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The Silverclaw Pack Turned Syndicate

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Twenty-Five years ago the Silverclaw Pack lived on a territory in Northern Oregon. Their Alpha, Ulrich Drechsler, was not born into their pack. He became Alpha when he mated with the only child of former Alpha Donald Argyris, Laraine. Following Ulrich's rise to power their once peaceful and prosperous pack began to fall into ruin.

It's people became desperate and angry. And only became more enraged when Luna Laraine died suddenly. To deflect the packs anger from himself Ulrich falsely claimed all their strife including the death of their Luna was the fault of the Bloodmoon Pack. Ulrich claimed that while traveling they were attacked and the Bloodmoon Alpha John Sr. killed Laraine in cold blood.

The Silverclaw pack demanded blood, they cried out for war against Bloodmoon to avenge their beloved Luna. Ulrich instructed the pack to make quick and albeit random strikes against the Bloodmoon Pack to prod at their defenses and force their coward Alpha out. Ulrich promised he would defeat Alpha John Sr. and avenge his mate.

This tactic worked, to an extent. The attacks did gain Alpha John Sr.'s attention. However when the day of the Alpha battle came Ulrich was not the victor. Ulrich vastly underestimated the power a bloodmoon alpha possesses. Especially when compared to only a second born son of alpha blood. Alpha John Sr. made quick work of Ulrich. Typically a Bloodmoon Alpha would be compassionate to his opponent and allow them to submit rather than die.

However before making his challenge John Sr. had the death of Luna Laraine investigated. Upon the discovery that it was Ulrich who had taken her life John deemed the wolf unfit to live. In the Bloodmoon Pack the mate bond is taken very seriously and any offense against that bond is punished severely. Siegfried, the twelve year old heir of Silverclaw watched on in horror and rage as his father's head was ripped from his shoulders.

Siegfried vowed to get revenge on the Bloodmoon Pack. As he was too young and without a wolf to become Alpha the Silverclaw Pack was disbanded. Bloodmoon, as was their right as the victor, took over their land. Some members of Silverclaw choose to pledge to Bloodmoon. Most, however, opted to turn rogue. They were too proud to accept what they felt was pity from the Bloodmoon. Nor would they bow their head to the man they saw kill their Alpha and still believed killed their Luna.

Once Siegfried was old enough to shift he set his plan into motion. He called together the scattered members of the Silverclaw Pack and joined them with other rogues. Together they formed what Siegfried declared the Syndicate Pack. This newly formed pack of rogues became a plague to the north western werewolf community.

They raided small packs and homes of werewolves who lived at the edge or outside larger packs, including Bloodmoon. They were vicious and ruthless in their attacks.They would go so low as to kill children and any woman that they didn't choose to take as sex slaves. They would even sell some of their captives on the supernatural black market.

Of those females they abducted as Celia Adler, a young newly shifted unmated female from the Bloodmoon Pack. Siegfried had taken an interested in the girl choosing to make her his sex slave. Her time being held prisoner, beaten and raped nearly broke her spirit. But when she realized she was pregnant she knew she needed to fight to escape or die trying. She could either escape and keep her child safe from the monster that sired it or die taking the child with her so it would never know its father's cruelty.

Upon learning that she was pregnant Siegfried had decided to mark her and make her his chosen mate. He knew once marked he could use the mate bond and his Alpha command to control her. Once she had given birth he planned to have her killed so as to not cause issue when he found it true mate later. When he came to her cell to have his way with her and mark her Celia used all her strength and managed to fight him off escaping back to Bloodmoon Pack.

Celia was welcome back into the pack and protected from Siegfried. Her son, Kurt Adler, was given the same protection when he was born. This only enraged Siegfried more as Kurt was his heir being his first born son. He tried on multiple occasions to abduct Kurt. But non were ever successful as Alpha John Sr and then later Alpha Logan always thwarted his attempts.

This only fueled Siegfried and the Syndicate's hate of Bloodmoon. As revenge against Alpha Logan Siegfried bribed the guards assigned to protect Alpha Logan's human lover, Suzu. Siegfried left her defiled and beaten body for Alpha Logan to find. He knew it would destroy Alpha Logan. And for a time he thought he had succeeded. Alpha Logan had retreated from the public eye and his Beta mostly ran the pack with former Alpha John Sr.

But it wasn't long before Alpha Logan, at least on the outside, bounced back. Int he years following Suzu's death Siegfried and his Syndicate continued to terrorize the werewolf community but especially Bloodmoon. It all came to a head two years ago when Siegfried managed to do what his father before him couldn't. He killed former Alpha John Sr, and by extension former Luna Elizabeth.

This should have appeased Siegfried's desire to avenge his parents deaths but it wasn't enough. Bloodmoon had taken his son and heir from him. It didn't matter than he had since found his mate and sired a daughter. A daughter could not be Alpha of his pack and he would not make his grandfather's mistake and hand his pack over to someone just because they mated his daughter. Siegfried wanted further vengeance.

When he learned, through and unwilling information in Katherine Bryant, that Alpha Logan had found his mate Siegfried set his sights on killing the she-wolf. He had his Delta, Calvin Shadow, leverage the mate bond between himself and Katherine to get information on this future Luna so they could attack. In the end even threatening Katherine with Calvin's death could get her to fully betray her pack.

When Katherine learned Calvin was part of the Syndicate and therefore in no real danger she saw her mistake int rusting her mate. She sent out a warning to Alpha Logan in time for him to take action to stop the Syndicate. Katherine was banished from Bloodmoon and only managed to escape the Syndicate with the help of a spy from an east coast pack sent to keep tabs on the Syndicate.

During the attack on Christian Ranch Alpha Logan's mate, Aurelia, proved herself a strong and powerful Luna as she defeated Luna Jillian. Witnessing her death drove Siegfried into madness. He'd wanted to die with her and to take Alpha Logan with him but he was too injured and weak to accomplish that. He and others of his strike force managed to escape by the aid of a special pack member. Noya Simen processes a gift as a half witch allowing her to summon others to her location within a certain distance.

While Siegfried recovered from his injuries the Bloodmoon Pack remained on high alert searching him and his pack out. Once he was strong enough Siegfried made his final push against the Bloodmoon Pack. He mounted an attack on Mount Hood, the capital of the pack. Using a group of his weakest members, mostly women and newly shifted wolves under the leadership of his Delta Calvin, as a distraction to lure Alpha Logan away from his mate.

The strategy was a failure as it resulted in Siegfried's death, at the very same claws as the one who ended his mate's life Aurelia. His death left the pack once again with an Alpha. Many want Kurt to take his rightful place and restore the Silverclaw Pack. However not all want that. There are many who want to challenge Kurt and take the title for themselves.

Of those the one with the most backing is Noya. She and her followers want Kurt to accept her challenge and upon his death she would become their Alpha at least until Siegfried's seven year old daughter Talia comes of age.But for these plans to happen Kurt must not only fight Noya but lose to her.

Since Siegfried's death Kurt has not made any attempts to take his place. This only angers the pack more leading more to follow Noya. But her plans to challenge have been met with troubles as he remained in Mount Hood until recently. And now he's not even in the country as he travels with other unmated wolves of his pack in search of his mate.

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Natasha Kelly
Natasha Kelly

A nice detailed look at the history of sliver claw! Thank you i enjoyed reading this!

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