I don’t give a shit if you are Reese’s mother. You aren’t coming into my house. Reese is an adult here of her own free will. She came here because she wanted to, and Reese is only leaving when she wants. You don’t have any authority over her.” Don firmly stated, starting to close the door.

“How dare you!” Mother gasped, shoving her foot to stop him from shutting the door.

“Reese Hazel Nikolaidis Frost, we are leaving. Do as I said so we can leave this crude man and his filthy home.” Mother demanded using my full name, though she likes to add Frost to my name even if it’s not legally there.

“You’re a pushy bitch. This is your last warning. You get off my property, or I call the cops. I’ve told you to leave, and you keep trying to force your way in. That’s called trespassing. As a lawyer, you should know that it’s a crime.” Don once more tried to force her to leave.

I’ve never seen anyone stand up to her like this. I like it. It’s hot as hell. And he gave me the proper leverage I needed to shut her down. If there is one thing my mother cares about, it’s her reputation and that of the firm. I need to remind her of that.

“Mother, go. He’s serious and has grounds to make that call. Do you want to have an arrest go on your record or for it to get out into the community the police were called on you for trying to force your way into a private residence? Imagine the damage to your reputation, not to mention the firms.” I pointed out, coming a little closer.

Mother huffed, narrowing her icy eyes at Don. And honestly, if she had a superpower, he’d be an ice cube. I’m giving Don serious points. He’s not withering under her gaze. Yeah, she needs to leave because the desire for morning sex is becoming something of a need. Don standing up to my mother is seriously hot.

“I will meet you at your apartment in one hour. Do not be late, Reese.” Mother huffed before storming out.

I winced as I hurried to peer out the door as her heel crunched through one of the bad spots on the stairs. I could hear her grumbling about getting the house condemned as she yanked her heel out of the stair and stormed back to her Bently. She fishtailed a little on the snowy driveway and sped out of the driveway.

“That woman is a menace. Does she know her picture is in the urban dictionary next to the word ‘Karen’?” Don shook his head, closing the door.

“I am sorry about her. She’s…” I shrugged, not even sure how to describe my mother.

“A psycho bitch helicopter parent who doesn’t realize the umbilical cord is long ago cut?” Don arched his brow, turning to me.

“Um… yeah, something like that. I take it you’ve seen Mother’s type before?” I nodded awkwardly.

“Only at parent-teacher conferences or when I get hate mail and calls because I gave a kid a bad grade. Not my fault that their kid thought shop class would be an easy A. Don’t think I’ve put up with a parent like that from a girl I’ve slept with since I was in high school.” He shrugged.

“Yeah… again, I’m sorry. I didn’t even know Mother put a GPS tracker on my phone. And I’m even more sorry that she tried to force her way in and trash-talking you and your house. But…” I sighed.

“But?” Don folded his arms, waiting for the rest.

“But it was sexy as fuck how you handled her. And while I already wanted morning sex, that’s gone from a want to a need.” I smiled, wrapping my arms around his neck, leaning down, and stealing a kiss.

For a moment, he didn’t respond. I worried Mother’s elitist attitude had turned him off. But quickly enough, he started kissing back. We both laughed as we stumbled away from the door. I don’t know where we are going, but I also don’t care. As long as it involved Don and him touching me, I’m in.

We managed not to break our necks as we went into the sitting room, landing on the sofa this time. As I looked up at Don, I was panting, breathless from the kiss. Fuck, I don’t think anyone has looked at me the way he is. I could get used to having a man look at me like this.

“You are so fucking gorgeous, Reese. And while I love the way you fill out my university shirt, it needs to go.” Don smirked as his hands trailed up my sides, pushing the shirt over my breast.

I didn’t have time for a witty reply. The moment my breasts were exposed, Don’s mouth was on them. He was devouring them like he was starving.

“Oh fuck…” I moaned, trying to shimmy out of the shorts and remove the ones he was wearing.

Too many layers. They all need to go, like now. Thankfully Don was on the same page as he helped remove his shorts. It was a bit of a blur after that. It was a quickie, but it was a hot quickie. I smiled against his lips as he kissed me again.

“Want breakfast? I came downstairs to make some latkes salmon benedicts. Then I realized I don’t know if you like poached eggs or salmon and was going upstairs to confirm.” He adorably confessed.

I laughed softly, smiling at him, running a hand over his head. This man is officially the sweetened guy I’ve hooked up with. No one thought to make my breakfast, even assholes like Trevor I lived with.

“You are the most adorable and sweet man I’ve slept with. Most guys wouldn’t think to make breakfast let alone ask what I like. And I love salmon, and I enjoy a good poached egg. I can’t poach an egg to save my life, but if you can, more power to you, handsome.” I smiled.

“Those men suck. Let’s get dressed since hot oil and nudity don’t mix. I’ll teach you how to poach an egg.” Don winked as he moved to get dressed again.

“Oh, teach me your ways, Obi-Don.” I chuckled as I put on my clothes from last night.

“Oh boy, you’re a geek like your cousin. Good thing it’s cuter on you.” Don rolled his eyes but smiled as he led the way through the under-construction dining room and pantry to the kitchen.

Just like his bedroom and sitting room, the kitchen kept to the era of the house, with modern appliances that still looked great in the space. He tried to show me how to poach an egg. After I ruined my fourth egg, I stepped back and sipped some orange juice watching him cook instead. Breakfast was delicious. Too bad our time had to end.

“I should get home. I need a shower and to put on clean clothes.” I sighed, looking at the time. I left out that I needed to get home to deal with my mother, who would be livid that I was an hour past her deadline.

“No worries. I’ll drive you. Just let me throw on some jeans.” Don smiled, rushing upstairs before I could say I’d call an uber.

But he was back and ready to go in a flash. Yeah, this guy is super sweet. He even walked me up to my door. I just prayed my mother didn’t open my door to find us together.

“Thanks for last night and this morning. I had a wonderful time.” I smiled.

“Me too. Maybe we could do it again soon.” He suggested.

“Of course. Um here…” I took his phone out of his pocket and smirked as I typed in my number, sending myself a text. “Now you have my number, and I have yours. Bye Don.” I smiled, giving him a quick kiss and his phone back.

“Bye, Reese.” Don smiled, licking his lips as he walked away.

I sighed, leaning on my door. Wow. I didn’t expect last night to go that way, but I am glad my cousins invited me to the waterfront. My happiness was destroyed as I saw my mother and her oh-so-familiar look of disappointment glaring at me from my sofa.

Chapter 6 - Reese

Of course, she’s still here. I’d question how she got in, but I know her. She secretly had a copy of my key. She always does that. In truth, if a man doesn’t leave me because he can’t handle being shorter, weaker, or making less money than me, they leave because of her.

On more than one occasion, she’s let herself into my apartment over the years, interrupting me and my boyfriend or date in the middle of having sex.

She’s a walking contradiction. She pushes men at me that she thinks would be a good match yet is constantly hovering, sending many running.

I don’t understand it. Does my mother want me to have a love life or not? Because at this rate, I’m never getting married or having children. I’ll be surprised if Don calls me after this morning’s fiasco of her going all crazy bitch. I can’t believe she went so far as to put a tracking app on my phone. She’s crossing a legal line, and I will not take it.

“I told you one hour, not two. I can’t imagine what would have taken so long. Let alone why you would have been in such a place with that… man.” Mother wrinkled her nose as she spoke of Don.

I clenched my jaw so hard I thought I might have cracked a tooth, but I had to do something to not punch my mother. While I’ve always been ready to throw down with someone, I haven’t had to in some years. Most are too scared of me to dare; otherwise, I must consider that my career and assault charges do not look good for a lawyer.

“Mother, this behavior is unacceptable and illegal. I am an adult. I do not have to report to you or anyone about my whereabouts in my free time. Business hours are the only time I must be accountable to you on my whereabouts.” I began.

“There is nothing illegal in wanting to ensure my daughter’s safety. I knew you went to that petri dish holiday event at the waterfront with your slacker cousins, but I expected you home before midnight, and my calls went unanswered. You’ll understand how it feels to worry when you’re a mother.” Mother dismissed me with a wave of her hand.

“First, if you keep dropping in and butting your nose into every relationship I have, I will never be a mother. After all, it takes two to make a child. And don’t you dare suggest I use a sperm donor. I want a family, Mother. I want a husband who loves me and will be at my side as an equal as we raise our children.” I tried to keep my composure, and I explained this to her.

“You have plenty of time for that. And I’ve been looking for the right match. Michael has invited Cornelius from his firm to the Frost Holiday party. So, make sure you wear something sexy but not too sexy. We don’t want him thinking you’re some loose girl, even if you had a one-night stand with that unsavory fellow.” Mother instructed, getting off the sofa to come to inspect me.

“Oh, that house is so dirty. Your clothes are a mess, and you have dust all over. It’s like you returned from one of Apollo’s construction sites.” She wrinkled her nose, saying my dad’s name with some attitude as she brushed the dust off my dress, having to lean on her tiptoes and stretch to try and reach my shoulders.

I hate how she says dad’s name. He’s at least polite when he talks about her. He always does his best to keep contempt for her out of his mouth. Or at least when Clay and I are around. And he certainly never calls her Sophia. He doesn’t diminish her value and her status as our mother.

“That’s enough, Mother.” I stepped back rather than swatting her hand away. “I have no interest in Cornelius Batts. I’ve already met him at that lawyer mixer you pushed me to attend. You know the one where I met Trevor. And Cornelius is as interesting as watching paint dry. I’d rather watch paint dry.” I sighed.

“And don’t speak that way about dad. He’s a good man and never speaks ill of you in front of Clay or me. You should find the same level of respect and poise to do the same. Just because he’s naturally the bigger person doesn’t mean you can’t be too.” I rolled my eyes.

I quickly held my hand up as her lips parted to make her rebuttal. “It is my turn to speak. So do not interrupt me.” I warned her.

“Secondly, do not dismiss and put down Don or his home. He is a wonderful man with qualities you couldn’t fathom because all you see is the surface.” I sighed, smiling as I thought about all the unexpected qualities he processes.

“His home is a George F Barber. I know you don’t know or care about such things but owning a George F Barber is the homeowner equivalent to owning a Van Gogh. And he is putting his free time and money into restoring that historic home to its glory.” I explained.

“Are you done?” Mother arched a perfect blonde brow.

“No. I’m far from it. Within the time since you opened your mouth, you’ve bad-mouthed so many people. Even your own nephews. Darius, Elijah, and Forrest are not slackers. Darius is an educator; he molds the minds of our future. Elijah owns his own business with two locations and brings delicious joy to all. Forrest is a renowned manga artist whose work will soon be an anime series. Just because they followed their dreams and did not become lawyers doesn’t make their accomplishments any less impressive.” I ranted.

I could never understand why she was dismissive of my cousins. They didn’t become lawyers or doctors like our other cousins or like me. But they are happy and doing what they love. Even Clay bucked tradition in a way though he works in the construction business with dad, so I guess following in dad’s footsteps isn’t frowned upon. We should all be so lucky to follow our dreams.

“I don’t know where all this attitude is coming from, but you had better get rid of it. I am your mother and will not tolerate such insolent behavior. I know what’s best for you. And while it’s mighty big of Apollo to only bad mouth me in private, that does not mean I must do the same. I speak frankly with you and your brother rather than lie to you.” Mother scolded.

“Now that you’ve said your piece, I will make myself clear. You will not see that bald, out-of-shape bum again. You will come to the Frost party dressed elegantly and be Cornelius’ date. That’s the last I want to hear of this. Now I must run, I have a spa day scheduled, and I cannot be late.” Mother sighed, grabbing her purse as she started for my door.

“No.” I stated firmly.

“I beg your pardon?” Mother gasped, turning to look at me.

“You heard me. I said no.” I held firm against her icy glare.

“I can see anyone I want and will. This isn’t the eighteen hundreds where daughters could practically be sold off to men their parents felt were suitable.” I rolled my eyes.

I threatened her the only way I could, legal action. “You will stop meddling in my life, you will give me the key you secretly made, and you will never put tracking apps on my phone unless you wish to have me file charges against you. Remember, Mother, such activities are illegal in all fifty states.”

“You should be careful who you threaten, my dear. I am not only your mother, but I am a partner at the firm. I control your career. So, unless you want me to break your career so badly you wouldn’t be hired by legal aid, you will follow my instructions. Not to mention if you care for that bum, you’ll remember it doesn’t take much to file paperwork to condemn a building.” Mother tossed out her threat, her promise, with such ease as she exited, leaving me standing there unable to get another word in.

Even if I could get a word in, what could I say? She’s not wrong. She’s one of the controlling partners of the firm with my uncles and her cousins. And while I’m certain Uncle Shaw and Uncle Adam wouldn’t side with her, they would be outnumbered as their three cousins; Jordan, Gregory, and Ariennah, would side with her.

My heart sank as I sank to the floor. I can’t believe my mother. She would do this to her child. What kind of a mother behaves like this? This isn’t love. This isn’t how a parent expresses their love to their children. Aunt Artemis would never treat my cousins like this.

But of course, there’s a massive difference between Aunt Artemis and my mother. My mother is a Frost to her bones. And as I reflect on my Frost family and how the women have treated their children, it’s far too apparent that it’s genetic.

Ariennah has controlled my cousins’ every move since birth like puppets on a string. Emma practically disowned Eddie when he came out as gay, only later accepting him when she realized it was good for her image and would help ease the public into accepting that she’s a lesbian. Fuck, the Frost family is beyond damaged.

Maybe it’s for the best that I never became a mother. I mean, what if I end up being just like mine? No child deserves to have that. With my spirit officially crushed, I moved from my floor to my bed, curling up in a ball, crying.

My tears weren’t just for the threat against my career but for Don. She may have been fluffing about my job, but I’ve seen her destroy the lives of my exes. Some deserved to be taken down a peg, but Don doesn’t.

He’s a good man, way too good for me. So I can’t see him again because if I do, she’ll find out and condemn his home. I can’t let that happen. So as much as it pains me, I’m going to have to ghost the man who not only made me feel normal and like my flaws were what made me beautiful but was the best sex of my life.



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Wow just wow !! She needs to call her mother out and say do it !! But don’t leave Don please


Author Bryant
Author Bryant
Jun 15, 2022

Scale of 1-10 how super villain is Sophia Frost (Reese's mother)? I'm think 8 at the minimum. Cause damn who treats their kid like this!?

Author Bryant
Author Bryant
Jun 15, 2022
Replying to

She's a total Umbridge


Amanda Gerner
Amanda Gerner
Jun 15, 2022

Well at least reading the bonus chapter of The Princes book, we know her mother didn’t get her way and make Reese ghost Don. What a horrible excuse for a mother. Darius was right, if Don ever ran into Sophia, run.

Author Bryant
Author Bryant
Jun 15, 2022
Replying to

Well he didn't run. Which probably helps why Reese didn't ghost him in the long run


Amanda Gerner
Amanda Gerner
Jun 13, 2022

Don is super hot. Super sweet gentleman, good in bed and can cook, what more could any girl ask for.


Author Bryant
Author Bryant
Jun 13, 2022

Damn it, Sophia Frost, could you just for a minute remember Reese is an adult and stop being a helicopter Karen parent? But way to go, Don standing up to her. He earned that morning quickie.

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