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The Princes of Ravenwood: Parents Getaway


Our house is in chaos at the moment. Okay, so with four kids under four, it’s usually chaos. But this is a different kind. We are double-checking bags as we load up the cars to head out. I don’t know who’s more anxious about us being away from the kids.

We all are in our own ways. This isn’t the first time we’ve spent a weekend away, but this is the furthest we’ve traveled without them. In the past, we’ve just stayed home or gone somewhere in the state or a neighboring state while our parents watched the kids.

Ryōta was still annoyed that yet again we were leaving the kids with our parents instead of him. There probably isn’t ever a polite or kind way to say we trust him with our kids as far as I could throw our minivan. Riko somehow managed it.

She explained that because there are four of them, she didn’t want to overwhelm him and how the twins tend to be mischievous. Our parents are more prepared for troublesome identicals.

Which is all true. But Riko didn’t mention that we will never fully trust him not to slip. To either reach for a drink or lose his temper with the kids.

Another hour later, we had the kids, and all our luggage loaded up and headed for our parents’ house. It was super early. Our flight leaves at seven, so the kids were cranky at being awake. It was hard giving the kids hugs and kisses goodbye. Riko was crying as we drove away.

“They’ll be alright. And so will we,” Elijah assured, squeezing her hand as he drove. Riko sniffled. “I know. And I know I need this. I’m just going to miss them, especially Ryū,” she pouted. I sighed and leaned forward, leaning around her seat to kiss her cheek.

“We all are. But promise we’ll do our best to keep you distracted the whole vacation,” I promised, nipping at Riko’s ear. “Darius… I’m being serious, and you’re teasing me,” Riko sighed.

“I’m being serious too. No one deserves a weekend away more than you. And we will be doing everything to help keep your mind off the kids and on us,” I assured her, kissing her neck as we parked.

We managed to get on the plane and into our seats. Thankfully the flight was just under five hours, and we snagged tickets on one of the few nonstop flights. We were all eager to arrive, but of my brothers, I was probably the most eager.

Why? Simple, we rock-paper-scissors to decide the order of who gets what night with her. And I won.

So tonight, I will get one on one time with our wife. Elijah will be with her tomorrow night, then Forrest, and we are all staying with her on our final night. I’m sure people will find it odd when we check in since this is a ‘couples’ place, and we don’t fit their norm.

And I called it. When we arrived, a man in a crisp suit was waiting, holding a sign that simply said ‘Frost.’ “That’s us,” I called out, leading our group in his direction.

“Mr. and Mrs. Frost. Welcome to Montego Bay. I’m Jaden,” Jaden greeted Riko and me with a smile. That smile slowly morphed as he saw my brothers.

“Um… right. Of course, sir. Please follow me to the car,” Jaden quickly schooled his expression and led the way to the car. I can tell by how he kept looking at Riko and us that he was trying to understand our relationship.

“I suggest you keep questions and comments in your head. You verbalize them, and it might go very badly,” I quietly warned as I helped put our luggage into the trunk.

“Of course, Mr. Frost,” Jaden nodded as he hurried to get in the driver’s seat. He kept his eyes on the road with his lips pressed firmly together not to risk saying the wrong thing with me sitting in the front seat next to him. Good.

We did get some looks as we entered the resort to check-in. The staff was at least quick to look away. But some of our fellow guests gawked openly.

“She’s here with three men?” “Triplets?” “Is that legal?” It was the usual whispers we’d heard for years. That doesn’t make it less annoying.

I slipped my arm around Riko, pulling her tight to me, and kissed her temple. “Ignore them,” I whispered. “I know. They don’t matter,” Riko nodded.

“Checking in. The reservations are under Frost,” I greeted the girl at the counter. I could tell she had many questions as her eyes went wide seeing the four of us.

“Of course, Mr. Frost,” she greeted, quickly typing at her computer. “I have two rooms. One as our Over the Water Private Island Butler Villa with Infinity Pool. The other is a Beachfront Grande Luxe. Is that correct?” she confirmed, glancing up.

“Yes. We will want four sets of keys for both rooms,” Elijah nodded, leaning around me, putting his card down on the counter since we used his card for the booking. “Not a problem,” the girl smiled and hurried to complete our check-in.

“Please enjoy your stay,” she nodded, setting four sets of card keys out for us. “Thank you,” my brothers and I nodded in unison. The girl strained and failed as a giggle escaped her lips.

Riko rolled her eyes and tugged my arm. “Let’s go before you three cause more ovaries to spontaneously ovulate or explode,” she whispered.

Forrest laughed, scooping her up into his arms. “To the rooms!” he exclaimed, carrying her out of the lobby. Riko was turning bright pink, trying to hide her face into his chest.

My brother never did think twice about causing a scene. Elijah and I just shared a look and grabbed their suitcases, and followed our little brother.

We went by the room in the resort first to drop off Elijah and Forrest’s bags. It was about what we expected. It was a good-sized room with only a king-sized bed, an ensuite, and a balcony overlooking the sea.

“I still think it’s silly you got a second room,” Riko shook her head. “We each want and need one on one time with you. This way, we get that,” Elijah assured her as we left the room to go check out the reason we picked this place.

“I get it. But we will be spending time as the four of us, right?” Riko asked. “Every day and our last night here, you will have to deal with all of us,” I assured, slipping my arm around her as we headed away from the main resort.

“Whoa.,” We all exclaimed as we reached the wooden dock that led out to a grouping of tiny houses over the water that was positioned to form a heart. The pictures were all beautiful, but in person, it’s even more impressive.

No one really looked at us as we headed down the path to our villa. People out here were too busy, yes, that kind of busy based on the sounds, to care.

“Misters and Mrs. Frost,” A man in a suit bowed his head to us as he stood by our door. “Um, hello,” Riko raised an eyebrow.

“Welcome. I hope your flight was good. I am Daniel and will be your personal butler for the duration of your stay. If you require anything from room service to arrangements for activities, please don’t hesitate to dial one on the phone in your room to reach me,” Daniel smiled warmly as he opened the door.

“I will have lunch for four brought shortly,” he bowed his head again and left. “That was weird,” Forrest chuckled.

“It’s part of the package,” Elijah shrugged. “At least he didn’t ask us questions or give us a weird look,” I pointed out as we all made our way in.

“This… is wow. I can see fish under my feet!” Riko exclaimed, pointing to a clear section of the floor and the tropical fish swimming around. “Whoa. So cool,” Forrest smiled.

We explored the villa. It was very nice. Sliding tempered glass walls opened the bathroom, bedroom, and sitting room to the deck that overlooked the sea.

We didn’t have any plans for today. We mostly spent the day lounging around the villa. We, of course, called and checked on the kids and did a video chat to show them where we were staying.

Ryū could care less, but he’s too little to care about anything that isn’t a bottle. Hikari and the girls were in awe of how blue the water was.

After we enjoyed dinner together, my brothers took turns giving Riko long heated kisses goodbye. And soon it was just my wife and me. “So… it’s just us. What do you….” Riko bashfully started to question.


I didn't let her finish before I kissed her. I love that four kids, five years married, nine years together overall, and she’s still bashful. She is perfect for me. Perfect for all of us.

I swallowed her moan. My tongue explored her mouth as my hands started to re-familiarize themselves with her body. I took my time as I moved down her curves. Fuck I love how curvy she’s gotten with each pregnancy.

“Darius…” I love how she says my name, especially like this in that breathy needy moan. My hands were already making quick work of the rose-pink slip dress she’d been wearing.

I slowly raised the fabric to her hips then got my hands under the bunched-up fabric to lift it over her head.

I loved the feel of her skin as she shivered with pleasure while I raised the dress over her head. She tried to hide as I tossed the dress aside.

“Oh no. You don’t get to hide from me, sweetheart,” I shook my head, moving her arms away. “I… I don’t feel sexy,” she frowned.

“Riko…” I sighed, cupping her face with both my hands. “You always have and will always be sexy to me,” I assured her, silencing her counter with my lips. I wish she could see herself the way my brothers and I do.

I don’t want to hear her put herself down. Is her body the same as it was nine years ago? No. I don’t expect it to be. Her breasts are fuller, especially right now as she’s still breastfeeding. And I’ll never complain about her breasts being more prominent, though they were perfect before too.

Her body has more curves, she’s still carrying some pregnancy weight, but damn she carries it well. And of course, there are stretch marks and the scar from her c-section when the girls were born. But everything she or someone else might call an imperfection just makes her more gorgeous.

She’s not the inexperienced high school girl I met in my history class during senior year. She’s a woman, the woman I love, the mother of my children, and her body shows that.

And any man that puts their wife or girlfriend down for the changes their body goes through to give them a child isn’t a man.

“I love you, Riko. I love everything about you,” I whispered as I kissed down her neck, removing the rust color nursing bra she was wearing.

“I love you too,” Riko’s moan turned into a gasp as my mouth found one of her nipples. Fuck I love the taste of her skin. I love the way her body so eagerly responds to my touch.

“Oh god…” Riko moaned, pressing her body closer, arching her breasts against my mouth. Now I don’t have a fetish about this, but I will also admit it’s hot that I get dribbles of milk as I lavish her breast with attention.

I lap up her milk, making sure I’m not straight suckling. After Hikari was born, Forrest did that, and it turned her off, and it was two weeks before any of us got laid as she processed how she felt about it. We ended up having a couples session with her therapist to discuss it.

In the end, we all understood that his direct suckling had in Riko’s mind turned what a natural bonding moment where she feeds our son into something twisted was.

So from then on, we agreed that while she was still nursing, there would be no suckling, but she was okay with us lapping up any that spilled out during sex.

I know my girl, what she wants, and how she wants it. And I am going to give it to her tonight and the rest of our lives together.

As my mouth continued giving attention to her breasts, my hands slid down her sides, lowering the matching panties. I groaned as my fingers brushed her entrance and found her wet.

“Fuck… sweetheart. So damn wet for me,” I groaned, picking her up carrying her to the closet surface.

“Always… Need you,” Riko moaned as we tumbled onto the plush bed. It was like we were teenagers all over again. She laughed softly under me, letting her hands roam down my body.

Her hands reached for my zipper as my fingers delved between her folds. “Been far too long,” I groaned, using my free hand to help her get my pants down.

I’m glad I opted for commando. One less layer separating me from my wife. I knew if she touched me, I would explode and not where or how I wanted to.

I reminded myself we had to explore each other all night as I replaced my fingers with my cock. Riko moaned, her nails digging into my shoulders as she rolled her hips to meet my thrust. “Fuck, I’ve missed this.” I groaned into the hollow of her neck.

“I’ve missed it too. I love you so much, Darius.” Riko sighed as I kissed the length of her neck.

“I love you too, Riko.” I whispered against her lips before kissing her deeply. I started setting a slow rhythm. It’s taking every ounce of control I have to not fuck her senseless.

“Hard… faster… please.” Riko was begging, rolling her hips, trying to change my pace. “Are you sure?” I questioned.

While I know she can usually handle harder and faster, she only got the green light for sex. “Yes. I’m not going to break. Please… I need you. I need more.” Riko moaned.

Well, shit, how do I say no to that? So I picked up my speed, thrusting harder and deeper. I knew I had hit that spot when her head rolled back, and she let out a long, loud moan of pleasure. “DARIUS!!!” she called out into the tropical night air.

With our new rhythm, our moans filled the air accented by the gentle crashing of waves against the posts that hold the villa above the water.

I still can’t believe that nine years later, the new girl who stole my heart, at first sight, was my wife and the mother of my children. I love this woman so damn much.

As we finally came down from our mutual climaxes, I shifted on the bed to lay beside her. I have to admit I'm glad my brothers and I got the vasectomies.

Being able to feel her without a condom just makes sex better. And knowing that now we don't risk another pregnancy, it's freeing.

"I love you." Riko sighed as she snuggled into me. I smiled, stroking her hair as she kissed my chest softly. "

I love you too." I sighed, kissing the top of her head, holding her close. I sighed and listened to her breathing as she fell asleep in my arms before falling asleep myself.


It’s always a little weird to share a bed with any of my brothers. I say a little because we’ve obviously shared a bed many times in our lives.

Hell, our lives started sharing the smallest room of them all, the womb. The problem is we’ve gotten bigger, and Forrest has never been one to stay still when sleeping. He’s a kicker.

I grunted and shoved him away, snickering as he hit the floor. “Fucker. I am not our wife. Don’t try to cuddle me.” I grumbled, rubbing sleep from my eyes.

It was so weird not to wake up to the sound of kids. I’m usually the first to wake up needing to get to the bakery, so I keep the baby monitors in my room.

“Asshole.” Forrest grunted, putting his arms on the edge of the bed to glare at me. “Dibs on the shower first!” I shouted and rushed off the bed, slamming the door in his face with a laugh.

“Mother fucker.” He grumbled and hit the door. “Oh, tonight I will be fucking someone’s mother.” I laughed while turning the shower on.

Forrest and I didn’t text Riko and Darius to warn them we were coming to the villa. We both assumed our brother kept our wife up late so they would still be sleeping.

We got a couple of odd looks as we made our way to the villa. I can’t blame people. We are identical.

Both of us were wearing khaki shorts and white short-sleeve button-downs. There was one big difference. We were each sporting the same funny, or Yūri thought they were, tee our grandmother-in-law lives to send us. The woman is something else, and we love her for it.

Both our shirts said 'If Lost Return To Riko.' Mine was, of course, red, while Forrest's was orange. I know Darius packed his black version of the tee. I put Riko's pink top that says 'I Am Riko' in her luggage too.

Daniel spotted us and nodded to us. “Misters Frost.” he greeted. “Morning Dan. We trust our brother and wife haven’t called in an order for breakfast.” Forrest greeted.

“No, sir. I have not received any calls. Did you wish to place a breakfast order for four?” he asked.

“Yes. We are going to need energy. Also, can you set up a couple of activities for us?” I asked, leaning on the counter at the little shake he and other staff seemed to be congregating.

“Of course, sir. Did you have specific activities in mind?” he asked, pulling out a brochure of their activities.

“We know what we want to do today.” Forrest chimed in. “Sign us up for the Dunn's Zip, ATV & Horseback Experience.” he smiled.

“And also for the Taste of Jamaica Cooking Class and Estate Tour.” I added it because I know Riko, and I will love that. My brothers can deal.

“It sounds like an enjoyable and adventurous day. I’ll have breakfast brought to the room shortly. Did you wish to plan for dinner or lunch?” Daniel asked.

“Just dinner at the villa tonight for the four of us.” I nodded. “Thank you, Dan. Have a good one.” Forrest smiled with a wave as we headed for the villa.

We didn’t knock, just used our keycard to enter the villa quietly. Or as quietly as two men our size can be. Which is more stealthy than our kids as we managed to sneak into the bedroom.

“So much for waking her up with oral.” Forrest snapped his fingers as we walked in on Riko and Darius going at it doggy style.

Riko’s cries of pleasure turned into a startled gasp as she noticed Forrest and me standing here watching. Fuck, I can not wait till tonight when I get to be the one making her moan like that.

Darius gave pause, raising an eyebrow at us. The look was unmistakable. He was asking if we were joining or just observing.

“Oh, don’t stop on our accounts. The show was just getting good.” Forrest smirked, leaning against the doorway. “Morning, cupcake.” I winked at our wife, leaning casually on the edge of the dresser to watch.

Riko didn’t get a chance to greet us before our brother resumed, and any words or thoughts she may have had turned to moans and cries of pleasure.

Poetry in motion. That’s what our wife is, especially during sex. We all know she gets embarrassed about the way her body’s changed since having the kids. To us, it just made her hotter.

She is a total MILF, and only we get to fuck her. It didn’t take much longer for them to tumble over that edge, climaxing together.

“You do enjoy it when my brothers watch.” Darius teased, giving her ass a playful smack as he moved to get off the bed. Riko collapsed to the bed in a huff blushing. The three of us all laughed.

“There’s nothing wrong with that, sweetheart. You just always cum harder when they’re watching or involved.” Darius shrugged, tilting her face up to look at him.

“And we love it. I’m going to take a shower. I’m sure your other husbands can keep you entertained.” Darius winked as he wandered naked to the bathroom. Riko sighed, sitting up. “Morning, Elijah. Morning, Forrest.” she smiled. “What is with those shirts?” her brow furrowed.

I chuckled, walking over kissing her before stepping back letting Forrest kiss her too. “Your grandmother sent them.” I explained. “We thought since we plan to explore a little today, we should wear them in case we get lost.” Forrest shrugged.

“There’s one for you too.” I teased, digging into her suitcase to hold up the soft pink tank top her grandmother had made for her that says, ‘I am Riko.’

Riko sighed, laughing as she climbed off the bed. “Of course she did. Well, if you two could, please order breakfast. I'm going to go pump then shower.” she sighed.

The mention of pumping drew both mine and Forrest’s attention to her breasts. Yep, there was some milk already leaking out.

“We would be happy to help you with that.” Forrest offered, gesturing to her breasts licking his lips. Riko rolled her eyes.

“No. I don’t mind it during sex in small doses, but I need to pump, or I’m going to be uncomfortable all day.” she shook her head, grabbing the small travel bag that has her breast pump in it and going to the bathroom.

I rolled my eyes at my little brother as there was a knock at the door. “Close the bedroom doors while I get the door.” I instructed, heading to greet Daniel.

Just as Forrest got the doors shut, I let Daniel in as he pushed a cart brimming with delicious pastries, fluffy eggs, mouth-watering bacon and sausage, stacks of golden waffles and pancakes, and a variety of fresh fruits.

“Your activities have been scheduled, and your driver Jaden will be waiting for you in the parking lot where you arrived in two hours. Enjoy your breakfast.” he smiled, giving a nod just as Darius walked out wearing the same outfit as us but with a black version of the shirt.

“Thank you for breakfast.” Darius nodded, digging into his wallet and handing the man a fifty. “Of course, sir. Enjoy your day.” Daniel nodded politely, pocketing the money as he left.

Once Riko joined us, we all sat out on the deck enjoying the warm tropical breeze, a vast difference from December in Massachusetts and discussed the plans for the day.

“Before we go, I want to call the kids.” Riko said. “Of course. Let’s go into the lounge, and I can cast the video call to the tv.” I suggested. So we all headed to the lounge and found somewhere to sit as I made the video call.

“Morning. I didn’t expect you to call so early.” Mom greeted us. “We are just getting the kids breakfast.” she explained, turning the phone to pan to the dining room.

I couldn’t stop the smile on my face. Our three oldest kids were in booster seats pigging out on pancakes and sausage, their faces an adorable mess of syrup and bits of food.

Dad cradled Ryū in his arms, feeding him a bottle. “Look who called us.” Mom called out to get everyone’s attention.

“MOMMY! DADDY! BAMPAS! OTOSAN!” Three voices shouted with their mouths full, spitting bits of food across the table in their excitement. “Morning, babies! We miss you!” Riko smiled, waving at the tv.

“I hope you are behaving.” Darius sighed. “Don’t talk with your mouthful.” I sighed. “Make a mess! Grandma will clean it and not care. You’re lucky she’s way nicer as a grandma.” Forrest pretended to pout.

The kids, of course, were giggling and asking us a bunch of questions during the video call. Mom gave each of them the phone so that they could send us kisses.

Ryū, of course, didn’t understand why his grandma was shoving this noise maker in his face, but dad blew some raspberries on his belly, and we at least got what we thought was a smile. It could have been gas.

With our call to the kids completed, we headed out for our activities for the day. Jaden only gave us greetings and informed us of timetables, politely but still a bit distant. His eyes kept darting to Darius like he was afraid he'd punch him. I’ll ask about that later.

We had a ton of fun. We climbed Dunn's River Falls, then made our lunch as we learned to make authentic jerk chicken, horseback riding along the shore, which Riko had never been horseback riding, did some racing on trails in ATVs, went on the zip lines, and topped it off with cliff diving.

It was a lot of adventure, and we were having such a good time we weren’t even bothered by the looks we kept getting.

The staff at all the activities didn’t say a word and were kind enough to take group photos for us. We otherwise all took plenty of pictures on our phones to remember our trip years from now.


As the sun set, we enjoyed our dinner at the villa before sending Darius and Forrest back to the room in the resort.

I’d excused myself at one point, trusting my brothers to keep our wife entertained while I made the bathroom a romantic oasis: candles, a bath with red, white, and pink camellia petals floating on the water.

I slipped out of the bathroom, sliding the door closed with a smile as I came face to face with my wife. Well, not precisely face to face since she’s shorter than me, but you know what I mean.

“What were you sneaking around doing in the bathroom?” Riko arched her brow, her lips twitching as she tried not to smile.

“Let me show you.” I smiled while taking her hand. I kissed each of her fingertips, then her palm, as I slid the door open behind me.

“We had a long exciting day, so I thought tonight we should relax and take things slow.” I explained as I guided her into the bathroom.

Nothing was more rewarding than hearing her gasp and watching how her brown eyes widened, and her whole face lit up as she looked around. The room was lit only by two dozen candles of different heights I’d positioned all around the space.

The tempered glass wall to the outdoor shower, infinity pool, and the sea were open, allowing the sea breeze to enter and give us the view of the sea at night.

“Elijah… this is… it’s beautiful.” Riko’s eyes darted around, taking it all in. “You’re beautiful.” I whispered, capturing her lips with mine. I wasn’t in a hurry, not that my dick agreed with that.

He wanted her and now. I told him to shut up and wait. Our kiss was a slow burn as I took my time savoring her lips. I smirked against her lips as she hurried to unzip my shorts. “Patience is a virtue.” I teased.

“I’m lacking that tonight.” Riko’s brown eyes were dark with desire as she ignored me and reached into my shorts to grip my rigid length. “And you feel very ready.” She bit her lip as she stroked me.

I groaned, clenching my eyes because I needed to get a grip or I was coming in my shorts. Riko's the only woman that could ever, has ever, and will ever be able to get me off with just her hand.

“Cupcake… you need to stop, or I’m blowing my load here and now.” I warned. My wife, the love of my life, my soulmate, laughs no she giggles, giving me two more slow, firm strokes before taking her hand away.

“Let’s just enjoy the bath.” I suggested. “Only if you strip for me.” Riko smiled. She’s in a feisty mood tonight.

“And what about you?” I arched an eyebrow. I got my answer as she stepped back and painfully slowly undressed till she stood completely naked in front of me. “Fuck… so perfect.” I groaned.

“It's your turn.” she gestured to me. I smirked. “Your wish is my command.” I winked. There was no music, but I let my mind find a good song to set my pace to.

I love the way she looks at me as I slowly take off the white overshirt. Her eyes darkened as I slowly slipped my shirt up over my abs to toss away from any candles.

I may be a dad, and I know what a ‘dad bod’ is, and I’m not quite at that point. My brothers and I still find time to work out, though some of that is chasing our kids. The kids think it’s hilarious when we use them like free weights.

And while I’m still in shape, I am not in the same shape I was in high school when I played baseball or when I was still working construction for my mom’s company.

Time and fatherhood take their own toll. As does owning a bakery. But based on how my wife looks like she’s going to drool, I’m still physically appealing to her.

Riko bit her lip, her eyes raking over my body and focusing on my shorts as my hands reached to start removing them. I almost rushed and lost the beat that was in my head.

I want to be naked with her. I want to touch and kiss every inch of my wife and then make love to her till we are both too exhausted to move.

As my shorts hit the floor, Riko licked her lips. None of us packed underwear for this trip. We’d all mutually agreed there was no point in having an extra layer to get off to be with her.

“Did any of you bring boxers?” she asked in a whisper. I chuckled, closing the gap between us.

Tilting her face up to mine, I smiled. “No. Didn’t want the extra layer separating us from you.” I answered, brushing my lips over hers in a slow kiss.

She moaned softly into the kiss, her lips parting, letting my tongue inside to mingle with hers. Fuck, it felt good holding her naked in my arms.

My cock was straining, pressing against her stomach, eager to delve inside her. My dick will have to wait. I have plans for my wife.

“Let’s get in the tub.” I suggested pulling back for air. “O..okay.” Riko nodded, catching her breath. I smiled, stepping back enough that she could get into the tub.

She sighed, eyes closing as she slipped into the warm water. “Are you joining me?” Riko asked, opening one eye.

“Oh, yes.” I nodded carefully, slipping into the tub behind her. I groaned as she adjusted herself to lean into me, her ass rubbing against my hardon.

“Tease.” I groaned, moving her long hair to kiss her shoulder. “Only a tease if I don’t plan to follow through.” she sighed, rolling her hips to rub her ass across my length.

I leaned back against the tub, closing my eyes. Fuck, this woman is going to drive me crazy.

But two can play this game. Wrapping my arms around Riko, I let one start to massage and tease her breast while the other slowly slipped under the water to tease her clit.

“Eli...jah…” she moaned, trying to move to get my fingers where she wanted them. Typically I’d let her, but I want to draw this out. My hand slipped from her breast to hold her hip.

“So eager.” I teased, kissing her shoulder. My one hand held her still while my other hand teased her entrance, only dipping in a little at a time.

Riko’s breathing was becoming erratic as she fought my hold, wanting more, needing more. “Please... Elijah, no more teasing. Please. I need… oh god, I need you.” Riko moaned as she withered against me in need. I thrust my index and middle finger into her holds, bending them to hit her spot.

“Ooo… oh fuck…” she moaned as her walls fluttered, squeezing my fingers as she came. I was clenching my jaw, trying to not lose it here and now. I love watching her cum. The feel of her climaxing is usually what chain reacts me into orgasm.

While her walls were still trembling in one fluid motion, I slipped my fingers out and shifted our bodies, sheathing my aching cock in their place.

We both groaned at the contact. “Fuck. You feel so damn good.” I moaned, using my hands on her hips to set our pace.

“Oh… oh god. Elijah. I… love you.” Riko moaned, turning her head to capture my lips in a hot and messy kiss. I had wanted to go slow, but I didn’t think I could. And given how she was trying to up the pace, she couldn’t either.

Water splashed over the lip of the tub, petals slipping to the floor as what started as slow love-making transitioned to passionate sex as we both chased our climax. “Fuck. I love you, RIKO….” I called out as I found my release.

Riko had already come once on my fingers, so I didn’t care that I was coming first. I also don’t care if anyone in the other villas heard me.

Reaching around to toy with her clit was the last bit of stimulus she needed before she was screaming my name, her body quivering as her orgasm ripped through her.

As we both caught our breaths and came down from the euphoric feeling. “Come on… let’s dry off and get to bed. I want to eat dessert and maybe do that again.” I teased. She knew exactly what I meant by dessert as she blushed as pink as the petals that remained in the tub.

“I could go for dessert.” Riko nodded. I let her get out of the tub first before climbing out and letting the water drain. As we dried off, I blew out the candles.

As I blew the last one out, she tugged at the towel that hung around my waist. “Let’s go eat dessert in bed.” Riko smiled as she led me to the bed.

We enjoyed our dessert followed by another round of love-making before falling asleep in each other’s arms. I know every day won’t and can’t be like this. We have four kids, after all.

I will always treasure moments like this. Just as much as the quickies we sneak in. And just falling asleep together when we’re all exhausted from work and chasing kids.


I miss my kids. I miss waking up to my girls jumping on my bed shouting for me to get up before they eat all the cocoa puffs. I love those little hellions. They are so mine it’s not funny. Not to say I don’t miss my boys.

Hikari and his sweet smile and a big hug when I would get downstairs. I miss Ryū so damn much. His sweet baby smell and the weight of his little body as he slept on my chest.

“Get up.” Darius grunted, shoving me out of bed. “Why are you and Elijah so mean. I’m going to enjoy not waking up to either of you tomorrow.” I grumbled, rubbing sleep from my eyes.

“What, I thought you’d be missing your violent wake-up call from the twins. I’m not jumping on the bed, so this is the best you get.” Darius taunted that same devious gleam in his eyes our girls often have. I sighed and rolled my eyes, got to my feet, and ran for the bathroom.

I laughed in victory as I shut the door before Darius could stop me. Fool me once; shame on me. I was glad to get dibs on taking a shower today.

Tomorrow it won’t matter because I plan to shower with my wife. And I can’t promise how clean we will get, but I can promise she will be wet.

Once Darius was dressed, we headed from the resort to the overwater villas. Dan greeted us with a smile as we walked past the hut he and other staff hung out in.

“Good morning, sirs. The other Mrs. Frost and the other Mr. Frost have not called in a breakfast order as of yet.” he greeted.

“That’s fine. We’ll wake them up if they aren’t already. But you can order breakfast, please.” Darius nodded. “Oh, and can you get us signed up for water skiing, tubing, snorkeling, and a ride on one of those glass-bottom boats?” I asked.

“Of course, sirs. I’ll have the itinerary ready for you when I bring breakfast.” Dan nodded. “Appreciate it.” I smiled, leaving him a fifty.

I was whistling as I walked with my brother to the villa. A young couple, young I say that like I’m not still in my twenties, gave us an odd look as we passed their villa and turned to ours.

“Whoa. That woman is damn lucky if whoever has her screaming in there looks like those two.” The woman whispered. The man gave her an annoyed look.

“Don’t.” Darius wanted. I, of course, ignored him and gave the woman a wink. “He better. He's our triplet.”

I was laughing at the shocked look on both their faces as we entered the villa. “Are you trying to draw more attention or just to stir the pot in other marriages?” Darius shook his head.

“Can’t help it. I’ve got no shame about our marriage. We share a wife, and it works for us. People should learn to mind their business if they are going to get offended by the truth.” I shrugged.

The couple was correct about hearing screaming from the villa. Now that we were inside, we could hear Riko’s moans growing louder closer to the bathroom.

Damn it, he was having morning shower sex. That was my plan. Oh well, I’m still fucking her in that shower.

“It’s no wonder you’re Yūri‘s favorite.” Darius sighed as we both flopped onto the bed to wait for our wife and brother.

“Probably. I mean, unlike Riko and mom, she can have a favorite.” I shrugged, leaning back on the bed, staying partially propped up by my forearms.

“Jesus…” Riko exclaimed, holding a hand to her towel-covered chest as she walked out and saw us both sitting here.

“Nope, just Darius and me. But I bet we could have you calling us God in five minutes.” I winked. Riko sighed, pressing her lips together to suppress her smile as she blushed.

“He’s in a mood. I think he misses the kids and all the trouble he helps them cause.” Darius shrugged, croaking a finger at our wife.

“Now come over here and kiss your husbands good morning.” he ordered. She loves how bossy he gets, and it shows as she clenches her thighs before walking to us.

“Morning, guys.” Elijah greets with a nod using a towel on his hair, another wrapped around his waist.

“Hey, Elijah. You were disturbing the neighbors. They commented on screaming coming from the villa as we were walking in.” I grinned. Elijah shrugged with a proud smile on his lips.

“You three are trouble.” Riko sighed as she leaned over and kissed Darius. I’m guessing she meant it to be a quick peck.

But Darius hauled her onto the bed between us, making the kiss deeper. “You’ve known that since the day you met us.” Darius smirked, finally pulling back from the kiss.

“And you fucking love it.” I grinned, giving her time to catch her breath before half-diving on her kissing her. She must have just brushed her teeth.

I can taste the spearmint toothpaste. She tastes delicious. “Mmm..” she moaned, arching her body as my hand tugged the towel open to massage her breast.

“Come on, give her a break. We just finished having sex in the shower, and I’m guessing breakfast will be here soon.” Elijah sighed, his voice a little muffled as he pulled his polo on.

I sighed, pulling back, hearing Darius sigh as well. I smirked as I looked at our girl laying on the bed, flushed from the shower, sex in the shower, and us riling her up again.

While I’d gone for breast, Darius had gone for pussy. “Mmm, better than anything, they’ll serve us for breakfast.” Darius groaned, licking his fingers. Riko went bright pink and tried to hide her face.

Oh, what I wouldn’t give to make her our meal, but the knock at the door tells me it’s not time. I’ll get to enjoy my tasty wife tonight, and then tomorrow night, all of us will share her.

“I’ve got it.” Elijah sighed, leaving us in the bedroom, shutting the door while he greeted Dan. “Can I get dressed, or are you two going to let my breakfast get cold?” Riko asked, peeking from between her fingers.

I fucking love this woman. “We would never stand in the way of you and a hot meal, beautiful.” I winked, getting up.

“We’ll get you a plate while you get dressed. Forrest has a whole day of water activities planned. So dress accordingly.” Darius kissed her forehead before following me out of the room.

“Did you pack the thing we got her?” I whispered to him. “Yes. Just hope she’ll wear it. It’s going to look fucking hot.” Darius sighed. We all collectively groaned, thinking of the swimsuit we bought her.

“What is this?” Riko questioned, stepping into the room in the suit. Fuck, it looks even better than we hoped. My dick is already straining in my trunks.

It's a one-piece with a cutout in the front and back with a drawstring detailing at the chest, putting her breasts on perfect display in vibrant forest green and black color combo.

“Our gift to you and well ourselves.” I answered with a smile while holding up a plate for breakfast for her. “I don’t know if I want to show my tummy, and it doesn’t fully cover my butt.” she frowned, doing a turn. My brothers and I groaned in unison because fuck that swimsuit is perfect on her.

“If you hadn’t noticed from the groans of need and the way our shorts are tenting, we think you look perfect.” Elijah smiled, taking her hand tugging her into his lap. “I… how are you hard already? We just had sex.” She sighed as her ass connected with his crotch.

“You’ve seen yourself in that swimsuit.” Elijah shrugged. Riko sighed, took the plate from me, and started eating. “Fine, I'll wear this. But I’m wearing shorts over it as much as I can. I don’t want everyone seeing my ass.” she relented.

“That’s fine, sweetheart. We never want you to feel uncomfortable. We bought it because we wanted you to see what we saw. To feel as sexy as we know you are.” Darius smiled.

“Well, it might be working. Though I’ll still ever feel comfortable or confident enough to wear certain things in public.” Riko sighed with a small smile.

We had our morning call with the kids before heading out for our fun-filled day. Sure we were getting odd looks as we arrived for the tubing, but we didn’t care. We were having too much fun. And seeing Riko smile, hearing her laughter filled my heart with joy.

The staff got some great pictures of the four of us tubing, water skinning, and snorkeling. I filled my pockets with tiny seashells from our snorkeling because I knew our kids would just love them. As we sat eating lunch, I organized them along the tabletop.

“Forrest, what is with all the shells?” Darius sighed, picking one up. I snatched it away and put it back down. “They’re for the kids. Sure we can get them trinkets at the gift shop and such, but this is more real and not commercial.” I explained.

“Aw, that's so sweet. They’ll love it.” Riko smiled, kissing my cheek. I grinned at being praised. “Just make sure you clean them properly before packing them when we leave.” Elijah sighed.

“I will, mom.” I teased, putting them back into my pocket as we gathered our things for the glass bottom boat ride.


The glass bottom boat was really cool. Getting that view of all the sea life in waters deeper than we were snorkeling earlier. We got some more great pictures to show the kids and other family members when we get back.

I know Cassidy was miffed that we were going on this trip. Not that she said anything to us but Collin grumbled about showing him up. I told him to step his game up. Can’t keep doing the same shit. He needs to keep her on her toes.

We have a plan for tomorrow that will knock our wife’s socks off. And with luck everything else she’s wearing. Tonight we shared another dinner on the terrace of the villa together.

Great views, great food, and even better company. This was a getaway to remember. Yet I still miss the kids. We’ll have to make a trip with them.

I want them to see the white sand and feel it between their toes. To swim in this clear water. Sure we wouldn’t say here since this is an adults only resort but something similar that’s family friendly. Maybe when Ryū is older and can experience things too.

I sighed laying on the over water hammock watching as the stars started to come out now that the sun had set. Riko had walked my brothers to the door to say goodnight to them. I didn’t move or react as I felt the hammock move as she stepped on it.

“Penny for your thoughts.” she asked, leaning her head on my shoulder as she laid down beside me.

“Just thinking about how lucky I am. I have great brothers, but I was born with them. I have you, which blows my mind on a daily basis.” I smiled, turning my head to look at her.

“Forrest.” she rolled her eyes. “I’m serious. That day you ran into me outside the office, you were the one literally knocked on your ass but I’m the one that was knocked on it figuratively. I was so fucking in love with you and I didn’t even know your name.” I smiled.

“Really?” Riko gave me her assessing for bullshit look. “Swear on our kids. I looked down and saw your face and my heart skipped. You were the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen. And then I saw the Uchiha patch on your bag and I was done for. Hot and into anime. What more could I ask for.” I smiled.

Riko rolled her eyes but kissed me. “I’ll admit that when I saw your face that day my heart started beating faster. I couldn’t get you off my mind. Then I was confused and a little sad when I saw Darius and thought he was you but he didn’t recognize me.” she sighed.

“You had all of our hearts that first day. You are everything we could have ever wanted and we never knew we needed.” I smiled shifting so I was half leaning over her.

“You complete us.” I sighed, stroking her cheek, loving how much color she’s gotten on this trip and how gorgeous she looks.

“Without you we would have fallen apart. Caved to the pressure of the family and became lawyers. Completely miserable in our lives moving from one relationship to the next because no woman could ever fill our hearts the way you do.” I admitted.

“Forrest…” she sighed softly reaching up to touch my face. “I love you. I know people think you’re just a goofball but it’s only one of your charms. You can be so sweet and romantic.” Riko smiled, leaning up kissing me sweetly.

“I can be other things too.” I smirked against her lips before deepening our kiss. I don’t want to imagine a life without this woman at my side.

I know that if it weren’t for her my brothers and I wouldn’t still be as close as we are now. We’d have drifted and gone our own ways trying to find our happiness.

So many people doubted that all three of us could and did find lasting happiness in this woman. But nine years later and we still can’t get enough of her. She’s the glue that binds us, the mother of our children, and the heart of our family.

“I love you, Riko.” I whispered, kissing down her neck as I unfastened the clasp of her swimsuit. “You are my everything.” I continued conveying my love in words and actions. My lips moved across her shoulder and down her chest.

“Forrest…I love you so much.” Riko’s breathy moan fills the night air as she tugs my polo over my head. “I will love you in this life and the next.” I promised as my mouth latched to her breast licking, nibbling, and sucking.

“Oh god… Forrest.” Riko’s nails scraped down my shoulders as her body arched into my touch.

“S...som...some could see us.” Riko panted as I continued kissing lower pulling her shorts and then swimsuit off leaving her naked on the off-white hammock.

She’s right of course. There isn’t a wall of any kind that would prevent someone in the villa next to ours from seeing us.

But as my finger grazed across her folds I found her soaking wet. “Something tells me you are turned on by that.” I teased kissing across her c section scar.

To some it may be called a blemish or unsightly but to me it makes her fucking gorgeous. This scar is there to show what she went through to give us our daughters.

“Forrest…” Riko blushed trying to sound like she was scolding me but it came out as a moan as I plunged two fingers into her.

“No need to deny it. It’s in your genetics.” I teased kissing at her thighs as I brought her legs over my shoulders.

“I don’t care who sees. Maybe these guys could learn a thing or two. But nothing is stopping me from getting my dessert.” I licked my lips before putting my mouth where it’s wanted to be all damn day.

“FORREST!” Riko cried out her thighs pressing so tight on my head it was almost painful.

I took my time as I lapped at her juices, playing with her clit in random intervals to keep her on her toes. Pushing her closer and closer to that edge. Till finally letting her fall.

Fuck I love the sound of my name on her lips as she comes. I also love how she tastes as she comes on my tongue. I love everything about this woman.

As her body was still quivering, coming down from her orgasm I shifted between her thighs, getting my swim trunks off. Keeping her legs on my shoulders I adjusted our angle and thrust deep into her. “Fuck Riko…” I groaned as I felt her walls still fluttering from her orgasm around my cock.

“Oh god. Forrest.” Riko licked her lips, looking up at me with hazy lust filled eyes. I love that she sees me. That she’s always seen me.

I shift leaning forward just a little more, I don’t want to test her flexibility too far. Not this soon after having a baby. But the shift is enough to let me set the pace I wanted.

The world around us had long since faded away. All that existed was us. And I happily made love to my wife under the stars till we both had found our mutual release.

After catching our breaths I left our discarded clothes and carried her bridal style to the bed where we made love a second time before falling asleep. There is no better feeling in the world than having the love of my life in my arms.


This getaway was more needed than I wanted to admit. I miss my children. God, I miss them. And that's why I feel like a terrible mother because a large part of me is happy to be away from them.

Maybe I should see my therapist like my loving husbands have been suggesting since before Thanksgiving. I haven't wanted to admit it.

But maybe I really do have postpartum depression. I don't want to feel this way. It isn't good for me. And it's not fair to my kids, especially Ryū.

Why am I contemplating my mental health while wrapped in the warm, loving arms of Forrest at five in the morning? Because I woke up to my breasts aching, needing to be pumped, fighting my tears at how much I miss my baby.

"Riko? Baby? What's wrong?" Forrest's groggy voice questioned, rubbing my back absently as my tears managed to escape my tightly closed eyes.

"I miss my babies. My breasts hurt, and I'm thousands of miles from my baby. I'm a terrible mother because our getaway is almost over, and part of me doesn't want to go back." I sobbed, hiding my face in his chest.

Forest sighed, hugging me tightly as he kissed the top of my head. "It's okay, Riko. It's okay." He cooed. I know some write him off as the jokester of the triplets, but they don't know how many layers there are to this loving man.

"But it isn't. What kind of mother doesn't want to go home to their babies? And now I'm being a bad wife. I'm in paradise with the men I love. I'm naked in bed with my husband, and I'm crying." I shook my head.

Forrest shifted us, pinning me under him, his ice-blue eyes warm with love as he looked at me in the dim room. "You are an amazing mother and wife. You are the heart of our family. Me, my brothers, and all four of our kids love you and would be lost without you."

There was nothing lighthearted or teasing in his tone or his eyes. "But…" I started to protest. My attempts to speak were cut off by his sweet kiss.

"No buts. You are not a bad wife and could never be a terrible mother.” Forrest firmly assured me. “Forrest… I didn’t feel this way after Hikari or the twins. So why now?” I frowned.

“I love Ryū as much as I do them. So why do I feel this way?” I sniffled. Forrest sighed and wiped my tears.

“I don’t know, baby. But my brothers and I are going to support you while you find out. Remember, you are not in this alone. Anything you need, we will do.” he smiled, peppering my neck with searing kisses.

I love this man so much. How did I get this lucky? Not only to have a husband this sweet but three? I hit the jackpot when I transferred into Ravenwood.

And as hot and bothered as his kisses are making me, his chest pressing on mine is only reminding me how much I need to go pump.

“Anything?” I arched an eyebrow. A devious smirk spread across his lips. “Anything.” he nodded. “Then get off me so I can go jump. My breasts are killing me.” I pouted.

He chuckled and rolled to the side, letting me escape. “I would offer to help, but I know it turns you off, and I want to get a round of sex in before my brothers show up.” he winked.

I rolled my eyes and slipped into the bathroom, getting out my travel pump. I sighed in relief as the ache in my breasts finally subsided. Being away from Ryū this long hurts on so many levels.

As I put the pump away, the door to the bathroom slid open, and there in all his glory was my naked husband, and judging by his hardon, he isn’t coming in here to use the bathroom.

“Um, hi? Can I help you?” I arched an eyebrow at him. That devious grin that tells me I’m in trouble, the fun kind, spread across his lips.

“Oh definitely.” Those husky two words sent a shiver through me as his lips crashed into mine, his arms wrapping around me.

He lifted me, my legs wrapping around his waist as he carried me into the shower. These boys do love getting dirty when we’re supposed to be getting clean.

I don’t think we’ve had this much sex since Hikari was born. I’m not saying our pre-parent life was a non-stop sex romp, but we certainly had more time for it.

Because of my early morning cry, even after shower sex Forrest and I were able to be dressed and have breakfast ordered and ready when Darius and Elijah walked in.

“Awe, she’s dressed.” Elijah pouted. “Why are you two already up and dressed?” Darius arched a suspicious eyebrow.

“We’ve been up since five.” Forrest shrugged, stuffing a buttery croissant into his mouth. “Why? Everything okay?” Elijah asked, fixing a concerned look in my direction as he made a plate.

“I woke up needing to use my pump. And…” I sighed, glancing at Forrest. He smiled, giving me an encouraging nod.

We don’t keep secrets in our marriage. “I broke down crying.” “Were they hurting that bad?” Elijah asked. “Well, yes, but it wasn’t why I was crying. I..” I sighed, not sure how to explain.

“She had an epiphany about her postpartum depression. Realizing she has it and worrying she’s been a bad mother and wife.” Forrest explained for me.

Suddenly I was out of my chair and sandwiched between two of my husbands. “Sweetheart.” Darius sighed into my hair.

“Cupcake. You could never be a bad mother, let alone wife.” Elijah assured me, hugging me tighter.

“That’s what Forrest said too.” I nodded. Darius and Elijah each kissed me before letting me go so I could sit back down.

“So I think… when we get home, I want to make an appointment with my therapist.” I sighed, sitting down and picking up my coffee.

Oh, how I’ve missed coffee. I know I can drink it while breastfeeding if I stay under a certain amount, but I’ve opted not to unless it’s a pump and dump day.

And this vacation, I don’t have to worry about how much coffee I drink. “So, what’s the agenda for today?” I asked, wanting to shift the subject.

Thankfully they got the hint. “Well, today is our last day, so we thought we should relax.” Elijah answered. “Especially given our plans for tonight.” Darius winked.

I bit my bottom lip, knowing I was blushing, thinking about tonight. It’s been months since I was with all three of them. I’m looking forward to it.

“So we are just hanging around the villa?” I questioned. “No, we aren’t.” Forrest shook his head. “ You are going to spend the day at the spa.” Elijah smiled.

“You have a whole day of pampering in-store, and don’t worry, you’ll still see us, but we have other things we want to do for tonight.” Darius winked.

“Thank you." These three men are too sweet. "I’m sure I’ll enjoy the spa day, though I’ll miss each of you.” I pouted.

“You’ll get plenty of us later” Darius’s darkened eyes promised so many naughty things, and I know he and his brothers will fulfill them. Now I really can’t wait for tonight.

“Alright, cupcake. Let’s get you to the spa to start your well-deserved day of rest and relaxation.” Elijah smiled, taking my hand helping me up as we headed for the door.

“Then we’ll put that body of yours through its paces tonight.” Forrest winked, slapping my ass as we left the villa.

“Forrest.” I gasped, playfully smacking him. I blushed as I saw a couple in the villa next to ours looking at us with confused verging on horrified looks.

I sighed. I should be used to those looks, but they still bother me. How are they to judge our relationship?

“I’d say take a picture; it would last longer, but my brothers and I wouldn’t like the idea of our wife going into your spank bank.” Forrest growled at the man.

The man went wide-eyed at being called out, and for a half-second, he looked at me and then my husbands like debating something.

My husbands folded their arms in unison and gave the cold Frost glare with the menacing Nikolaidis presence. The man gulped, backing down from whatever he thought to say while his wife eyed my husbands with envy.

“Come on. These people aren’t worth our time. Let’s enjoy our last day before we go home to the kids.” I tugged at Darius’s arm.

After a half-second, they nodded. Darius and Elijah slipped their hands into mine as Forrest led back to the resort and their spa.


When my husbands said they had a spa day planned, they really meant it. My day started with a body wrap, manicure and pedicure, facial, and then a couples massage where thankfully the staff didn’t say a word that it was me and all three of my husbands. I appreciated the lack of judgment.

After our massages, my husbands sent me to change into an outfit of their choosing. I was a little concerned it would be something dirty and scandalous.

But I found a beautiful sleeveless wrap dress with a flutter hem in a blush pink with floral print hanging in the changing room.

I, of course, spoke too soon about the nothing scandalous part as I found a soft pink floral applique longline demi-bra and thong set where my maternity bra and panties had been.

I sighed and put on the clothes they’d provided and then slipped into the white wedge heel sandals they’d left in place of my flip-flops.

“Mrs. Frost?” a woman called from the other side of the door as she knocked. “Yes?” I answered, opening the door.

“Your husbands asked us to do your hair and make-up for your evening.” she smiled, holding up a make-up kit while another girl behind her held up another bag that I guess had hair products.

“Of course they did.” I sighed. “Please follow us.” the girl gestured to me to follow. I let them escort me to a chair in front of a mirror. My husbands were pulling out all the stops. I sighed and closed my eyes, letting the two girls do their work.

They were both talking about how lucky I am to have not just one but three husbands that wanted to dote on me. There wasn’t jealousy or envy per se in their words.

They were just in awe at how much my husbands must love me. When they were done, I was happy with the result.

They didn’t go overboard with the make-up, and my hair was in a half up/half down style, with my usually straight hair hanging in long soft curls.

“Thank you both very much.” I nodded to them, reaching for tip money from my purse.

“Your husbands more than covered a tip. Have a wonderful evening Mrs. Frost.” The girls held their hands up in refusal.

Dan escorted me to a charming private gazebo perched on a pier overlooking the azure waters and white-sand beach lapped by gentle waves. In the gazebo light by soft fairy lights and just barely shrouded by sheer curtains stood by three handsome husbands.

They were all dressed in tan dress slacks and matching suit jackets. But they each stood apart based on their shirt colors.

“You all look very handsome.” I smiled as I walked down the pier to them. “And you look stunning.” I still get a shiver when they speak in unison like that.

“You do know you don’t have to wine and dine me. I’m your wife, so you’re getting laid no matter what.” I teased, giving them each a kiss.

“We like wining and dining you, cupcake.” Elijah kissed my cheek, pulling my chair out. “Who am I to argue?” I smiled as I looked at the delicious meal before me. I love these moments.

I enjoyed a meal with my husbands and talking with no interruptions of a kid shouting for one reason or another. Though I miss those interruptions too.

After a delicious three-course meal, we retired to the villa. I barely got in the door before I was pulled into a kiss, my body being pressed against a wall.

Correction, that’s not a wall. That’s one of my husband’s hard chests; I can tell by the erection poking into my back. I barely caught my breath when another set of lips met mine.

I smiled, realizing it was Forrest. He has this little thing he does with his tongue that makes him stand apart from his brothers.

“So damn perfect….” Elijah’s husky voice groaned, brushing my hair away to kiss my neck.

A set of hands found their way to the tie of my dress. As rough hands found their way past the fabric, I knew they belonged to Darius.

It was a blur of hands and fevered kisses as I was spun around in this triangle of men as they removed my clothes and lavished my body with their kisses and touch.

I was panting with a burning need for them that I felt in my core. I want my husbands to feel as good as they make me feel.

“M… my turn.” I insisted, chest heaving making them stop. If they didn’t stop, I was going to lose my mind. I’m sure if they weren’t supporting me, I'd not still be upright.

Darius looked up at me from where he’d been sucking at my breasts. Elijah looked up from between my legs, his mouth glistening with my juices, and behind me, I felt Forrest kiss my ass cheek.

“Everything okay?” they asked in unison. “Y.. yes. But I want to touch you too. I want you naked… all of you.” I explained, still panting. “We can do that.” Three husky voices answered me as I was swept up into Forrest’s arms.

I gasped because this wasn’t what I was thinking. Forrest winked at me as he carried me to the bed, sitting me on the edge before going to stand with his brothers.

I licked my lips as I realized what I was about to get. I giggled a little as Pony by Genuine came on over the sound system. “Oh god.”

I covered my mouth as all three of my husbands started stripping while dancing to the song. This is what I get for watching Magic Mike with Cassidy and Reese and telling my husbands about it.

Channing Tatum has nothing on my husbands, not to mention there are three of them and only one of him. And while I was already hot and bothered, panting for them before now, I’m pretty confident the bedding has a wet spot where I’m sitting as I watched my husbands strip for my pleasure.

Licking my lips, I slid off the bed to kneel in front of them. The trio quickly realized my plan as they moved closer, surrounding me.

“Fuck, sweetheart… just like that.” Darius groaned as I took his length into my mouth, using both hands to stroke his brothers.

“So fucking hot.” Elijah groaned as I switched to sucking his cock. “Perfect… just perfect..” Forrest shuddered as it was his turn. I knew how each of them liked their dick sucked.

I also knew the signs that they were about to cum. Popping them from my lips just before they could, swapping to another brother.

I won’t probably admit this to my grandmother, but she was right about edging all those years ago. “That’s enough. Elijah, get on the bed. Riko, go ride your legal husband. Forrest, you can get her mouth. I want that ass.” Darius went into bossy mode.

And fuck is it hot when he bosses us all around. Elijah gave a little mocking salute but hurried to the bed, crocking his finger at me. “Come here, cupcake.” he smirked.

I’m not sure how seductive I looked, but I felt it as I crawled up his body and slowly lowered myself onto his length with a moan.

“I love you, Elijah.” I sighed, rolling my hips. “I love you too, Riko.” Elijah moaned, gripping my hips to take control.

“Better get anything you want to say out now because this… is mine.” Forrest smirked, rubbing his thumb over my lips as he joined us on the bed.

“I love you, Forrest.” I smiled up at him before looking over my shoulder as I felt Darius’s weight climbing onto the bed. “I love you, Darius.”

I smiled at Darius before turning my face to Forrest, finding his cock dripping with precum. I reveled in his groans as I licked the salty cream before taking him fully into my mouth.

I moaned around his length as I felt Darius’s tip pressing against my ass, the cool liquid of the lube dripping down my crack. “Fuck… still so damn tight.” Darius groaned as he thrust deeper into me, filling me. It felt so good and so right being this full.

My mouth tried to keep pace with Elijah and Darius’s thrusts, but all too soon, I was tumbling over the edge, orgasming in waves.

Forrest ended up grabbing my hair and setting his own pace using my mouth as he searched for his own release. I was gasping, licking the dribble of cum from my lips as he pulled out.

“Oh god…” I moaned loudly as I felt Elijah and Darius both twitching inside me as they came. “We love you.” My husbands relevantly whispered in unison, kissing whatever part of me was closest to them. “I love you all too.” I panted.

I was so drained I barely noticed as they pulled out and shifted me to lay in the center of the bed. And just like the first night the four of us were intimate, I had one brother on either side of me and the third using my breasts as pillows.

I fell asleep surrounded by three men that love me with all their hearts and who I love with all of mine. In the morning light, we all groaned at the sound of the alarm from my phone.

We hurried to shower and change so we could leave for the airport. We didn’t want to and couldn’t miss our flight home. We all miss the kids and have work to get back to.

Oh, I can’t wait to get back into the office. Though I’m going to miss Ryū when I take him to daycare with his siblings. But I think getting back into the office will be good for my mental health.

I had already made a note on my phone to remind myself to make an appointment with my therapist. I want to get better. For my husbands. For my children. And for myself.

As we got out of the car at my in-laws, I was in tears. Our kids rushed off the porch at us. “MOMMY!” “DADDY!” “BAMPAS!” “OTOSAN!” All three of our older kids shouted as they dove at us for hugs.

I hugged each of them tightly, smothering them with kisses before going up the steps and taking my baby from Artemis. “Oh, my baby. I’ve missed you.” I cooed, kissing his brow.

“I love you so much.” I sighed. It felt good to be home, to be with my family. I feel recharged and ready to tackle anything. Be it postpartum depression or the upcoming Christmas.

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Author Bryant
Author Bryant
Dec 02, 2021

I hope you enjoyed this hot adults-only romp Riko and her husbands enjoyed as they head into the holiday season.

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