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A Bloodmoon Wedding


I will not kill a pregnant bitch. I will not kill a pregnant bitch. I will not kill a pregnant bitch. This is my new mantra. Or at least it’s the mantra I will be using any time I am in the same breathing area as Claire Weston. Ugh, just thinking her name makes me want to vomit. I would say maybe it’s the baby but I’ve FINALLY been vomit-free, knock on wood, for a month now.

I have despised Claire well my whole life. Since kindergarten even. The girl was a bitch then, and she’s a bitch now. ‘Well, technically, so are you. Though in the more literal sense.’ Theia unhelpfully points out. I growl for probably the millionth time today. “Luna?” Sybille arches a perfect blonde brow at me as she looks up from bouncing Xavier on her knee.

“Just thinking about the one wedding guest who better fucking not show,” I grumbled. Sybille frowned, covering Xavier’s ears. I sighed. “Sorry. I’m trying to not cuss as much. But you know how it gets when you can shift. And I’m mated to Logan. The man could write his own cuss dictionary,” I sighed, slumping onto my childhood bed.

“I know. And at least you are trying. Alpha rarely remembers to censor his language,” Sybille sighed. “Dad just has a colorful and vast vocabulary,” Hana shrugged, not even looking up from her phone. I’m not going to ask who she’s texting. It could be one of the Kearney twins, both of them, Shamus, or just one of her she-wolf friends.

I don’t want to know. Because if I know, then Logan might know. And if Logan finds out, she’s texting boys… well, I fear for the safety of the Kearney boys and Shamus. I already had to talk him out of killing Shamus when he caught the boy kissing Hana down by the training grounds.

The kid needs to work on his sneak game. Though honestly, he shouldn’t be kissing Hana or anyone yet. I know that’s part of what pisses Logan off the most. He doesn’t want the boys in our pack catching feelings for Hana or vice versa. He doesn’t want to see her heart get broken when they find their mates, and she becomes a distant memory.

Hana remains optimistic about finding a mate. Sarael joining the family didn’t help matters. Not that I’m upset with or about Sarael being John’s mate. She’s awesome. I’m glad to have her as my Beta. She’s really stepped up and quickly filled a void in mine and Sybille’s dynamic we didn’t know was there.

Thinking of Sarael, I cock my head as I hear a commotion in the living room. “Sarael? Love?” John’s worried voice hits my ears, and I’m off my bed, clutching the champagne lace of my gown in my hands to not trip and rushing down the hall. I can tell by the sound of their footsteps Sybille and Hana are right behind me.

I walked out in time for my mom to give Sarael something to eat and dismissed her dismissal. I’m not sure what’s going on with Sarael, but I do know that John will fuss and worry over her all night if I don’t step in. So I shoo my brother-in-law away and help Sarael to her feet. “So want to tell me what’s going on?” I asked as we walked back to my room.

“Oh, it’s nothing to worry about. I always get this way when I’m working at a big event. Especially a wedding. I want them to be perfect. So I focus more on work than myself and sometimes forget to eat or don’t eat much,” Sarael shrugged, popping one of the honey prosciutto wrapped apple slices into her mouth.

“Wow. So I didn’t really expect honey and the apple to go that well with crispy prosciutto. Actually, I didn’t expect to like it at all since I don’t eat pork,” Sarael frowned, eyeing another one on her plate before popping it into her mouth. I arched an eyebrow and looked at Sybille.

‘Are you thinking what I am?’ I questioned through the link. ‘Oh yeah. I mean the number of times she or John has been late, John Kinsley is late for nothing since moving in together tells you they’ve been screwing like bunnies.’ Sybille chuckled. “When was your last period?” I questioned.

Sarael blinked at me while Hana coughed on her own spit. What? I’m blunt. I hate beating around the bush. “Um… I don’t know. It hasn't been regular or anything in years since I went on the shot. Trust me, I’m not pregnant. I get like this every event. My staff can confirm it,” Sarael shook her head.

“Right cause birth control is so effective in preventing pregnancy,” I rolled my eyes, placing my hand over my abdomen. I was just starting to show these days. I sighed as I felt the baby moving around. They sure are an active little pup.

“She’s right, Sarael. The dosage used for birth control you’ve been on and that Aurelia was on was based on you being human,” Sybille sighed.

“But I am human,” Sarael pointed out. “You may smell like you are, and you don’t have our weaknesses, but you have a wolf and all the benefits that go with it like healing and our ability to burn through drugs quickly,” Sybille sighed.

Sarael paled, and even I blinked. Shit. That makes so much fucking sense. No wonder my pill did jack shit. The dosage wasn’t nearly high enough to account for me being a werewolf.

“Could I…” Sarael nervously covered her abdomen. “You and Uncle John have been having a lot of sex,” Hana shrugged. All three of us looked at her with a similar expression. “What? I’m twelve, and you’ve met my dad. You honestly think I don’t know about sex?” Hana rolled her eyes.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that she’s almost a teenager and not just a little girl. She obviously doesn’t look like a little girl today dressed in the wine-red crepe sheath dress with its V-neckline and a cascading ruffle slit. It was the same dress that Sybille was wearing, though Sybille filled her dress out.

“Okay, we need to know for sure,” Sybille nodded as her eyes glazed over. “Who are you linking?” Sarael asked. “If you are getting John, so help me…” she warned. Sybille waved a dismissive hand at her. “Don’t worry. I just linked Holly. She’s my guard Nigel’s mate. They’ve been trying for a pup, so I know she’s probably carrying tests,” Sybille explained.

Not even five minutes later, there was a knock on my door. “Luna? Beta? Gamma?” Holly quietly called out. “Come in, Holly,” I called out, wincing as Sybille tugged at my hair, trying to get it pinned up into a half updo with white rose pins cascading down my curls.

“You all look gorgeous,” Holly smiled. “Thank you. Did you bring what Sybille asked?” I smiled, having to use the mirror to look at her. I like Holly. She's a strong she-wolf that takes no one’s shit. And I won’t fault Alec for his little crush on her. I know he won’t act on it, and if he did, she’d shut him down faster than he could blink.

Holly is over the moon in love with her mate Nigel. And I don’t think anything would ever change that. And certainly not my just graduated high school bestie who knocked up my lifelong enemy. Though Holly is at least friendly to Alex. She stuck up for him when he wanted to blame himself for Sakina finding the pack.

“Yes, Luna,” Holly nodded, digging into her purse holding up four tests. “Why do you have so many?” Sarael blinked. “Well, no offense to you or Luna Aurelia but some of us have been trying for a pup for years. So I always have some because I don’t know. I just keep hoping the next one I take will be positive,” Holly shrugged. Sarael and I both frowned.

Neither of us wanted to make her feel bad. Here I was pregnant and very unplanned, and now Sarael might be. While Holly’s been mated to Nigel for eight years and hasn’t been able to conceive. “I didn’t mean it that way. I know you’re trying. I just… four seems like a lot,” Sarael stumbled over an apology.

“It's okay, Beta Sarael. I know you wouldn’t try to be offensive. Just go take one,” Holly assured her, thrusting a test into her hands. Sarael sighed, taking a long gulp from her bottle of water, and went into my bathroom. Two of the second-longest minutes, waiting to confirm I was pregnant were the longest, of my life later. That little display clearly said ‘Pregnant.’

Hana let out a whoop. “I’m going to get a sibling and a cousin!” Sarael was shaking her head. “No way,” I rolled my eyes. “Here, take the others,” Holly thrust the remaining three at her. Each one said pregnant. “Maybe they are all defective?” Sarael frowned. “I have one left,” Holly sighed, pulling a fifth from her purse. “Just to prove they aren’t defective. I’ll take it,” Hana announced.

I wanted to protest. But honestly, of everyone in the room, Hana was absolutely the only one who would only be positive if the test was defective. “Looks like you’re preggers, Auntie,” Hana smirked, holding up her negative test. “Congratulations,” Sybille smiled, giving Sarael a hug.

Sarael looked dumbfounded. “But.. we only just got engaged. I don’t think we are ready for this,” she frowned. “You think Logan and I were? And honestly, of the Kinsley men, you have the one that’s probably over prepared to be a dad,” I chuckled. “Okay. You make a good point,” Sarael sighed.

“We need to tell everyone,” Hana smiled, reaching for her phone. Sarael quickly snatched it from her. “Oh hell no. You will say nothing. I still have to tell John. And this is your dad’s wedding. It’s about him and Aurelia. We are not even risking overshadowing that with news of another Kinsley pup,” Sarael went into boss mode, making Hana gulp. “Fine,” Hana conceded.

We all jumped when there was a knock at the door. I sighed when I picked up the familiar scent of my best friend and man of honor. “Come in, Alex,” I called out. “Hey, ladies,” Alex grinned, poking his head into the room.

His sandy blonde hair was combed into a neat pompadour cut. A big difference from his usual mess. Like Logan and the other guys, he was in a gray suit but was wearing a wine-red dress shirt with a white tie and a white dahlia boutonniere. He cleans up nicely.

“John said it was time to get started. The moon is going to rise soon,” Alex explained. “Oh hey, Holly. Didn’t expect to see you here,” he blinked, flashing a bright smile at her. “Well, it certainly wouldn’t be my mate’s place to assist any of the ranked she-wolves in preparing for the wedding,” Holly shrugged.

“Which I need to get back to him. Beta Sarael, I can escort you to your seat since you aren’t in the wedding party,” Holly smiled, offering an arm to Sarael. “Yeah, sure. Thanks, Holly,” Sarael nodded, looping her arm with hers. “See you out there, ladies,” Alex smiled, opening the door, stepping out of their way.

I rolled my eyes, and I noticed him checking Holly’s ass out as she walked past. When his shamrock eyes met mine, he saw the disapproval and gave me his ‘I’m innocent’ look. I rolled my eyes. Innocent, my ass. “I see you managed to tie your tie,” I nodded to his white tie.

“Actually, John did. I got to the room where I was forced to sit with your mate, Charles, and Silvercloud, and no one had their ties on. They told me to just wait for John because he’d fuss over us and tell us we did a shit job if we tried for ourselves,” Alex shrugged.

Sybille laughed. “That sounds accurate. I mean no offense to any of them, but they never learned to put a tie on themselves,” she sighed. “I’ve seen Logan in a tie. They always look hot and perfect,” I furrowed my brow. “Yeah, because John tied it,” Sybille sighed.

“My Charles can’t tie one either. I usually do it. But Xavier needed my attention,” she sighed, nuzzling into Xavier’s face making the little boy giggle. “You won’t be like daddy. You will learn to tie your own tie. You can’t rely on Beta John to always do it for you,” Sybille teased her son.

“Well, I guess at least John was able to get it taken care of. I don’t know how to tie one,” I shrugged, grabbing my beautiful bouquet. Sarael had done a fantastic job with the flowers.

“Dad?” I called out as we all made our way out of the house. “Right here, sweetheart,” Dad smiled, offering me his arm. “Ready?” he asked. I took a breath and nodded. “Absolutely.”


I kept looking at my watch the longer John was gone. I hate being cooped up in this damn room. It’s not exactly the company’s fault. Obviously, I get along just fine with Chuck and Silvercloud. Alex, however, still gets on my damn nerves. I was glad his bitch of a baby mama declined to be his date. I don’t want her near my mate, let alone our wedding.

He’s still not really explained how he ended up with that girl. I get that Aurelia graduating early and moving in with me created a void in his life. But to fill the void with that girl. Yeah, wrong move. He knows how much Aurelia hates that girl. And now, there will never be an escape from her because of the baby Alexander will share with her.

I mean, I guess I can commend him for stepping up. Accepting his responsibility to the girl and the baby. Sarael was nice enough to rent her old house to them so they’d have a place big enough to raise a kid in and so that they weren’t living in the Whitland’s house.

Robert and Michele were not really thrilled to learn their eighteen-year-old son knocked his girlfriend up. Even less so when you take into account, they didn’t know he was dating.

Sure he’s the same age as Aurelia, but we get a pass for already being expecting. We’ve been together for two years and very soon will be married. When I proposed, all issues with our age difference and how fast things were gone fell to the wayside last year. It seemed to shut up her parents and the Whitlands about our ‘living in sin’.

I’d argue, but really some of the things that we’ve done behind closed doors and sometimes not behind closed doors would undoubtedly fall into the sin category. And crap, now I’m getting hard thinking about this morning, the last time I saw my mate. She was naked on all fours with that ass high in the air. Our bedroom filled with the sounds of her moans as I feasted on her dripping pussy.

Our sex life has never been lacking, but Aurelia has been a lot more frisky since getting pregnant. Her scent and taste changed slightly with the pregnancy, and it all served to drive Jericho and me crazy. And I know not being able to shift and the heightened hormones had Theia on edge. ‘Stop it.’ Jericho growled.

‘Stop what?’ I demanded. ‘Stop taunting yourself and me. We will see our mate soon, and after the ceremony, we can take her to the cabin and have our way with her for the next two glorious weeks of our honeymoon.’ Jericho sighed. Oh yeah, he was just as horny as me.

“Um, Alpha?” Silvercloud coughed. “Hmm?” I arched an eyebrow. “Whatever you’re thinking about, mind stopping?” he snickered. When I apparently didn’t get it, Chuck sighed. “You’re going to bust a zipper,” Chuck gestured to my slacks. I sighed, rolling my eyes adjusting my suit pants.

“That’s not what I wanted to walk in to see,” John grimaced with a sigh as he returned. “Oh, shut up. Where the hell have you been? And why do I smell my mate?” I questioned.

“I was making sure things were running smoothly. My mate fainted. She apparently gets too focused on work with big events. So she doesn’t always eat as much as she should. Or at least that’s her story, and Becky confirmed,” John ran a hand over his face taking a seat.

“She fainted?” I frowned. I don’t like the sound of that. “She’ll be fine. I left her in the care of your mate. I was instructed by Luna to come back here and keep you out of trouble,” John smirked.

“Apparently, that means making sure he doesn't go to the house and kick the others out of her room to get in a pre-wedding quickie,” Silvercloud taunted.

I growled and went to smack him, but John beat me to it. “That’s our Luna and my sister you are talking about,” John growled. I smirked because he had just saved me the trouble.

“Can we just not talk about my best friend like that in general. I’m only sitting in this room cause I have a dick and therefore am not allowed to chill in her room with the others in her half of the wedding party,” Alexander grimaced.

Chuck rolled his eyes. “Something tells me your lack of female body parts isn’t the reason. Well, I’m sure it’s her father’s reason. We all know to Luna and my mate, you are just one of the girls,” Chuck teased. Alexander frowned, folding his arms. “I am not one of the girls,” he grumbled.

“But you are, Man of Honor,” Silvercloud snickered. “They’re right. You know they are. You were just one of the girls to my mate even before I met her,” I shrugged. “Says you,” Alexander frowned.

“Okay. Enough children,” John sighed. “Alexander, you know that you are her best friend. You are someone significant in Aurelia’s life. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t be here,” John tried to appease the boy.

“Now then. You should head over. We should be starting soon,” John shooed the boy out of the room. “You all really love poking that poor kid,” John shook his head.

“Easy target,” Silvercloud shrugged. “What he said,” I smirked. “Okay, well, just behave yourselves. He’s having a hard enough time,” John sighed.

“His own fault for sneaking around Luna’s childhood nemesis and worse getting the girl pregnant,” Chuck snorted. I smiled, giving him a fist bump. I love that they are on the same page as me about that subject.

“Yes, well, bad judgment aside, a new life is coming. And given how close Alexander and Aurelia are, that means this child will grow up knowing our secret and probably be friends with our heir,” John pointed out.

We all groaned at that reminder. “Fine, but we don’t have to be nice to the girl,” Silvercloud conceded. “Just be civil if you ever deal with her. She’s oblivious to our nature, so she’d find it very strange if you get too protective of Aurelia,” John sighed as he went around the room, checking each of us to be sure we hadn’t messed up our ties or clothes.

“Now, let's get our Alpha married. Then we can celebrate at the reception followed by a blood moon run,” John smiled. The blood moon always holds a special place in our pack. To all born in the pack, it’s a moon we feel the most energized under. And for a Kinsley, we are at our most powerful under the blood moon.

“I’m sure everyone will enjoy the run. However, my mate and I will be leaving for our honeymoon,” I smiled as we exited the room. “Don’t think about it! You think about the honeymoon too much as you’re going to have wood during the ceremony,” Silvercloud laughed.

Soon I was standing under the decorated arch placed under a tall oak tree in the field. A trail of rose and dahlia petals created the path between the rows of wooden folding chairs. The whole space turned out rather beautifully, and I know it’s thanks to Sarael. I hope she’s feeling better.

A select few pack members filled my half of the seats. Mainly the guards to the rank-she wolves and their families. Then, of course, the sub-betas and their mates were in attendance. I nodded to them and smiled when I saw Sarael take a seat being escorted by Holly.

Aurelia’s side of the aisle had many humans that were close friends of her family and then some of the more prominent members of her biological parents’ pack. It was amusing to watch as pack members and humans mingled. Other than Alexander, Mary, and William, our pack had to be mindful of what they said. We don’t want anyone else knowing our secrets.

Soon the procession started. I smiled as I watched Xaiver and little Virginia Tracey toddled down the aisle as ring bearer and flower girl. Behind them entered my little girl who didn’t look so little tonight in her junior bridesmaid dress on Silvercloud’s arm. I gave him a stern look which he gave me, an ‘I didn’t choose this’ look as he let Hana’s arm go to stand just down from me.

After Hana and Silvercloud entered Chuck and Sybille. They, of course, make a lovely pair. Far better than seeing my daughter on Silvercloud’s arm. And next was the most commercial pairing. Not touching but walking next to each other entered my brother and Alexander. ‘Shouldn’t you have offered him your arm? Isn’t it only proper to escort a lady?’ I teased my brother through the link.

John held his smile, resisting the urge I knew he had to roll his eyes at me as he came to stand next to me. ‘Shut up and watch your mate come down the aisle.’ John responded. Soon everyone stood as the string instrumental version of All of Me by John Legend filled the air.

My breath hitched as I watched her come around the corner holding William’s arm. She is so fucking gorgeous. She’s been worried her mother’s dress would be too tight being six months pregnant, but it fit her perfectly. The champagne-colored tiered lace gown was stunning against her fair skin and just made her fiery hair and emerald eyes stand out all the brighter.

Everyone and everything faded away. All I could see was Aurelia. I don’t even remember if I nodded to her father as he stepped back, letting me take her hand in mine. And soon, it was time to say our vows. Aurelia passed her bridal bouquet to Alexander and let me take both her hands in mine.

“Aurelia Faith Christian, I love you. And that is the beginning and end of everything. Because of you, I laugh, I smile, and I dare to dream more than I ever have. You are, and always will be, the love of my life, soulmate, and person. In a hundred lifetimes, a hundred worlds, a hundred realities, I’d find you, and I’d choose you,” I spoke the words I’d memorized, smiling as I saw her eyes start to well with tears. I carefully slipped the white gold band covered with tiny diamonds paired with her engagement ring like a crown.

“Logan James Kinsley, as soon as I saw you, I knew a grand adventure was about to begin. You are my first, my last, my everything. You are mine until the end of time, and I am yours for as long as you'll have me. I love you with all that I am,” Aurelia smiled down at me as she slipped my simple white gold band on my finger.

I don’t know if either of us waited for the priest to say ‘kiss the bride’ because our lips crashed together as I dipped her low. The sound of clapping and laughter reminded us we weren’t alone. I should have righted her back onto her feet. But screw that. I swept her up into my arms and carried her down the aisle.

The reception went well. Everyone was mingling and having a good time. The only person that didn’t look to be having fun was Alexander. Especially after the dancing started. The dance floor didn’t open to everyone until after Aurelia and I shared our first dance. Like what she walked out to, we danced to John Legend’s All of Me, but this time with lyrics.

I know we may have looked odd given our height difference, but I seriously don’t care. I also don’t care that many of the whispers were because they didn’t think I could dance.

Seriously, did my pack think I actually got out of my mother’s mandatory dance lessons? Just because I was the younger son and didn’t have to sit through all the Alpha training John did as a boy, no one escaped my mother’s etiquette classes.

Soon everyone else was on the dance floor. And I couldn’t help but cock my head as I saw my brother enthusiastically raise his mate and spin her around. ‘What’s going on?” I questioned him in the link. ‘I’ll tell you later. Enjoy your wedding and honeymoon.’ John assured me.

Aurelia had a smile on her lips. I know that smile. “What do you know that I don’t?” I asked. “That our pup won’t be the only Kinsley born next year,” Aurelia smiled. I blinked, then grinned. My brother was going to have a child. I’m going to be an uncle. And my child will grow up with his. This was perfect.

“Let’s hit the road,” I suggested. “Just a minute. I feel bad for Alex,” Aurelia frowned as she looked across the barn to her best friend. “You can’t really do much for him. The girl decided to not come and with just cause,” I sighed.

“I know, but. Well, can I dance with Alex? Maybe it will perk him up,” she asked. I frowned because I didn’t really want to share my wife other than letting William dance with her.

“I don’t think you need to,” I stated. Aurelia gave me a narrowed look. “No, I mean look,” I pointed. Aurelia’s eyes followed my finger as she saw Holly walk up to Alexander.

“What is she doing?” Aurelia questioned. “Being nice, I suppose. Nigel obviously is okay with it since he’s just calmly sitting talking with Warren,” I shrugged.

“Alright, you look like someone kicked your puppy. It’s sad,” Holly sighed, holding a hand out to Alexander. Alexander looked confused and a little annoyed. “I’m not in the mood, Holly,” he huffed.

“No shit. You’re sitting here sulking. It’s not an attractive look. Now come on, dumbass,” Holly rolled her eyes, no longer waiting for him to get the clue.

I snickered as Alexander stumbled while one of my strongest she-wolves yanked him along behind her to the dance floor. The boy looked so lost and terrified as she placed his hand on her waist.

“Dance. You do know how don't you?” Holly questioned. “Um… yeah, but I’m trying to not die tonight,” Alexander’s voice squeaked a little as his eyes were looking for Nigel to attack him.

“Nigel is talking shop and is fine with me dancing with you. Something about it’s like dancing with a fellow she-wolf. Now stop sulking and dance. This is your best friend’s wedding. Do not make my Luna see pictures of you with such a long face when she goes through her wedding photos,” Holly commanded and started dancing, making him follow her lead.

Aurelia covered her mouth to not laugh. “Well, at least he doesn’t look as sad,” she sighed. “And since Holly is dancing with him, some of the others will too. It just takes one person to include him,” I assured.

“Okay. Let’s go. I want out of this dress,” Aurelia sighed. “I want you out of that dress too,” I winked as we ducked out of the party, taking the decorated SUV with balloons and the words ‘Just Married’ on the back windshield.

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Author Bryant
Nov 18, 2021

I hope you enjoyed getting to see the wedding from the bride and groom's perspectives.

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