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Valentine's Day Anthology

Table of Contents

Incubi: Baby-Moon

Madonie: Right Book Wrong Page

His Pet: Dangerous Rendezvous

Bloodmoon: Alpha Baby


We’ve reached the third trimester of Crista’s pregnancy, and if memory serves, this will be the more uncomfortable trimester. The first trimester was hard on Crista, and as her mate, I felt her pain and did what I could to take some of it. But no mate bond can stop morning sickness.

Still find that a strange phrase, a complete oxymoron from anything I’ve seen. I thought I’d seen plenty of morning sickness during Liliana’s pregnancy with the twins and also from a less up-close experience during Izzy’s three pregnancies.

Crista, however, suffered far worse. Doctor Anselma Laurito diagnosed her with hyperemesis gravidarum, severe morning sickness.

Thankfully, with proper monitoring and ensuring Crista stayed hydrated, we could make it through that first trimester. And by the start of her fifth month, it was gone completely. It has since been traded for having her internal organs used for a football game.

And things have been progressing well. Doctor Laurito has said that Crista and our babies are perfectly healthy though feeling confined. I am doing my best not to compare Crista’s pregnancy to Liliana. I don’t want to be the person who compares like that. It would be unfair of me.

But, and I won’t say this aloud and have kept the thought well guarded, Crista’s belly is more prominent than when Liliana’s was. Though I think that should be expected.

Our pups are full-blooded werewolves, so they will be a bit bigger. Again I will not ever say or think that around Crista. She’s just as gorgeous now as she was when we first met.

With the pregnancy, the war ending, restructuring the packs, Persephone shifting, and all the stress that comes with leading a pack, this babymoon, as André calls it, couldn’t be better timed.

It’s a surprise that I’ve been planning. I wasn’t calling it a babymoon, just a getaway. I haven’t taken a vacation since André and Katrina were born.

Even if it was enjoyable, I would not count Crista’s heat as a vacation, as I still had work to handle. This will be an actual vacation.

André and Darren have things well in hand over Madonie, as do Katrina and Tiberius in Nebrodi. And of course, I trust Damon and Isadora can handle things in Incubi for a week.

“Are you sure we should be leaving?” Crista questioned for possibly the hundredth time since we left the villa. I smiled, reaching over to hold her hand as I drove. She needs this trip far more than I do. She needs to be away from stress.

“Yes, mia cara. Everything is taken care of. Your sisters are happily spending the week at Isadora’s, where they will spend time with Regina. Persephone will continue her training with the newly shifted wolves. And Damon is letting Delilah shadow him at the hospital when she’s not in classes.” I assured her.

Crista wrinkled her nose, rubbing her free hand over her belly. “Are they giving you trouble again?” I asked, letting her hand go to touch her belly gently. I could feel them moving around, making trouble for their mamma.

“Settle down, mia piccoli lupi,” I spoke gently as I rubbed slow circles across her belly. Crista let out a slow breath as the pups settled down. “Why do they listen to you and not me?” Crista pouted.

“Because they are daughters. If they were sons, they’d listen to you more than me.” I chuckled as I parked at the port. Crista chuckled, shaking her head.

I managed to get around to open her door before she could. I think she’s learned that I will always open her door over these months. So she has started to wait.

“I want you to be honest with me. Are you really okay with having twin female heirs?” Crista questioned. “I’ll understand if when you decide to retire that you let André be Alpha and bring Madonie into Incubi.”

It’s not the first time she’s asked me this since that ultrasound confirmed without a doubt we have daughters. I know sometimes ultrasounds can be wrong.

They’d predicted two boys when Katrina and André were in the womb. But these girls take after their brother, very proud of their genitals. Goddess, help me.

“Of course I am. If Katrina had a wolf when she turned sixteen, I would have changed the law sooner to allow the Alpha title to be passed down no matter gender. That alone is the only reason it wasn’t changed sooner.” I assured, kissing her forehead before moving to get our luggage from the trunk.

“You’ve already changed the law? When did you do that?” Crista questioned, following me. Another thought I keep to myself but find so utterly endearing about my pregnant mate is that with the added weight of the pups, she’s started to waddle subtly.

“Of course, I already changed it. I did it the day we found out we were expecting daughters. Even if we only found one was going to be a girl, I would change it. I don’t want our children to feel they aren’t good enough. Laws need to change and grow with the times.” I assured her.

“Now, no more talk of business.” I sighed, wrapping one arm around her while wheeling our bags with the other.

“This is our vacation or babymoon, as my son insists on calling it. Let us enjoy our cruise around the Greek Islands.” I smiled as we went up the ramp to board the cruise ship.

“Okay… I’ll try. I still can’t believe you planned all this. And for Valentine’s week at that.” Crista sighed as a crew member directed us to our deck and cabin. “Whoa…” Crista gasped as the attendant opened our cabin door.

I smiled, watching her face lit up. I’d paid the extra to get what they call the Iconic suite. It’s on the topmost deck with it’s on a private veranda including a hot tub, not that it will get much use unless we use it as more of a warm tub than a hot tub.

“This is stunning.” Crista slowly walked around the open living space and directly to the veranda.

“It seems your wife is pleased with the accommodations.” The attendant smiled, watching as Crista explored. I put on my best polite smile and guided the boy out of the cabin.

“Yes, it would seem so. Now, if you’ll excuse us. My pregnant wife and I would like to relax and be undisturbed during our trip.” I smiled, putting a large sum of money in his hand just before I shut the door in his face.

“Did you just pay the attendant not to show his face for the week?” Crista asked, hands on her hips but a smile tugging at her lips as she tried not to laugh.

She’s positively glowing, standing there in her nude flats and her soft pink floral print long sleeve babydoll dress. Her dark hair hung loose past her shoulders in soft curls. She seems to get more beautiful with each passing day.

“Of course I did. I don’t need him or anyone interrupting us. We have enough of those at home.” I smiled, stepping closer. Chesed stepped forward more, though not entirely.

“And there is an entire suite worth of surfaces and only a week to make love on all of them, kitten.” Chesed taunted, tracing my finger down her cheek and neck to brush against her mark.


I can’t believe we are going on a week-long vacation. I’m happy for the time to relax. And if I’m honest, to be away from everyone. My sisters have been overbearing recently.

I know they are trying to be helpful, but even if I am starting to resemble a beached whale, I am not an invalid. I can still do things for myself. So a week away from them will be nice.

And the same for Isadora and the other ranked she-wolves. I like each of them, but if they aren’t treating me like a child, they give all this advice from their pregnancies. And I appreciate it. I truly do. But I am not them, and they are not my mamma.

This trip happened just in time because I was inches from ripping Isadora’s face off. She is a wonderful woman. I love her; I do.

And I understand she has children my age, but I am not one of them. I am her Luna, her sister-in-law. I wish we had managed not to get pregnant during my heat. Maybe wait a year or two. Then perhaps Isadora and the other ranked she-wolves wouldn’t see me as a child.

After we found out we were having twins, the amount of babying me that others did seemed to only worsen. I don’t want to be angry.

I know that Liliana died giving birth to her twins. But Liliana was also human, giving birth to two hybrids of Alpha blood.

I don’t mean to say she was weak, but she had the deck stacked against her. I’m a werewolf, and I am the host of Light more than that. I can handle anything that comes my way, including carrying and delivering two healthy pups.

Emilia and I get annoyed with how people treat me like a child or made of glass, but Light loathes it.

And honestly, I think Light is the most offended voice in my head. Emilia and I have to focus on keeping Light back and keeping her power in check to not accidentally hurt someone.

Not easy when my emotions can quickly change with these hormones. And Light’s power comes from my emotions. So this vacation will be good for my wolves and me. They need this break from everything too.

And if having twins wasn’t bad enough, we found out they are both girls. I know Alec has told me several times he doesn’t care about the gender of our pups. But I couldn’t help but worry, given Incubi’s laws about the Alpha title. So Alec saying the law was already changed reassures me.

‘Good. Can we focus on having a good time if we are done worrying if our mate would actually keep that archaic law? We have a week away from everything to just enjoy him.’ Emilia rolled her eyes.

She’s right. I’m going to let go of my worries and just enjoy my vacation. After all, we will have two newborns taking up all our free time in a few months. I smiled as I walked around the gorgeous cabin. I can’t believe this will be our room for the week. It’s so spacious.

As I wandered back inside, I caught the end of Alec getting rid of the cabin attendant. Color me not surprised my mate wants everyone to stay away. Though I can see the reason behind it.

We are werewolves on a ship of humans. We have powers they can’t fathom, and me being pregnant, I could unintentionally lose control. It’s safest that we keep to ourselves. I laughed as I sensed Chesed coming forward as Alec stepped closer.

I back up, my ass hitting the dining table, trapping me. ‘Trapped my ass. You’re exactly where you want to be.’ Emilia taunted as her mate teased me. I know these past months have been difficult for Emilia and Light, so it must be hard for Chesed and Darkness.

I can’t transform, so Emilia and Light are stuck in my body, itching to run and be their wolves. So, of course, their mates are itching to see them and be with them again.

Emilia had so few moments with Chesed as themselves. Light and Darkness didn’t even get to see each other in their true forms, given I went from being in heat to pregnant.

I let out a shuddered breath, shivers of pleasure pulsating through my body at Alec’s touch. “Is sex all you think about, Chesed?” My question came out in a breathy moan as he leaned in and licked my mark.

“Not, but it is a primary thought when it comes to you, kitten.” Chesed’s seductive voice caressed my skin as he scraped teeth over my mark. He knows what that does to me.

“And you’re one to talk. You want this just as badly. Let Emilia come forward to play.” His wicked tongue traced my mark, making me moan and shamelessly arch into him. I don’t generally let Emilia control my body, but I will make an exception today.

Letting Emilia take control, though not all of it, just in case. Chesed bit my mark with a growl the moment he knew Emilia was in control. It was like watching first-person porn, yet I could feel everything happening.

Comfortable maternity undergarments are hard to find, and I don’t have many. Chesed’s hands made quick work of removing my dress and underwear. The most I can say is he at least didn’t shred them. I’d have kicked his ass.

Kissing me passionately, Chesed lifted me like I weighed nothing, setting me on the edge of the dining table. His devious mouth kissed down my body, giving extra attention to my sensitive breasts. “Oh fuck…” Emilia moaned, arching into his touch.

The thought that soon, milk will fill my breasts to feed our twins crosses my mind briefly. “Will you let me have a taste too?” Chesed taunted, gently nipping at my peaked nipple. A shot of pleasure shot from my breast straight to my core as I rocked my hips against him.

“Only after our pups have been fed.” Emilia promised. I gasped because I didn’t agree to do that. Damn wolf making promises on my behalf. Chesed had that signature Cheshire smile as he kissed lower. Kissing over my expanding belly.

“Don’t worry, Piccoli lupi. Papa won’t steal your food. Just get your leftovers.” He promised, placing two kisses perfectly over where the twins were positioned.

Who knew that in his own strange way, Chesed could be sweet. ‘I knew.’ Emilia sighed. That sigh became a very loud moan as Chesed had moved between my legs. That devious tongue doing wicked and mind-blowing things to my pussy.

As my pregnancy progressed, Alec had been more cautious, I suppose, regarding our sex life. Not that we stopped having one. But he was more considerate of my pregnancy. Choosing positions and rhythms that wouldn’t hurt me as much.

Chesed wasn’t as considerate. I suppose Emilia didn’t help as she popped buttons on Alec’s shirt, eager to get him naked. “One of the best parts of pregnancy….” Chesed smirked before thrusting hard and deep into me. “No longer have to be concerned with condoms.”

I moaned at the pleasure yet winced at the pain. “Chesed… be more careful. We can’t be as rough this late in my pregnancy.” I was able to push past Emilia long enough to say that.

“I have it under control. Trust me, kitten, and just let go. Give into the pleasure and not worry.” Chesed assured me, giving my nipple a slight twist.

I moaned, unable to help myself as I rocked against his cock, wanting and needing it. I let go, giving myself over to the pleasure I know my mate and his wolf can deliver.

It’s a good thing that furniture is secured to the ground on a ship. Between the table and all the other furnishings we had sex on during our trip, I’m amazed they didn’t break at times. But it wasn’t all sex. This wasn’t a vacation to repeat my heat.

Alec had planned spa days, romantic candlelit dinners at the restaurants on the ship and in our cabin, picnic lunches in the ship’s garden, and at the various ports in Greece. I loved it all. I, of course, loved exploring Greece and all these ancient ruins, or at least as much as I could manage to get to.

Overall it was a perfect week away. I felt rejuvenated and relaxed after the trip. Our bond was as strong as ever, and now we had more happy memories to share. Ready to return to our pack.

And eager for these last three months to pass to welcome our darling Gwen Silvana and Christina Sherie. Alec and I had already agreed we would name our children after my parents and my former Alpha and Luna. Having girls didn’t change that.

I just had to find feminine forms of my father and Silvano’s names. I can’t wait to meet them and tell them all about the exceptional and loving people they are named for.


“So you got big plans for tomorrow?” Colby’s question had me confused. I furrowed my brow watching as my identical brother’s expression went from neutral to concerned to now he’s laughing. The fucker calls me on video chat while I’m busy with pack business and laughs at me.

“What? Why are you laughing?” I sighed. My brother makes no sense sometimes. I honestly think he’s just trying to mess with me.

“You… oh Goddess. You forgot what tomorrow is!” Colby’s words were coming out in huffs of laughter. He was so loud Alison waddled into the frame. She didn’t look pleased with the disturbance.

“What are you so loud about? I was enjoying an excellent book.” she growled, twisting his ear. I covered my mouth with my fist to hide my laughter. Serves the fucker right.

“Ow. You need to understand, sweetheart. I couldn’t help but laugh.” Colby explained. Alison looked nonplused, raising a blonde brow as he tried to decide his fate.

I know she won’t actually hurt him, at least not severely. But pregnant she-wolves are not to be fucked with.

“What’s so funny then?” Alison demanded, putting her hands on her hips. Colby managed to contain his laughter at last.

“I asked Darren if he had big plans for tomorrow. He looked confused. He forgot what tomorrow is.” Colby tried and almost succeeded in explaining without starting to laugh again.

I was waiting for Alison to tell him to shut up or something. But she started to laugh and cry. I growled in agitation. What the hell is going on? ‘Cardinal, what am I missing?’ I questioned.

‘Got me. I’m actually as lost as you. I don’t even know what day of the week it is. It isn’t André’s birthday, right?’ Cardinal was at least as lost on this as I was.

‘No. It’s certainly not André’s birthday. That’s not until April. And Alec wouldn’t go on vacation the same week as his kids’ birthday.’ I shook my head, pulling up my schedule on my laptop.

“What are you two making such a big deal about?” I frowned because I didn’t see anything that stood out on my schedule for tomorrow.

I have a couple meetings with some reform committees. Which we meet every month on the fourteenth.

“What is today?” Alison sighed. She had an edge to her look that said if I get this wrong, she might either reach through my computer and kill me or fly here to do it in person.

“It’s February 13th.” I furrowed my brow. I don’t see what the big deal is. “What’s the big deal?”

Alison groaned, slapping her palm to her forehead. “And here I always thought Azriel was the dumbest of you three. But at least he’s got some big surprise planned for Sadria tomorrow.”

Alison shook her head, tisking me. “You better have something planned too. Or you’ll be on the sofa.” She added, poking my brother in the head.

“Good luck explaining to your Alpha and very theatrical mate André tomorrow when you are empty-handed and empty-headed.” Alison scoffed, waving dismissively as she walked off camera.

And now I’m getting worried. What the hell is tomorrow that everyone is getting their underwear in knots over? Colby sighed, shaking his head. “You’re supposed to be smart, OCD, therefore, organized one.”

I growled, rolling my eyes. “Will you just tell me what I’m apparently missing? I’ve spent the last six months trying to restore order to a pack that a shithead nuked with next-level stupidity. I’m lucky I remember what day of the week it is.”

Colby rolled his eyes but held his hands up, making the ‘settle down’ motion. “VALENTINE’S, dumbass. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. You are mated to not only a huge over-the-top drama queen, I say it with love, but an Italian. That’s one of those countries that will call themselves the home of lovers.” Colby threw his hands up in frustration.

My face went pale. “I am dead. I’ve never even celebrated Valentine’s Day. I mean unless you count in elementary school when the teachers made us exchange valentines.” I groaned, running my hand over my face.

My brother simply laughed. “Good luck with that. I’m off to tell Azriel and then mom you forgot Valentine’s Day. And your first Valentine’s with André.” Colby waved as the screen went black. The fucker disconnected.

I groaned, slamming my head into my desk. ‘Cardinal, how did you let me forget?’

‘Don’t put this shit on me. I’m a wolf. We don’t do holidays. That shit is human. I will remember our mate’s birthday, April 26th, and the anniversary of our marking, July 30th. Beyond that, don’t ask me.’ Cardinal shook his head at me.

‘Great, very helpful. Maybe André won’t make a big deal out of it?’ I know I’m fooling myself. I know André. He lives for a party and any event that gives him a reason to dress up and have a good time.

‘Well, it’s not too late, right? It’s only four o’clock. We have until tomorrow to throw something together.’ Cardinal suggested.

Maybe he’s right. I can figure this out. I’ve done more with less time. Who the hell am I kidding? That is not nearly enough time. André would not be happy with something I threw together last minute.

“You look like shit.” Alexander unhelpfully commented as he unceremoniously dropped a stack of paperwork on my desk. I have nothing against Alexander. He’s our Beta, André’s cousin, and his best friend. A lightbulb going off in my head.

“Maybe you can be of use.” I smiled. Alexander raised an eyebrow taking a half step back. “What the hell are you doing?” I cocked my head, confused by his reaction.

“I don’t know. You’re smiling, and it’s freaking me out. I don’t really see you smile unless André is in the room or you’re on the phone with your family in the states.” Alexander explained, still giving me that worried look.

I rolled my eyes. Not going to deny Alexander’s claim. I’m not a smiley guy. Just not my personality. The perma-smile is my mate’s area of expertise. I bet he was born smiling.

“Anyway. You’ve known André obviously longer than I have.” I start. Alexander still looks unsure and is keeping his distance.

“Yeah… we’re cousins. That would be like saying your brothers know you better than André does. What about André? Everything okay? He seemed in a good mood when I saw him an hour ago. He was humming that Prince song again.” Alexander sighed.

I sighed. I’m not sure if André humming Kiss by Prince is a good or bad thing right now. Usually, if he’s humming that song, it means I’m getting laid later.

But other times, he’s plotting something devious against me. Like when he got me the leather bracelet that I always wear, with the gold Aleph symbol for my birthday back in November.

“How big is he about celebrating minor holidays?” I hesitantly asked. For half a second, Alexander was confused, then it dawned on him. And mother fucker, he starts laughing. And worse than my brother Alexander is bent over holding his stomach laughing.

“Are you about done?” I narrowed my eyes at him. I do not appreciate people laughing at me.

He’s the third one today. And I can’t get mad or do anything about Colby and Alison laughing. They are half a world away. Alexander, however, I can knock the fuck out.

“Sorry. But I take that to mean you forgot tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. And my cousin doesn’t need a holiday to celebrate. That man will declare a random Tuesday to be a holiday and throw a dance party.” Alexander scoffed.

I groaned, burying my head in my hands. “I’m so fucked. I’ve never celebrated shit like this. And I’ve been so damn busy with work to really consider holidays I always thought of no consequence.” I sighed.

I raised my head as I felt a hand on my shoulder. Alexander was frowning at me, but his eyes were set. I at least know that expression. It’s the look of a Petridis that made up their mind about something.

“Okay, this is depressing me. I don’t really celebrate it either. It’s a day for people with a mate. The thing is, you have a mate now. And that mate is my Alpha and, more importantly, my best friend. I can’t in good conscience let him have a shitting first Valentine’s. So I’ll help you, this time.” Alexander offered.

Here goes nothing. Less than a day to pull off the best first Valentine’s Day surprise of my life. Goddess, help me.


One of my favorite holidays is tomorrow! And for the first time, I have someone to celebrate with. I can’t wait to spend the day with Darren. Oh, the plans I have for that man.

I know my mate inside and out. And you can take that any way you want. Innuendo or otherwise, it’s true. Darren hides his emotions well behind that handsome mask.

But he can’t hide from me, from our bond. He’s a good mate. Strong, dependable, and caring.

The way he has stepped into his new role as Aleph. Yes, we decided on a new title because Luna just didn’t fit.

He is so organized, and he manages to keep me on task for as distracting as he can be. I’m not sure I could have gotten Madonie into order this quickly without him. He has been my rock.

Because I know him so well, I know he has nothing planned for tomorrow. His schedule only has the monthly reform committee meetings he organizes. I know most would expect me to be hurt or angry that he forgot.

I’m not. I actually would be shocked if Darren remembered. I know he remembers the big things. I doubt he ever celebrated the holiday. And I’m okay with that. It means I get to be his first, last, and only Valentine.

I have this feeling Darren may have realized what tomorrow is. He seemed a little off during dinner and disappeared for a few hours after dinner, saying he still had some work to finish.

Which could be the truth. After all, I know I had Alexander drop off some papers to Darren. And I don’t want to get my hopes up that this work to finish is last-minute Valentine’s plans. Plus, it could nuke my perfect plans if he has something planned.

Am I surprised to wake up on Valentine’s morning with Darren giving me a blow job? A little, but it’s certainly a pleasant surprise.

Morning blow jobs are sporadic morning gestures and generally occur because he either woke up horny or returned from his morning run horny. So I don’t think that this blow job is related to Valentine’s Day.

I shamelessly moan, throwing the blanket aside because I want to watch. How this man thought he was straight was beyond me.

I’ve had enough blow jobs in my life to know perfect form when I feel it. And… “Oh Fuck….” He did that tongue swirl thing again right before taking all of me into his mouth.

I do love that he lacks a gag reflex. Just proof he was made for me. The first and only man who can take all my cock in his mouth.

Reaching down, I tugged at his hair, tilting his head just a little as I thrust in time with his movements. My eyes are about to roll back into my head as he uses one hand to toy with my balls and the other to fuck my ass.

I’d like to say I’ve trained him well over the last several months, but some of this is just natural talent. And fuck is my Darren talented. “Dddaaarrreeennn..”

I elongate his name as my orgasm hits me hard and fast. As I’m coming, ha puns, down from my orgasm high, Darren’s kissing a trail up my body.

He’s sweaty and smells so fucking good I want to take a bite. ‘Do it. Bite his mark.’ Duilio’s husky horny encouragement was more than I needed.

My teeth sink into the D’Amore mark that stands out bold and proud on his skin. Darren’s throat growl of pain and pleasure fills my ears.

“I love you.” Darren moaned as I licked the blood from his neck. “I love you too. Now show me how much you love me with that cock of yours.” I smirked, pulling his face to mine, kissing him deeply.

His mouth swallowed my moan as he filled my ass precisely as I requested. I really love morning sex. Okay, I love sex in general with Darren.

But the morning sex, when he gets back from his morning run, and he’s all sweaty and apparently has had me on his mind so much he can’t wait, is the best.

It also means we get to shower together and get dirty while getting clean. A fantastic bathroom was one of my top priorities right after a top-notch kitchen when our Alpha villa was built.

I refused to actually live in the Madonie packhouse. The place required enough work to make it tolerable, and if I couldn’t burn it to the ground, there was no way of making it livable for me.

“So I have a confession.” Darren frowned, turning to rinse his mouth. I arched an eyebrow from my vanity stool, rubbing lotion into my skin. Darren sighed, leaning against his sink toothbrush hanging out of his mouth and a black towel wrapped low around his waist.

Here it comes. “Let me guess. You forgot today is Valentine’s Day? Though if you tell me the wake-up blow job and sex was my present, you’re shit out of luck. While I always appreciate your lips wrapped about my dick, sex isn’t an accepted form of gift-giving.” I smirked.

Darren rolled his eyes. “No, that’s not it. Granted, you are half right. I did forget about Valentine’s Day. I was expecting more annoyance from you.” He eyed me suspiciously, walking closer to me. His Caribbean blue eyes bore into me, searching for some truth.

“I expected you would forget. I love you, Darren, and you have your romantic moments. But I was not disillusioned to believe my stern, militant, minimalist, rugged mate puts much stock into a holiday that’s not federal or national.” I teased, tilting my head to look up at him from my vanity.

Darren sighed, rubbing his hand over his freshly shaved face. His sigh became a soft laugh. “And here, everyone had me freaking out. Colby, Alison, and even Alexander were laughing at me for forgetting and wishing me luck when you realized.”

I chuckled, twirling on my stool as I got up. “My poor Tesoro. I’ll get back at them for making your frett. Is that why you seemed off at dinner and hurried to do work?” I asked, wrapping my arms around his neck, absently playing with the still damp strands of his hair.

“That won’t be necessary. I appreciate the sentiment. They were right, though. The holiday may have never held much meaning to me, but that was when I was mateless and had no one to want to express my love for.” Darren’s lips tugged into that small but swoony smile.

“So I tried to make some plans for today. But your favorite restaurants were booked. Even for a last-minute reservation to their Aleph and Alpha.” Darren sighed.

“Well, of course, they’d be booked. You’re in the country of love. The French can shove it if they think they are the home of amore. And no one does or knows amore better than a D’Amore.” I winked, stroking a finger along his jaw before pressing a sweet kiss to his lips.

“And you’re all oh so humble about it.” Darren chuckled, licking his lips. “But I’m not the sort to give up. So go get dressed. I have a surprise for you.” I gasped as he smacked my ass, pulling my towel away as he went to his closet.

Now I was intrigued, and still, fingers crossed, his plans won’t interfere with mine later. Once we were dressed, I was in for quite the surprise indeed. Before I could leave our suite, Darren slipped a blindfold over my eyes.

“Kinky. I like it. But remember, sex isn’t a gift.” I smirked. “Just follow my lead.” Darren instructed, taking my hand. I smiled, letting him lead the way.

He took us in a very long winding pattern, probably to confuse me. But I knew when we left the villa based on the sun’s warmth on my skin and the sound of birds and animals.

“This is your surprise.” Darren’s hot breath fanned against my ear as the blindfold dropped. I brought my hands to my face because it was so cute and perfect. He’d set up a cute picnic breakfast by the pond in my favorite part of our villa’s garden.

A red blanket spread out with white and pink pillows and a lower table covered with various breakfast foods. A chalkboard next to the table read ‘I love you’ in a swirly script, orchid petals scattered on the little table, and a vase of orchids in the center.

“You are literally the most adorable man. Now let’s enjoy our feast. And we’ll see if my surprise for tonight tops this.” I grinned, pulling him into the pillows.

“And what do you have planned for tonight? Remember your own rule, sex isn’t a gift.” He teased, offering me a taste of a cinnamon roll.

“You’ll find out at sunset.” I winked, licking the icing from the corner of my lips.

“You missed a spot.” Darren commented, leaning closer, licking the icing himself. I’m not sure how much of the delicious breakfast we ate. I can say we probably startled some wildlife.

And I am proud to say he was more than a little surprised when we drove to the coast, and I led him to the pier. His jaw fell open when we stopped at a white Catalina 455 boat with the name ‘Tesoro Mio’ painted across the back. “Surprise, sailor.” I winked, nudging him to the boat.

“You… you got me a boat. I made you breakfast and got you flowers.” Darren seemed very taken back by my gift as I tugged him aboard.

“Oh, you act like I don’t get something out of this. Now, come on, sailor. I have no nautical knowledge. Show me how it’s done. And then we can go find somewhere to drop anchor. I have a tasty meal to feed you and a bed with a skylight to fuck you on waiting.” I giggled.

I thought seeing Darren in battle was me seeing him in his element. I was wrong. Darren is on a boat, pulling lines, giving commands to me to help, and at the wheel, this is his element, and it’s hot as fuck.

And I have to say I could get used to sex on the water, the rolling of the waves adding to our rhythm as we christened our new boat.


“Come on, pet.” I gently tugged at my wife’s elbow. Copper snake eyes turned sharply at me as she once again hugged and kissed our children. “We are only going out for Valentine’s dinner and dancing. We aren’t going off to war.” I assured her.

Jade stuck out her tongue at me as she hugged Adder. “Have fun, mummy.” Jade kissed Adder’s cheek and reluctantly let her go. We are never going to get out of here at this rate.

Especially as Asher starts crying, reaching out for us from my mother’s arms. He’s too little to use words. This is the first time we’ll be away from him for a night.

He cries every time we leave for work, even if he adores his nanny, Janelle. I know he loves spending time with his grandparents.

Both our children adore my parents. Okay, mostly, they adore my mum as she spoils them rotten. My father tries to play off the grumpy grandpa routine. He fools no one. We all know Jade has him wrapped around her little fingers.

“Oh… Asher. Don’t cry. Mummy and daddy will see you bright and early tomorrow.” I sighed, kissing my son’s forehead. His little hands tried to grip my face. I gently took his tiny hands, kissing them.

“You, be good for your grandma. And you behave yourself too, Jade.” I sighed and scooped my four-year-old up into my arms, kissing her scale-covered cheek.

“I want to go with you and mummy.” Jade pouted. I sighed and shook my head at Adder. I was not bringing the children to a lovely restaurant. I had to call the restaurant a month in advance to reserve a private table for two.

“I know, my darling.” I tried to explain it to her. “But Valentine’s is a day for love. And we’ve spent all day with you and Asher. We went to brunch and made our own candies to celebrate. Now it’s mummy and daddy’s turn to celebrate just us.”

“Come to grandpa, princess. Let your mummy and daddy go have their fun. We will have fun without them.” My father scoffed, taking Jade from me. Jade giggled with delight as he put her on his shoulders.

“To the kitchen! Grandma made biscuits!” He announced. “BISCUITS!!!” Jade shouted with glee. Well, that’s one way to distract a four-year-old. Now just to get my wife to leave our son.

I know we haven’t left him overnight before, but we also have had sex since he was born. That’s four months too many in my book. I understood that the first couple of months post-delivery is medically recommended. But since it’s like the boy has a censor and knows precisely when to start crying.

It is Valentine’s, and I am getting laid tonight. I might kill someone if they try to cockblock me. “Come, Adder. We don’t want to be late.” I sighed, wrapping my arm around her. “We’ll check in tomorrow before we come to collect the children.” I smiled at my mother as I guided my wife away.

Mum just smiled, knowing probably all too well why I’m insistent on having a whole uninterrupted night with my wife. I believe I owe my parents a trip to any destination of their liking to make up for all the unintentional cockblocking I did as a boy.

“They’ll be fine, pet. It’s just for the night. We will come to get them in the morning. My parents know how to handle children. They did raise Gabby and me.” I assured her, opening the car door for her.

“I know. And I trust your parents. But it doesn’t change that I feel wrong somehow to be away from Jade and Asher. I didn’t think I would be this kind of mum. Then again, I didn’t think I’d be a mum.” Adder frowned.

I sighed, sliding into the driver’s seat. “Adder, you are an amazing mum. Our children adore you.” I assured, taking her hand kissing her knuckles. “But tonight is just the two of us. I think it’s something we both need.”

Adder sighed, lips curling as a devious gleam shined in her eyes. “Then why are we going to dinner? We both know the reason the children are staying with your parents.” She called me out.

I chuckled and shrugged. “As much as I am looking forward to seeing how many times I can make you come tonight. I am still a gentleman and would like to wine and dine the woman I love before making her scream my name.” I winked.

Adder laughed, shoving me playfully. “You realize none of this is necessary. A fancy restaurant, getting dressed up, none of it. We could have just gone to the local pub for a pint and some pub food. Then home, start at the front door and see how many rooms we can defile before reaching our bed.”

I licked my lips because I really like the sounds of that, the latter part, that is. Going to a pub for a pint and bite is our usual since university and before becoming a couple. But this is Valentine’s Day, and I want to do something more romantic. Especially for the woman who has brought such love and joy into my life.

“Well, we will certainly be doing the last part. We didn’t buy the house with a fireplace to not make love in front of the roaring fire.” I winked. Adder sighed but was smiling as she smoothed out her deep red dress.

I know she doesn’t like dresses all that much, but she looks breathtaking in them. Then again, I’ve always been a fan of her long, toned legs. Both are enjoyable, especially when wrapped around my waist or head. And shit, I’m getting hard thinking about getting between her legs.

As we pulled into the parking lot, something felt off. Adder must have felt it, too, as her posture had changed. She was like a coiled snake ready to strike. I swear if more protesters want to spew their hate at me for Leah’s Lost Souls, I’m not in the mood.

I don’t know why people have such hate in their hearts for different people. But I’ve had enough of it. Especially when they spew their hate at my gorgeous wife and adorable daughter. I can imagine they’d shit bricks to learn I’m a meta-human too.

One glance at my wife, best friend, and bodyguard, and I can see the latter has come out. She’s in guard mode, copper eyes peering around the parking garage, looking for the source of the feeling.

I nod and take a spot further from all the other cars. On the same wavelength as ever Adder and I step out of the car like nothing is happening. Like we can’t sense danger in the air. If something goes down, I want it away from prying eyes and innocent people or their property.

We made it only a few steps before our prey, oh sorry, I mean predators let the lads think we are their prey, stepped out of the shadows. “Freak lover!” “Your lot will be cleansed from this world!” The Zealots shouted.

Nothing new. A religious movement seems to have decided meta-humans are the new plague of humanity. A sign of sin that must be cleansed, purified by fire. Literally, two of the blokes are carrying flame guns meant for weed maintenance in gardens.

“Burn in hell!” One shouted, raising the flame gun, intent to use it like a flame thrower. Looks like our Valentine’s date will be hot, but not in the way I want. I will not have these shits impede our plans. Best we put an end to this shit quickly.


I never thought I’d be the type of person who couldn’t stand to be away from her baby for more than a few hours. Then again, I didn’t think I would be the type of person who’d be a mother.

Before Mason, I didn’t dare think or dream of motherhood. And now I’m a mother of two. I think I would be okay being away from Jade for the night, not to say I don’t love her as much, but she’s older. Asher, however, he’s only four months old. I don’t like leaving him to go to the office.

And now I won’t see him till tomorrow. And I can’t even use breastfeeding as a reason to be near him. Because of my powers, I can’t breastfeed, but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss my baby when I’m away from him.

Mason had to basically force me to leave his parent’s house. I know exactly why he’s eager for a night without the kids. I don’t blame him. There’s part of me that’s eager for it too. Hell, I’d rather skip the dinner and get right to the sex.

He’s not the only one being left unfulfilled. Imagine my disappointment and frustration when Mason went down on me and suddenly Asher started crying. Trust me, he’s not alone in wanting this dry spell to end.

Masturbating in the shower when I know Mason is with Asher makes for a shitty sex life. That was my sex life before Mason, and I started dating. I didn’t miss masturbating, wishing it was Mason touching me. So I am beyond ready to fuck my husband in every room but the kids’ rooms in our house.

I can appreciate that my husband wants to romance me. To wine and dine me before he fucks me senseless. And while it’s been months, I still know just how good my husband is in bed. So I’ll smile, and we will get through our lovely dinner. Maybe I’ll coerce him into the bathroom for a quickie.

Locking the bathroom door in this fancy restaurant. Mason bending me over the sink, lifting my dress, pushing my thong aside, thrusting his long thick cock into me. I licked my lips as the fantasy took shape in my mind.

Our moans of pleasure making those high society fucks gasp, appalled that such vulgar activities were happening while jealous that they wouldn’t dare be so adventurous as to fuck in a bathroom.

My fantasy was, however, ruined by this feeling of being watched. And I don’t mean Mason looking at me with hunger in his gray eyes. I mean, someone’s watching us. We are being followed.

It’s not the first time, probably won’t be the last either. Mason is a household name. His company is one of the biggest employers in the country, his father is in Parliament, and he holds a title. But some people hate him not just for those things but because he married me, an obvious meta-human, and dared to open a shelter for meta-humans.

Because how dare he being a fucking SAINT of a man. How dare he use his wealth and influence to improve the lives of others. These anti-meta-human zealots piss me the fuck off.

They attack our Leah’s Lost Souls establishments. They attack our events. And they attack us personally. I’m sick of it. And now… now these fucks are going to try and muff block me? I don’t think so.

No words had to be spoken between us. Mason and I can read each other like a book. We’ve been doing this a long time. So we were prepared as we parked and climbed out of our car. Without looking around, I could tell how many of them there were.

I could smell their BO as they surrounded us. A dozen and two have what I’m going to call flamethrowers. They really are stepping up their game. Previously when they’ve tried to attack us, there were a half dozen at best.

Guess they aren’t as dumb as they look. But still dumb. If the zealots are starting to learn, it will take more of them to bring us down. Because even a dozen won’t be enough.

I’m a mother, I still have postpartum hormones running through me, and these fuckers are standing between me and getting laid. These fuckers are going down. And I do not mean going down the same way Mason will be on me later.

“Only twelve of you. Think you can handle six, my love?” Mason smiled as he glanced at me. I smirked, cracking my neck.

“Do you think I’ve been slacking off since having our son?” I taunted, focusing on the zealots, especially the two with flamethrowers. I actually have. I only got back to the gym a couple of months ago.

I had to heal up from giving birth before my doctor would approve me returning to my exercise regiment. But even being slightly out of shape, I”m still a better fighter with more training than these wankers.

“I wouldn’t dream of implying such a thing. Let’s end this quickly. I don’t want to miss dinner. Perhaps this lot will help us work up an appetite.” Mason held his confident smile.

There are three places Mason is always confident; a business meeting, the bedroom, and a fight. “Those two are mine. The rest I’ll let you pick from.” Mason smiled, pointing at the two with the flamethrowers.

No surprise there. It was a good strategy. Mason’s power was better against them than mine. “Let’s get this done. You are interrupting our Valentine’s. So bring it.”

The two holding the flamethrowers came for us first, aiming at me. I gestured for them to attack. Wrong move, boys.

In a breath, I was twirled by a gust of wind, swapping me for Mason. My husband looked pissed as he held his hands up; strong gusts of wind pressed the flames back at the two men. “What… what’s happening?” The group started getting nervous.

“Oh, you didn’t get the memo? We’re both meta-humans.” I smiled, throwing the first punch. I went into my zone as I bobbed and weaved, throwing my kicks and punches. These blokes really should hit the gym and do a bit of training if they think they can come for the Templeton family.

I was only momentarily thrown off my groove at the loud explosion. The two with the flamethrowers just got blown away by their own weapons. That’s what happens when the flames shoot back at you and catch your fuel on fire. The explosion sent us all back.

The only reason I didn’t hit the cement beam of the parking garage is that instead, I hit my stomach’s chest, his arms engulfing me as fast-moving air surrounded us like a shield keeping us safe from the explosion.

“Are you alright, pet?” Mason questioned, turning me in his arms to inspect me for injury. I’m sure I look a mess after that, which glancing down, I see I have a rip in my dress.

“I’m okay, Mason. What about you?” I asked, now checking him for injuries. He smiled, taking my hands in his kissing them.

“I’m fine. But… they aren’t.” Mason nodded behind me. I turned to look and saw the zealots scattered around the parking garage in various states of injury. The two with the flamethrowers are undoubtedly dead. The others might survive.

“I don’t think we’re making our reservation.” I sighed, pointing to the flashing lights of the police and ambulances.

“So it would seem. After we give our statements, let’s go home. I’ll make dinner, and then I’ll have you for dessert.” Mason winked, putting an arm around me as we confidently approached the emergency responders.

It was two and half hours of answering questions. I didn’t want them to get the wrong idea if they found my DNA on anyone. Explaining that while I’m Mason’s wife I’m also still his bodyguard and so yes they will find some of those men were beaten up by me.

Mason explained that the flamethrowers must have had a malfunction and that we’d luckily gotten behind a pillar for safety when they exploded.

None of the zealots were awake to give statements. But as Mason is respected, they are more likely to believe him than nut jobs that bring flamethrowers to parking garages of fancy restaurants.

The romantic dinner ended up being pasta and sauce eating in the living room in front of the fireplace. We maybe ate half our meal before all the teasing and touching got the better of us.

Mason was true to his word. We made love by the fire, then again in the hallway as he carried me to bed. And sometime during the night, I woke up in our bed and managed to wake him up for a final round before morning.

All and all, we had quite the eventful Valentine’s.


We are nearing the end of Aurelia’s pregnancy. And everything and everything seemed to be getting on her nerves. I haven’t known any to act like this, but Aurelia is an Alpha wolf carrying an Alpha pup. I can’t say if it is normal she-wolf wolf behavior.

At the moment, she still seems to enjoy my company. I’m sure I have the mate bond to thank for that. Otherwise, I would be sleeping in a guest room at the packhouse.

Our OB Meredith agreed that Aurelia needed to rest. Her exact words were bed rest after Aurelia’s recent checkup, where she was diagnosed with preeclampsia high blood pressure. So to keep people from her wraith and her blood pressure down, I’m taking her to the cabin.

I smiled, glancing at her from the corner of my eye as I drove away from Mount Hood. The further away we drove, the more relaxed my mate looked. “Ready to go relax just the two of us for a few weeks?” I asked.

“Yes and no.” Aurelia sighed, repositioning in her seat rubbing her swollen belly. Strange that only a few months ago, her belly was barely visible. But since our wedding, our pup has grown and with him, so has Aurelia’s belly.

“So that’s a maybe?” I teased. ‘Are you looking to get us killed?’ Jericho sighed as Aurelia’s emerald eyes narrowed at me, glowing just slightly.

“I’m only teasing, honey. There’s no need to get your hackles up, Theia. Soon our pup will be here, and you and Jericho can go for a much-deserved run.” I assured my mate and her wolf.

My theory is Aurelia has high blood pressure because Theia is nasty to run, and she puts too much on herself with all her college courses. Thankfully she is done until Fall. She at least was willing to take a break from classes for a bit after our son is born.

We just need to get her and Connor James through the delivery safely. I hope getting away to rest where we first met, kissed, and made love will be good for her. I want them to be safe. My life would be meaningless without Aurelia. And I don’t want to imagine the pain we would suffer if we lost CJ.

The whole pack has been excited to meet their Alpha heir. Mount Hood celebrated with blue everywhere when news went out after our ultrasound indicated we were expecting a son.

“I know. And I appreciate it. I just can’t wait not to be pregnant anymore. It feels like forever. You better not expect me to do this again. I’m getting that arm implant birth control Isis is on.” Aurelia sighed.

“But I am looking forward to spending time just as. Shame that we are at the point of my pregnancy that we can’t have sex.” She sighed with a smirk.

“There are still things we can do. As long as we don’t do anything that is uncomfortable for you or spikes your blood pressure, we’re good.” I winked.

“I’ll keep that in mind. For now, I want to get into the cabin. I want to get warmed up and mmm a medium-rare steak in my belly.” Aurelia groaned, rubbing her belly.

I chuckled as we pulled up. “CJ has been about the red meats these last few months. He went from sweet and salty to red meat high in protein and iron.”

“I blame his father. Same for the heartburn. I’m told it means he has a lot of hair, and honestly, I don’t know who is hairier, you or Jericho.“ Aurelia taunted me as we climbed the steps to the cabin.

“I believe you called me wolfman when we first met.” I teased, setting our bags on the lightly snow-covered porch. Before she could guess what I was doing, I literally swept my mate off her feet.

“LOGAN…” Aurelia exclaimed, arms wrapping around my neck. “I am far too heavy for you to carry!” She insisted.

I rolled my eyes. “You are not heavy, least of all too heavy to lift.” I scoffed, carrying her inside. I had someone come clean and stock the kitchen for us in advance.

“You rest. I’ll get a fire started and make you a steak dinner.” I suggested, setting her on the sofa. “Sounds like a plan to me.” Aurelia smiled, kissing me.

As I set our bags at the bottom of the stairs, I saw my wife walking out. “I’ll put our things away.” she offered.

My eyes darted to my bag, then back at her. “I’ll take care of my stuff.” I assured her.

Her eyes narrowed. “What might you be hiding in your bag?” Aurelia questioned. For a pregnant she-wolf, she still moves fast. She grabbed my duffle back before I could stop her.

I lunged to stop her, but it didn’t matter. She had unzipped my bag and was rifling through my clothes.

And I knew the moment she found what I was hiding. She blinked, taking the black velvet jewelry box out of my bag, letting the duffle fall to the floor with a thud.

“What’s this?” She questioned but didn’t take her eyes off the box or the deep red ribbon tied around it.

“Well, it was going to be a surprise. But go ahead. Open it, honey.” I nodded. She glanced at me, cautiously pulling at the ribbon.

I smiled, watching the expressions on her face as she opened the box to reveal the gold necklace I knew was inside.

Her eyes lit up as she carefully took the locket out, running her thumb over the engraved forest scene with the moon phases in the skyline. “It’s beautiful.” She smiled.

“Look on the back.” I encouraged her. There was more than just that to see but one thing at a time. I smiled as I saw her start to tear as she read the engraving I’d had added.

“A hundred lifetimes, a hundred worlds, a hundred realities, I’d find you, and I’d choose you.” Aurelia read the words that just in November, I vowed to her

A tear slipped down her face. I’ll blame pregnancy hormones as my mate isn’t a crier under normal circumstances.

“It’s… it’s beautiful. Thank you.” She threw her arms around my neck, leaning down kissing me.

I groaned because I would never get enough of her lips. Takes every ounce of control to not lift her off her feet and make this kiss something more.

Reluctantly I pull back. “Open it.” I instructed, unable to make how damn horny that kiss got me.

And the minx knows it based on the smirk on her lips. But I’m not the only one affected, given the flush in her cheeks and the desire in her eyes.

Licking her lips, Aurelia opened the locket and gasped, almost dropping it. “How… where?” She blinked, clutching the necklace to her chest. This was the reaction I was waiting for.

“I have a confession. That necklace… I didn’t buy it. I’ve worked with Declan and Rowan since they arrived in my pack to find anything and everything that your birth parents may have left behind.” I explained, bringing her hands down.

I glanced down at the open locket at the one and only photo of Connor and Fianna Kavanah with a newborn Aurelia. They look so damn happy and proud holding her. It’s a shame that they had to give her up, but if they hadn’t, she could have died too.

“With some Silvercloud assistance, Declan was able to find a safe deposit box your parents left under assumed names. This was the only thing inside. Declan said the locket was something Connor gave Fianna the day she shifted for the first time.” I explained.

Aurelia sniffled. “It’s… it’s perfect. And soon, we can put our picture with CJ on the other half.” Tears staining her cheeks.

I smiled softly, wiping them away. “I love you, Aurelia. I love our pup, and I can’t wait till he’s here.”

Kissing her softly, I took the necklace, closing the locket before reaching around her neck to put it on her. It looks perfect on her, but then again, everything looks perfect on my mate.


Not everyone realizes just how romantic my husband is. And that’s fine by me. I don’t need others getting jealous that their mates/husbands/boyfriends will never measure up. Logan gets me on levels no one else can. Hell, he sometimes knows me better than I know myself.

He knew I was struggling. He knew I was worried about the baby after Meridith said I had preeclampsia. I didn’t want to do anything that put me or CJ at risk. But I also couldn’t just suddenly drop my classes or shove all my duties onto Sarael and Sybille.

The sneaky little fucker planned this getaway to our cabin. When Logan told me to pack for a month away, I was confused. I am near the end of my pregnancy, and he wants to go somewhere for a month?! I didn’t want to be far from my doctor.

I was relieved when he said we were just going to spend the end of my pregnancy at the cabin. He had it all planned out. We would spend a few relaxing weeks here so I could be completely stress-free, and when it got closer to my due date, we’d come back a few days early to ensure I was in Mount Hood for the delivery.

And I have to admit I love our cabin. It holds so many good memories. Our story started at this lake. On the sofa I’m currently stretched out on, Logan told me about being a werewolf and his mate. We had our first kiss on this sofa, and I had my first man-made orgasm.

“What naughty memory about this cabin are you thinking about?” Logan arched an eyebrow as he glanced at my face. His hands continued their glorious work rubbing my swollen feet and ankles.

I’ve mentioned what an amazing man he is, right? He planned this trip. Over the last two weeks being here, he has basically waited on me hand and foot.

He’s cooked all our meals. He cuts firewood every morning, which damn do I enjoy watching him shirtless cutting firewood. It’s below freezing, and the man cuts firewood shirtless cause he claims he gets too hot.

I’ve gotten various massages from those strong hands helping ease my aches and pains from pregnancy. The man is pampering the hell out of me, and I love every minute of it.

And then there was his surprise gift. Tracking down heirlooms from my birth family? Finding a locket with a picture of them with me as a baby? Then engraving his wedding vow on the back? The epitome of sweetness. I thought my heart would burst when I opened that locket and saw my birth parents’ faces.

Back to the subject at hand. “There are so many to choose from.” I teased him. “But if you must know, I was thinking about my first orgasm that you gave me on this sofa.” I admitted.

A predatory smile stretches over his handsome face. “I would be happy to relive that moment.” he offered. I clenched my thighs. The idea is undoubtedly arousing.

He didn’t wait for me to say anything. He changed positions, tugging my leggings and underwear off. My laugh became a moan as his lips kissed up my thighs, spreading them as he brought them over his shoulders.

Logan growled as he nipped at my inner thighs before getting exactly where I wanted and needed him. “So damn wet already.” he groaned, flattening his tongue out as he lapped me up.

My hips rolled against his face, wanting more. “Oh fuck… Logan.” I moaned, digging a hand into his hair as he went to town on me. He’s an orgasm magician. He knows just what I want and how I want it. Because just when I think I can’t cum any more poof, another orgasm hits me.

When he looks up from between my legs, his scruffy face glistens with my juices. And maybe that should be a turn-off, but it’s fucking hot right now. And I want more than just his tongue. “Fuck me.” I growl with need.

He didn’t need to hear my command twice. He moved to the floor, turning me and the pillow I had behind me, so I was sitting at the edge of the sofa. “I read this was one of the more comfortable positions for this late in the game.” Logan explained just before his cock filled me.

I’ve mentioned how much I love this man, right? He’s read more baby and pregnancy books than I have. He’s had a pregnancy or baby book on his nightstand since we found out I was pregnant. It’s adorable, and he doesn’t even hide it.

And oh fuck, he’s reading the right books if they are telling him the best ways to fuck a nine-month pregnant woman. My claws are digging into his shoulders, tearing through his shirt as I ride out the waves of pleasure.

I’m sure we scared some wildlife with how loud we were, especially when we reached climax. Now, this is how to spend Valentine’s Day.

I must have fallen asleep after our romp because I woke up in bed, snuggled in my body pillow to support my belly. Opening my eyes, I look around the dark room. How long have I been asleep? I don’t see Logan, but his scent is still around though faint. So he was here but hasn’t been in bed for a while.

With a groan, I try to get out of the bed. I wince as I feel a sharp pain and rub my belly. “Shh… it’s okay, CJ. Just a little longer.” I cooed, trying to get him to settle. It didn’t seem to be working.

I tried to remember the breathing exercise Meridith told me. The pain seemed to be getting more intense as I waddled to try and find Logan. “LOGAN!?” I shouted as I came to a sudden stop at the top of the stairs. I held my stomach crying out in pain as I felt something wet.

Oh, crap, did I piss myself? I won’t say it’s the first time it’s happened. Don’t judge me. You try having an alpha werewolf pup kickboxing your bladder. As I looked down at my leggings, I realized that wasn’t a little pee, and based on smell, it wasn’t pee.

My eyes widened as it clicked. “LOGAN!!!!!!” I screamed both aloud and in our link. “I’M IN LABOR!!!” I shouted just to emphasize why I was screaming. I looked at the stairs debating making it down them on my own while continuing to do the breathing.

The front door suddenly blew open, and a whirlwind of snow blew inside with a snow-covered Jericho. He shook out his fur, red eyes looking up the stairs at me. The weight of the situation hit him as Jericho ran up the stairs, shifting from wolf to human.

“Oh shit. This is not good.” Logan said, taking in my appearance.

“Thank you, captain OBVIOUS….” I didn’t mean to yell, but a contraction hit fucking hard. I almost went to my knees in pain. Before I could go down, I was in Logan’s arms.

“I mean more than just you going into labor. A snowstorm blew in. We knew it was coming, but since you aren’t due for another week, I thought we’d be fine.” Logan frowned, carrying me to our bathroom.

Panic was starting to take control. “What does that mean? Logan, what’s happening? Can’t we still get back to Mount Hood?” I questioned as he stripped me out of my wet clothes.

“I was checking the roads while you were sleeping. There’s already four feet of snow on the road leading away from the cabin. It would take me hours to clear it, and then we’d have to hope the roads between here and Mount Hood have been cleared.” Logan explained, getting a washcloth wet with warm water.

“So… you mean… we’re trapped here? Without any medical personnel?” I questioned between breaths, trying to remain calm. And it’s not really working.

Logan frowned, kneeling in front of me, washing my legs clean from my water breaking. “I hate to say it. But yes. It looks like CJ is being born the most old-fashioned way there is. At home with just mom and dad.” Logan sighed.

I doubled over, holding my belly as the next contraction hit. “I… I can’t give birth here. Do you even know anything about home births? Or delivering a baby?” I demanded, feeling Theia’s anger surging forward, her voice layered with mine.

“Yes, actually, I do. I’ve read every book I could get my hands on. We have everything we will need. My only worry is your blood pressure. So just remain calm, focus on your breathing, and we will get through this. I’m here with you, and I’ll use the bond to take as much of your pain as I can.” He assured me, scooping me into his arms.

With the skin-to-skin contact, I could feel our bond. Through it, I felt calm and loved. The pain even lessened as Logan laid me in the bed. I saw his jaw clench and knew he was taking some of my pain. Now that’s a real man. He can’t give birth, but he’s willing to feel the pain of it.

This was not at all how I’d planned to give birth. But Logan handled it like a pro. Those baby books he read were beneficial. The delivery was hell, and I really wish we were at the hospital to have an epidural. But three hours later, the cabin was filled with the wails of our baby.

“Logan… is he okay? Give him to me!” I questioned as it felt like forever since Logan had cut the umbilical cord and wrapped our baby in a towel.

“Well… honey, there’s um….” Logan seemed uncertain as he cradled our baby. What was wrong? If there is something wrong with my baby… I don’t know what I’ll do.

“What’s wrong? Give him to me.” I insisted, holding my arms out. Logan sighed gently, passing the bundle to me. I moved the towel to look my baby over.

A thick tuft of fiery red hair was on his head. Logan’s beautiful azure/cobalt blue eyes blinked at me. His skin was so soft. I gently stroked his cheek. I moved to his hands, counting his fingers. As I went to count toes, I stopped.

Logan hadn’t put anything on the baby for a diaper, and I can now see what Logan was trying to put into words. “A girl? We have a girl!” Tears started to sting my eyes. We have a daughter! And she’s absolutely perfect.

I felt the bed dip as Logan moved to be behind me. “So it would seem. That ultrasound must have shown a shadow, or her foot was at just the right angle. Because this is no Connor James.” Logan sighed, reaching around me to touch her face.

“No… certainly not. She’s Rose…. Our little Roselyn Fianna Kinsley.” I sniffled, bringing her closer to kiss her forehead.

When we tried to decide on baby names, we’d decided if we had a boy, we would name him Connor James to honor my birth father and Logan. But a girl we’d name her Roselyn Fianna in honor of my grandma Roselyn Christian and my birth mother.

Rose let out a wail that made us both laugh. “I think our sweet Rosie is hungry.” Logan smiled, stroking her cheek. “Welcome to the family, my little Alpha. You’re going to grow up surrounded by so much love and hopefully not end up spoiled rotten.” He sighed.

I smiled as I brought her to my breast, and she quickly latched. Logan kissed me sweetly. “You forever amaze me, Aurelia.” he whispered, pressing his forehead to mine.

“You rest, and I’ll clean everything up and tell the pack they will soon meet their Alpha heir, Roselyn Fianna Kinsley, once the snow can be cleared.” Logan smiled, climbing off the bed.

I sighed, watching my baby girl. She’s not what we expected, but she’s so much more. I look forward to the future Alpha Rose. I hope Bloodmoon is ready for a female Alpha.

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5 comentarios

Talayna Pehrson
Talayna Pehrson
06 mar 2022

I appreciate that a lead character has HG. Not all of us have pretty pregnancies, and not all of us get to enjoy the pregnancy due to being so sick.

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Talayna Pehrson
Talayna Pehrson
06 mar 2022
Contestando a

I'm sorry, the spectrum can be so wide. Sometimes it's hard to get doctors to listen, especially when they've seen some in worse condition so it can't be 'that bad'. A good doctor can make all the difference.

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Lorena Koolman
Lorena Koolman
04 mar 2022

Omg can i just say i love the valentine edition it so amazing to continue reading there life and how cute they all are together. they really are perfect couple but also how amazing the writing is. To detail al there feeling and tough and how well the characters go together so much work and passion in your writing. Thank you much love all your books

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Author Bryant
Author Bryant
18 feb 2022

I hope you enjoyed this look into these four couple's Valentine's celebrations. And into the future of two packs.

Me gusta
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