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The Bloodmoon Pack Origins

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Centuries ago the Alpha of a werewolf pack, whose name has long been forgotten, passed away without an heir. The Alpha's killer died with him leaving the pack without a leader. War raged among the pack warriors and werewolves from beyond the pack alike. All thought they should be named Alpha.

This war for power carried on for many years. There seemed to be no end in tight till a newly shifted male walked onto the battle field the night of a bloodmoon. This young wolf was laughed at and dismissed as weak for being a newly shifted wolf. Yet when the young wolf's eyes glowed as red as the moon above them and the blood stained battlefield at their feet it took them all off guard. There had never been a red eyed wolf.

Shifting to his wolf, his strong aura pulsed across the field as he let out a snarl of warning. Many bent their necks in submission to his power. Those who refused to submit chose to attack thinking they could stand a chance. None were prepared to face someone with his strength or speed. The young wolf made quick work of defeating his adversaries.

However, as the young wolf didn't wish for more death he only incapacitated his enemies. Once he was the last wolf standing he howled his victory at the blood moon before shifting back to his human form. He spoke to all present telling them of how the Moon Goddess spoke to him when he shifted for the first time.

She told him how she was saddened by all the death they were causing. And she wanted him to put a stop to it. So she gifted him with a special wolf, a bloodmoon Alpha wolf. He promised to bring peace and prosperity back to their people. All who submitted and too the blood oath to him would be welcome in his new Bloodmoon Pack.

From that day forward only the one possessing the Bloodmoon Alpha wolf could and would lead the pack as Alpha. There would be no challenging the Alpha for their title and position within in the pack.

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