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Kinsley Family

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

The Kinsley family have been the Alphas of Bloodmoon, dating back to the founding of the pack.

  • John Alexander Kinsley Senior met his mate Elizabeth Kontos at a gathering hosted by her father's pack, The Night Keepers, the year she was 17. Early in their marriage, they butted heads, having grown up with different values on how to run a pack. Eventually, they found their groove becoming a beloved Alpha and Luna to their pack and having two sons, John Jr and Logan. Both were shocked when their eldest son turned out not to possess the bloodmoon Alpha wolf. They were concerned that their second-born son had the Alpha wolf as Logan was always more unpredictable and temperamental. A trait that showed itself when he returned with a human lover and her child rather than a mate. John Sr and Elizabeth had trouble accepting his lover and her child, hoping he would find his mate, especially after she died. John Sr. died in battle against Seigfried. Elizabeth died not long after from a broken heart but at least heard Logan found his mate.

  • John Alexander Junior is the firstborn son of John Sr and Elizabeth. He was groomed to be what his parents felt would be the perfect Alpha. He knew he had disappointed them when his wolf, Irving, was not the Alpha wolf. John decided to devote himself to helping his brother be a great Alpha and was named Beta. John has taken his responsibility as big brother and Beta seriously. He often got between pack members and even his father when they disapproved of Logan, primarily his relationship with Suzu. It was John who pulled his brother back from the darkness when Suzu was murdered. John has repressed much when it comes to his brother and how he surpasses him. By becoming Alpha and then finding his mate before him. However, it was through his new Luna Aurelia regret John met his mate, Sarael Adio. Sarael was chosen to be the florist for Logan and Aurelia's wedding. This created a chance meeting between them. Their relationship has been rocky as not only is she human, but she comes from a family of hunters.

  • Logan James Kinsley is the second-born son of John Sr. and Elizabeth. He was often teased growing up for his small size; to this day, he gets angry when his height is mocked. He had never imagined he would have to become Alpha, assuming that his brother would be. His wolf, Jericho, ended up being the Bloodmoon Alpha wolf. Suddenly Logan was the center of unwanted attention. Thankfully his brother agreed to be his Beta and help him. Over time Logan gave up on finding a mate and took a human lover. Suzu Yashida already had a daughter, Hana, when she was swept off her feet by Logan and moved to America. Suzu knew he would find his mate one day, so she always refused to be marked or to marry him. Their relationship wasn't long-lived as Seigfried murdered her. Logan adopted her daughter and has raised her as his own. Two years ago, Logan met his mate, Aurelia Christian. The beginning of their relationship was fraught with danger as Siegfried made multiple attempts to kill Aurelia. However, after she defeated Siegfried, their relationship progressed happily. The once orphan and packets Aurelia was reunited with survivors of her birth pack, and when she became Luna, they merged the packs. They learned they were expecting four months before their wedding. An ultrasound indicated they were expecting a boy. However, in an unplanned emergency home birth on Valentine's Day during a snowstorm, a healthy baby girl was born. They have named her Roselyn Fianna Kinsley.

  • Hana Kimiko Kinsley is the biological daughter of Suzu Yashida and Kaoru Kita. She never knew Kaoru, and her mother never even said his name. The first and only man she knew as Father was Logan Kinsley. Logan legally adopted her, giving her his name after her mother died. Hana grew up human among werewolves. Because of this, she's often put down and ridiculed. But she isn't afraid to put those people in their place in the sparring circle. When Logan brought Aurelia home, Hana wanted to hate her. She was taking her mother's place even though Hana knew the mate bond could not be discounted and was a more profound connection than mere love. After Aurelia saved her life from Siegfried, Hana held nothing but respect and growing love for her new stepmother. Now Hana is excited about becoming a big sister. She still holds out hope she will someday find she has a werewolf mate.

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